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TLS Fics of the Week 1/19 - 1/25/2012: SIX Sexy Reviews are up!

The Fiercest Sun by Bitemenowplease
There is danger in pursuing what your heart desires. A seductive and mysterious stranger leads Bella into a path of unsettling self-discovery. How much can she sacrifice to find out what she wants, what she needs? AH Darkward BxE Sexual themes. Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed By:  Dragonfly336I found The Fiercest Sun by BiteMeNowPlease right here on TLS.  The ladies on FB were flailing around about this Edward and I just had to see what all the fuss was about.  Well, I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

Bella is married to Emmett and they have a five year old boy. She’s in her early thirties and owns her own art gallery.  She seems to have everything good in life, but she is discontent.  This is a curious Bella, one who wants to explore the world with someone enjoying new things with her.  Unfortunately, Emmett just goes along with Bella to make her happy.

She meets our beloved Edward at Jessica’s anniversary party.  She bumps into Edward and effectively spills his drink on him.  She drops to her knees to clean the spilled liquid and we get to read one of the best opening lines.

She'd immediately dropped to her knees, trying to sop up the liquid from Jessica's parquet floor, blushing when she realized she was eye level with the man's crotch, while drops of liquor dripped from his belt. Her eyes traveled up a long, lean body covered in tight, dark wash jeans and a green button-down shirt. The face above was smiling. "Well, now," said a voice as thick and smooth as honey, "I do enjoy the sight of a woman on her knees." Bella mentally rolled her eyes, dabbing at the puddle on the floor. "Let me help you with that."

We soon learn through Lauren, who is actually likeable in this story, that Edward is into the whole BDSM thing. Bella is intrigued and they start discussing modern art, which they both have a passion for.  They become friendly over the next few months.    She agrees to have lunch with him after she finds him a rare piece of art. It is here that they discuss Edward’s lifestyle.

"Play room?" she asked innocently.

His eyes said he wasn't fooled by her show of naiveté, but he answered anyway. "I am a dominant. It's a place set up to facilitate play with my submissives."

Bella could feel the blood rising to her face. Mentally, she rolled her eyes at herself. She always pictured herself as this very urbane, worldly woman, yet a simple conversation about bondage was making her blush. "I'd heard something about that," she admitted, twisting the stem of her water goblet in her fingers.

"And?" he asked, his eyebrows raised.

She inhaled, shrugging her shoulders and trying to be nonchalant. "I have to admit to some curiosity."

"What would you like to know?" He was leaning forward, speaking softly against the hum of the restaurant.

"Um, I don't know," she said. "I guess, why?"

A smile spread across his face. "Well, that's the sixty-four thousand dollar question, isn't it? And everyone in the scene that you talk to has a different answer. Despite the popular view, most of us were not abused or traumatized as children." He paused, obviously thinking. "It's an exploration of oneself, about limits, about power. And about sex, obviously."

"I just don't think I could get dressed all up in boots and bustiers. I'd probably start laughing," she admitted, chuckling uncomfortably.

"Oh, I don't see you as a dominant at all," Edward said, obviously appraising her.

"No?" Bella asked, not sure if she was being somehow insulted. Bella liked control; she ran her own gallery and did it well. She ran her home with the same precision. Most of her girlfriends were envious of her; she always seemed to have it all together.

"No," Edward answered softly. "I see how controlled you are, how on top of everything. I see you needing a place to let it go, a place where you are allowed to not be the boss."

Edward decides to send Bella a gift and this is where she really starts to question her life and her curiosity gets a hold of her. She is struggling with the fact that she is married, but she has an undeniable attraction to Edward.  He’s mysterious, powerful and dangerous to her life as she knows it. Bella struggles with what she should do, choose what is right or what she desires deep down.

The Fiercest Sun is currently sitting at eleven chapters and it is the perfect time to start reading!  I will leave you with a little Edward.

"This is what it's like," he whispered into her ear. His words and his breath were searing her ear, transmitting heat into every part of her. "To be taken and used for pleasure, unable to stop it or say yes or no." His hands slid to the bare skin of the décolletage of her dress. It was a wrap dress, crisscrossing in front of her breasts before skimming her body. There was give in the stretchy material of her neckline, and he pulled at the fabric to expose her bra, hooking it under her breasts. "Feel it, Bella. How vulnerable you are. How open."

