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Lemony Snippets 1/10-1/16

Lemony Snippets 1/10 - 1/16

Hey you guys. We are back with some awesome drabbles for the week. There was a Drabble War going on last weekend and a few of the drabbles are here. We didn't have time to read them all but there are drabbles of all types. Check them out over on the Facebook form Drabble Wars. Thanks for stopping by, Kitty and I will be back next week with more drabbles for your delight.

Kitty and Surething

All the Fun of the Fair by TrueEnglishRose Rec'd by Surething302
Edward owns a fairground, drifting from town to town. Bella is a damaged soul, waiting to be saved. What magic did she weave into Edward's life when he met her? Can he save her in the way she needs? Rated M. All human. EPOV.
This drabble makes me think that love can help you overcome anything. Edward saves Bella from James, her crazy boyfriend, when the fair Edward works for comes though the town Bella lives in. Bella has been beaten, forced to do drugs and sexually abused; all this has left her broken. Can Edward's love and that of the people of the fair ground show her how different life can be? There isn't too much angst in this one, pretty much everything angsty is in the past. This is a drabble about love and how it helps you heal.

Bloody Kisses by carrion Rec'd by Kitty
His eyes are golden, but it's only temporary. It's all part of the plan. He just wants everything. Darkward drabbles.
Cara has done it once again! She has managed to write a story that is dark, twisted, and above all, filled with lemony goodness. This story keeps the audience basically begging on hands and knees for more. This Darkward vamp story pushes the boundaries with how evil Edward is and, as the audience, we can't help eating it up. Bella and Edward simply cannot get enough of one another, and frankly, there's some of the hottest writing I've encountered. Who would have guessed that I would be excited for Edward and Bella to decide that killing humans would be a much better chance of survival during the battle with the Volturi? Or that I would be cheering when Esme decided that she would change her diet from animal to human blood to stay strong, thus disappointing her so-called mate, Carlisle (who is so kindhearted it almost makes you hope he is the first to die). Plus, with each chapter, the passion, love and most of all, the hot steamy lust between Edward and Bella is so strong that it leaves the readers running to change their panties again and again! Throw in marriage and honeymoon frenzies and there is just no end to the madness. Cara No, you are truly an amazing writer!

Class Act by SexyLexiCullen Rec'd by Surething302
Bella's English teacher, Mr. Cullen, can't stop looking at her like she's something to eat. She's cooking up quite the meal for him. Little does he know, revenge is a dish best served cold. But what if she has the recipe wrong? E/B. Canon couples. OOC.
Class Act is crazy good. What more do you want with a Stalkerward and Stalkerella? Bella has a plan and this plan is to take down Mr. Cullen. As the flirting starts, Mr. Cullen is eating it up and always trying to get Bella alone after class. As Bella learns more about Mr. Cullen, she starts rethinking her plan, but by this time it is too late. Find out how far Bella's and Mr. Cullen's relationship moves beyond that of student/teacher. Will they get caught, fall in love, stalk each like crazy people? What will happen? Check this one out, you won't be sorry.

Destiny by kitkat681 Rec'd by Surething302
300 years watching everyone's joy. 300 years of emptiness. One little baby and everything changes. Then she's taken from him. Will he get her back? Vamp...rated M know.
In Destiny, Kitkat has blown me away again with her Vampward. I laughed, I cried and I didn't want it to end. Edward is out one night, finds baby Bella and takes her back to the Cullens' home. Edward and Bella develop this bond like no other, but Carlisle doesn't think the baby should be raised by a clan of vampires, so baby Bella is adopted. When Bella turns 17, Edward sets out to find her. Bella has struggled for years and her adopted family has fallen apart. How does Edward react to finding Bella in her mess of a life? Does she even remember him? Run to read Destiny and find out what Edward's and Bella's destinies are.

Masks by Dalloway5906 Rec'd by Surething302
"I fucking hate New Year's Eve-all drunks and grabby hands-at least the tips are good." Bella thinks it will just be one more night at the bar, but tonight two men will change her life forever. Rated M for lots of language & lemons.
This is just a fun drabble, it has just a little bit of everything in it, except tragedy. This Bella is one of my favorites. She pretty much has no filter and I love it. Masks starts off with most of the gang working at Eclipse, a restaurant/bar, on New Year's Eve and everybody that enters has to put a mask on. Will Bella and Edward find each other among all the masked people? Of course they will... Follow them in this story of love, sexy times and a little twist.

Memories Unknown by BellaEdwardlover1991 Rec'd by Kitty
When a car accident lands Bella in the hospital, her new friend Edward helps her get her life back. AH Drabble fic, M for later situations. All BPOV.
I have just begun to read this story and can say that the mystery behind Edward and Bella's relationship has kept me hooked from chapter 1. While Bella is recovering from an accident that leaves her with memory loss, Edward places himself in charge of keeping her company while she is in the hospital. But the question on all our minds is, did Edward know Bella prior to the accident? With each update, I change my mind back and forth, and the mystery of it all keeps me constantly wanting more. Now that Bella