Her breathed hitched as he pressed his naked chest against her back, wrapping his arms around her while his hands dropped to her pelvis. He slowly gathered the material in her dress in his hands and she felt her hem rise higher and higher, sliding up her thighs. "You're wondering if you can really go through with this, but at the same time, there is something in you, that recognizes that you have no choice. That you need to do this." His voice was like warm honey, wrapping her up in it, twisting her until she couldn't tell if she was up or down. "You think you have taken a step that now requires faith and trust. But the person you need to trust is yourself. Your body, your soul are trying to tell you what they need. Be brave enough to listen." He bunched the dress around her waist, then twisted it back in and on itself, so it was trapped in place. His hands slid across the soft skin of her belly, while she closed her eyes and bit back a moan. Her stomach muscles trembled under his hand.

"I can feel you, Bella. I can feel your need." His fingers inched below the elastic of her panties. Her legs involuntarily tried to close but the restraints kept them open. She cried out softly when she felt the incessant prodding of his fingers as they slipped lower and lower. Her thighs began to tremble.

He pressed his groin harder against her ass. She felt the length of hardness in his pants pressing insistently against the fleshiness of her ass. "Can you feel mine?" he murmured. "Do you know how much I want to lay you down? To fuck you? To do things to you that you have only seen in your darkest dreams."

Now, tell me you don’t want to read that.  I dare you!

Drift by Denverpopcorn
A blizzard blows in and shuts down the City. Everyone prepares for a snow day, including Edward and Bella. They each have a life-changing decision to make, but will their sudden confinement cool their passion and force them to face certain truths? E/B,AH Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed By: Bellaflan

Drift begins bravely, and if it wasn't for Deverpopcorn's skill in drawing the reader in with straightforward yet poetic prose, I think most readers would flounce in the first chapter. Wait, there's a compliment buried in that convoluted sentence. Can you find it?
The Edward and Bella we are introduced to are morally ambiguous; actually, the story itself is somewhat ambiguous:

She was tucked in and smoothed over like a wrapped present meant for someone else. He knew better than to touch her. Hand on door, he leaned over her, the other hand on her hip.
Lightly, lightly.
Breathing her in one more time.
"When will I see you again?" he stalled with clenched eyes, counting away the panic. He knew the answer to this already, and later that night, he wouldn't recall if she actually pointed at her ring finger and rolled her eyes, or mumbled incoherently about a business trip, or in-laws and people whose names he could never know.
They made plans for phone calls. They made plans until his return.
They were always making plans.

It's evident that there's some sort of betrayal occurring. Is Bella married? Is Edward taking advantage of the situation? The story is told in vignettes, and at first it's a little unclear if the reader should like these people or not. But they're Bella and Edward, and whether they're good or bad, we want them to get together, dammit!
As a winter storm rages in the city, the reader is blown into the story and emotional the chaos of Edward's mind, until we drift into the calm eye of it:

"Bella, bo bella, her feet do smella..." he sings into her toes with a smile. She chuckles but pulls her foot back.
"I was singing to that foot. Give it back." He snatches it by the ankle.
"My feet don't 'smella', Edward," she says in a playful huff and sits up straighter, letting the sheet settle around her waist, exposing round and heavy breasts.
Her lack of modesty, long since fucked away, makes his stomach clench and the back of his eyes prick. The wanting settles low in his spine. He stares for lack of air.
"Do you remember when we first met," she asks, watching his finger glide over the lacquer of a red toenail.
"Sure, I do." He sighs. "You always bring it up." He puts her foot down and works his own under the covers, sneaking its way toward her.
"I believe," he says as the sole of his foot finds her in-between, "you called me a dick." He rests his foot at the base of her wet fuzz and applies a well-known pressure.
"You're silly." Without thinking, she guides his foot further into her. She hums.
Both sets of eyes grow big, and after a surprised pause, they laugh. She swats at his leg like she meant to do, but he doesn't move it. And she doesn't tell him to.
"That's because you were arrogant," she says, getting back on topic, and remembering it her way. "You had so many girls throwing themselves at you that night. But you talked to me. I don't know why." She casts the line out, hoping for a tug. It does not come.
Resting her head back, she focuses on the blades of the ceiling fan slowly slicing the edges of stray light.

See? I can't describe that kind of writing. It's effortless and lovely and so evocative I want sing songs about it. I'm not sure if that's what Denverpopcorn was hoping to elicit as a response, but dude...

There's this underlying theme of hunger throughout the story that sometimes manifests through sex and sometimes, just through food:

When he sets her feet down, his fingers graze her chilled thighs and rub them, as if by extension, he can warm them both.
She chokes back a tiny sob into his chest and masks it with a plea for food.
She is ravenous.
"Feed Me."

This is a story about deception, but not in the way you might think. It's awesome to watch their truth unfold through fragmented memories, drunken sex, and sweet moments. The lovers are so entangled by their own fear they can't see what's in front of them.

I'm not doing it justice. Read it. Not for graphic lemons or angst or UST, but for all of the beautiful moments that make this story and these iterations of Bella and Edward so real and flawed. The author breaks my heart and mends it.

An Education by CarrieCee
A story of love, desire and obsession. New teacher at Forks High, Edward Cullen, knows he needs to stay away from Bella Swan. She's so beautiful, so intelligent and as his student, so out of bounds. Sometimes forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed by: Vampshavelaws Fanfiction

I’ve been reading An Education by CarrieCee for a while now. I have a not so secret love for student/teacher stories, or any other type of illicit situations, but it’s very rare to find an honest to good fic in this category.

An Education is one of the good ones.

This isn’t your typical, schoolgirl in a uniform bent over her teachers desk because she’s been a bad girl scenario that so many stories go down. This is smart, and believable and has a lot of heart.

Bella is mature for her age. She’s a thinker: kind, independent. One damp, Friday night in Forks, she meets a certain green-eyed character we all know and love. They bond over coffee and Wordsworth.

"She reads Wordsworth for fun, and is friends with cheerleaders despite her inherent lack of spirit," he mused aloud, and emboldened by the blush on her cheeks and the smile on her red lips he added, "so… does she have a name?"

He didn't think it was possible for her to possibly look more flustered, but she did. The colour on her cheeks deepened, and she stammered when she replied.

"Oh - um, it's Bella."

Compared to some of the aggressive women he had known, Bella's obvious shyness was endearing.

"Bella," he repeated, then reached his hand out. She took it, and they shook briefly. Her hand felt exceptionally tiny folded in his. "I'm Edward."

Edward believes Bella to be a college student, and vice versa, neither one correcting the other. Bella plays along, thinking she’ll never see him again, but fate has a cruel sense of humour sometimes, and Edward turns out to be none other than Bella’s new English teacher.

"Isabella Swan." If he recognised her name, he gave no indication. After all, she had introduced herself as Bella, and hadn't told him her last name. No-one had actually called her Isabella in years, apart from her Dad when she was in trouble.

She could hardly move, she opened her mouth but could barely croak the word out. Jessica turned to her, an amused look on her face. "Raise your hand," she whispered to Bella, who ever so slowly, ever so reluctantly raised her right hand into the air.

Edward's eyes flickered to her, he had to lean to his left slightly to see past the student in front of her. He looked at her so briefly, then glanced down at the attendance sheet to mark her off, and Bella let her breath out thinking it a miracle that he hadn't recognised her. For once she was grateful for the hideous uniform they all had to wear - she must have completed blended into the mass of green and grey. But her relief was premature, because he was looking at her again, his piercing green eyes were staring at her, first in confusion, as though he couldn't quite place her face. That was then followed by disbelief, then obvious shock. He paled. He dropped his eyes back to his attendance sheet, and she could see his adam's apple bounce up and down as he swallowed.

They both attempt to brush it off, even laugh and smile over their mistake, but the attraction - while fought adamantly along the way - only gets stronger with each moment they spend together.

Edward has a history that hangs over his head, clouding his judgement and strengthening his resolve. Bella’s best friend is pulling away, leaving her more hurt and confused than ever as she tries to deal with the intense feelings she has for her teacher.

The writing is great, story telling enthralling - you really fall in love with these characters. You feel exactly what they’re feeling, sympathise with their situations. And the UST... Oh, God. Some of the best I’ve ever read.

A flicker of something crossed Edward's face. "I didn't mean to make you feel un-important," he told her, his voice serious again. "And trust me when I say I would have much preferred to sit with you than with Ms. James. But I just…" He paused, mid explanation, then asked gently, "Bella, why didn't you just tell me that I'd upset you? Instead of… well, this." He spread his arms out, indicating their current situation. Standing in the dark, in the rain.

"Because of what I said before. I felt stupid. I mean, it was nothing - nothing! But it really bothered me and… I was scared that if I told you… I thought that you would think…" she hesitated, then reached up to tug on the damp ends of her ponytail.

Edward's brow drew together. "You thought I would think what?" he prompted her.

She bit her lip, then just blurted it out. "I thought you would just think I was some silly school girl… who thinks she's in love with her teacher."

Bella was staring at the ground again, trying to hide the rush of colour she felt flooding her cheeks, so she didn't see Edward's face, just heard his voice. It was hoarse. "Bella, I don't see you that way at all."

There was a pause, it lay thickly between them. Bella bit her lip harder, felt the pulsing below her skin. Felt her heart begin to pound beneath her ribs, as she realised what she was about to say. Whether she wanted to or not.

Her lips trembled, but when she spoke her voice was low and steady. "You should."

She raised her head. At her words Edward's eyes had widened noticeably, and when their eyes met she saw him swallow, saw his Adams apple bob up and down in his throat, saw his jaw clench. The pupils of his eyes dilated until his eyes appeared nearly completely black. Liquid onyx.

Their situation really tugs at the heartstrings. But the thing I love most about this story is that there’s nothing sordid here - their feelings are pure and real and true.

Please give An Education a try. I'm in no way doing this great fic justice. Go read and leave some love. You won’t regret it!

Slippery Slope by Bornonhalloween
A crash course with destiny brings together a burned-out social worker seeking to rekindle her faith in mankind and a disillusioned attorney running out of chances to be a real life hero. Written for Texasfires compilation. E/B, AH, M for language Twilight - Rated: M
Reviewed By: Kitkat Cullen

It is an exhilarating feeling.

Surrounded by white, chilled to the bone, palms sweating as you’re suspended high in the air with two pieces of fiberglass strapped to your feet.

Even experienced skiers feel that little bit of anxiety as the lift lets you off at the top of the mountain.

And somehow, Bornonhalloween manages to capture everything about the experience and throw you right into the middle of it.

She had done this little bit of love for the Fandon4Texas fundraiser and I think the support has even stunned her.  We were desperate for more when she posted the first two chapters as a teaser back before the compilation was sent out with the announcement that she would be continuing it starting January 1st.

And then we waited.

And waited.

And read the chapters we had over and over.

And finally…FINALLY January first arrived and we were able to see where she was taking us.

And it was addictive!

"Holy shit!" I exclaim, tipping over to get a closer look at a girl making her way across the mountain in a full snowplow wedge. "What the hell is that girl doing on this trail? She looks like she's been on skis less than a day and she's somehow skied herself over to Devil Basin. Damn, I wish I had a two-way radio!"
This girl has no business up here and no visible means of getting down. The top part is relatively flat and she's struggling to make turns; heading into the steep part of the mountain could be life-threatening, for her and anyone in her path. I keep my eyes trained on her. Holy hell, she is headed straight for Goosebumps!
"Do me a favor, folks," I say, lifting the safety bar and preparing early to dismount the chair. "Tell the lift operator to have ski patrol on call at the bottom of this lift, would you please? Nice meeting both of you!"
I jump off the chair the moment it's safe and ski over to Goosebumps as fast as my skis can propel me. Luckily, she hasn't gotten very far, but she's already become the epicenter for all kinds of traffic problems. People are passing her closely on both sides as she carves her turn and heads back across. By the time I'm almost caught up to her, she's skidding sideways down the mountain. Her arms are flailing, hair is flying; she's completely lost control. She's off balance, leaning backwards, causing her tips to point up and pick up speed. She's heading straight for the edge of the north face, and I don't even want to think about what's on the other side waiting for her.
I serpentine around the moguls at the right side where she's headed, hoping I can time this perfectly. It's risky at best, and I fear I could get both of us seriously hurt, but I don't see an alternative short of standing back and watching her take a header over the cliff.
My heart is pounding with hot pursuit and inherent danger. I've got one eye on the girl and one on the hills littering my path. I slow my descent so I'll still have some forward velocity when our bodies meet.
I have no choice. It's her only chance. 3…...2…...1….BAM!

And BAM it was.

Born pulled us in.

We felt that thrill when Bella realized she was rescued to the fear when she discovered she was going to have to actually ski down the double black diamond she had somehow managed to find herself on.

And then…

The love story began.

My eyes blink open to the welcome sight of Edward returning with the hot chocolate. Relieved of the panic and anxiety accompanying our life-threatening trek down the treacherous slope, I can now truly begin to appreciate Edward's otherworldly beauty. He removed his gloves earlier, before he went for the cocoas, uncovering smooth, elegant hands that set my mind to wandering in all sorts of inappropriate directions.
It gets even better, though, because as soon as he sets the cups down, he starts stripping off layers of outerwear. First, he unzips and discards his jacket, revealing a long, muscular build in tight black pants similar to mine, and a royal blue sweater that matches his parka. Without his coat blocking my view of his neck and chin, I can fully grasp the rugged appeal of his scruffy trapezoidal jaw, complete with a Dudley Do-Right-sized cleft on a much prettier chin. Next, he bends forward and unbuckles his boots, exposing the tiniest sliver of lower back between his sweater and the black waistband of his Under Armours. Gah…are they boxer jocks or long underwear? He releases a low, relieved moan as he extracts each foot and gives both shins a rubdown.
Finally, he peels off his wool cap, unfurling a completely unexpected crop of gorgeous reddish-gold hair with the craziest case of hat head I've ever seen. So crazy, in fact, that I start giggling, much to his consternation.
His mouth curls down around the edges into a little frown and he says, "Oh crap. It's really bad, isn't it?" He fruitlessly slaps at the cowlicks and runs both hands through the wild tangle.
I instantly feel terrible. "It's fine," I say, because telling him he's excruciatingly beautiful might be a little bit much.
"It has a mind of its own," he shrugs and shuffles toward the fire, turning his body to face mine and tucking one foot under the opposite knee. He picks up both drinks and hands me mine.
"To a bold and heroic rescue," I toast.
"To a courageous and wildly insane first day on skis," he answers before tapping my cup lightly with his.

Born offered me the rest of the chapters when she found out I was doing the review but I declined.


I know.

But I also know there are only a few more chapters left and I really need to stretch this out as long as possible.

People want to learn to ski because of this.

She almost has me ready to get back on those fiberglass slats of death just because of this tale.

It is exhilarating.

It is heartwarming.

Is it citrusy?

No…no it’s not.

But I might have convinced her to let Yummy and I write a lemon outtake.

So keep your eyes out.

But even without the tartness…

This is a ride NOT to be missed!!

Do the Right Thing by LyricalKris
When a bust goes wrong, FBI Agent Edward Cullen is faced with a terrible choice. No one knows of his secret affair with comatose victim Bella Swan, nor that the child she carries is his. How can he do the right thing when he doesn't know what that is? Twilight - Rated: M

Reviewed By: Cesjmom Twifan

LyricalKris is one of my favorite authors, so I was thrilled when I was asked to write a review of one of her current wips – I think she has about 100 going on right now, she is that prolific!!  You can even vote for another one of her stories this week.  I’m enjoying “Do The Right Thing” for many reasons, 1) well, cuz she wrote it - like I said, one of my fave authors, 2) It is an FBIWard story and I’m a big fan of those stories and 3) I have no idea how she is going to solve the dilemma that Edward is faced with and can’t wait to see what happens with each update.

The summary tells us what is going to happen and the prologue expands on it greatly.   FBI Agent, Edward Cullen is in a relationship with Bella Swan, a victim in his current investigation as she is left in a coma and he is the only one who knows of their relationship.  When Edward learns that Bella is pregnant, and no one is aware that he is the father, what should he do, what would you do?   As she does so well, the author has added another character into the drama and to the dilemma, Bella’s ex-boyfriend – Jacob, who was the whistle blower in Edward’s investigation.  He is killed in the opening scene, yet everyone believes he is Bella’s boyfriend and the father of her child.

To the best of his knowledge, the only people who knew that Jacob and Bella's relationship had been over for the last five months were Bella and himself. How was he supposed to do this? To take responsibility for killing Billy Black's only son and in the same breath tell him that Jacob's relationship the last five months had been a sham? Would they even understand... or would they think she was a cheater? She couldn't exactly defend herself. Jacob knew about them, but they would only have Edward's word to verify that.

The word of the man who had gotten Jacob Black killed.

The word of an FBI agent who had slept with the woman who was part of his sting, who it had been his responsibility to protect.

Edward stared at the bright florescent lights above him at a total loss for what to do.

As the story progresses, we gradually learn through a series of flashbacks, of the development of Edward and Bella’s relationship.  Although they did go to High School together, they were in different grades and aside from a brief encounter many years ago; they never were friends till they met again in current time.  While Bella is dealing with no longer being in a relationship that no one knows no longer exists, she is lonely and seeks out Edward where a friendship forms first.  It is their mutual attraction and respect for each other though, leads to their eventual love affair.

When it was time for her to go, he walked with her to the door. As they were saying their goodbyes, it was the most natural thing in the world for him to tilt his head down to kiss her - a simple, sweet kiss goodbye.

Except that they'd never kissed before - a fact Edward only realized as he straightened up, looking into her wide, startled eyes. He sucked in a quick breath, his mouth forming a distinct 'O' shape, and though he opened his mouth to apologize, no words came out.

In fact, he wasn't sorry at all.

They were completely frozen, Bella with her hand still on the door jamb as she looked up at him and he down at her. Quite suddenly it was a whole different ballgame, the atmosphere in his apartment going from relaxed to incendiary. His very skin pulled toward her. In training at Quantico, Edward had experienced the flight or fight reflex many times - an innate instinct for action. It was much the same then, except his every muscle was tensed, pushing him toward her, because that tiny taste of her lips was more.

That's it. She was simply more.

More than anything he'd ever experienced or wanted.

She raised onto her tiptoes, her arms wrapping around his neck as his circled her waist. They paused like that, both of them inexplicably breathless. Edward tilted his head down and as they breathed, their noses brushed each others cheeks.

"What are we doing?" Bella breathed.

"I don't know," he admitted, his voice so soft it was hardly a whisper.

"Can we do this?" she asked, looking into his eyes. She was scared but he could see the fire in her eyes, like she could feel the same pull he could.

"I don't know," he murmured truthfully. He was approaching complete anoesis, and while he knew there were things he was supposed to be thinking about, complications that were probably better avoided, he knew nothing besides the feel of the woman in his arms and her skin brushing his.

His lips brushed hers just as they breathed and there was no turning back. He kissed her once, feeling the fullness of her lips between his. His mouth turned up at the corners and he kissed her more fully.

Her hands were in his hair then, pulling him closer. When they parted again she laughed, the sound so happy that Edward's heart pounded harder, and he couldn't help but laugh too.

Looking at him with happiness in his eyes, Bella kissed him once more before she sighed a goodbye, disappearing out his door.

We are left for a while wondering about Bella’s fate.  She remains in the coma, and it is only when her mother and her non-scientific means comes to a head where Bella’s fate is revealed.  Meanwhile, we are taken on their journey through Edward’s eyes as he sneaks in visits with his love while dealing with the fallout of his case.  Do go read!!  I promise you won’t be disappointed and as the updates come in, maybe you can help me figure out what is going to happen!!!

Summer Breeze by BriannaMarley
Newly named Chief of Neurology Edward Cullen's worst fear comes to life when his wife Isabella is involved in a motor vehicle accident. EdwardxBella All Human short story. M for Mature audiences. Twilight -
Rated: M

Reviewed By: Shahula

If you’re like me, you read a lot of fanfiction. And a variety of it; everything from fluff, drama, romance to mystery and even a little bit of angst. I like all the various categories, and consider myself to be pretty well-read in our fandom.

But very rarely in my four years of reading fanfiction have I come across a story that has grabbed me within its first 1,000 words like Summer Breeze by Brianna Marley. If it was a book, your fingers would be clutching the edge of the page, ready to turn to the next as soon as you finished the last word. It’s that heart-thumping, pulse racing, wild ride of a story that you can’t put down and you can’t wait to have the next update when you reach the last posted chapter.

Summer Breeze centers on the repercussions of a tragedy seen in real life, a drunk driving accident, where Bella has been gravely injured. The fallout from that accident and how each character in the story faces the path they must now forge is told in quick paced chapters that still manage to evoke deep and resonating emotions.

"Oh, God." A surgical nurse holding the paramedics notes gasps from the side of Bella's stretcher. As the good doctor continues to study Bella's face, he see the nurse's fingers shoot up and hover over her own mouth in horror. At a loss, she continues to gaze down at a woman that she knows, but hardly recognizes.

As Doctor Gerandy studies Bella's injuries, his eyes land squarely on her heavily disfigured face. The flicker of recognition that had passed through his mind just second before is now like a flashing neon sign. He blinks, it's clear he's trying to convince himself that this can't possibly be the bright, beautiful woman that is married to one of his colleges.

However, as he looks to the hollow of her throat there is no longer any way to deny the truth. There, resting in the delicate dip of her throat, he recognizes a symbol hanging around her neck. Spattered with drops of crimson and the dirty airbag grime, sits a small blue opaque cameo. The moment he makes out the lion etched into the charm, he knows.

Brianna Marley has crafted a story that is so intriguing, so heart wrenching, you will be consumed by it within minutes and find yourself swept up in the emotion and drama playing out in each scene, begging to know what will happen next ,and if Bella will survive. I kid you not, dear readers, when I say you will be reaching for a tissue or two before this story completes.

Don’t let that keep you from reading it, though. Because even those who are wusspervs will be grateful they took the time and found the courage to read the beauty that is Summer Breeze.


Happy Reading,


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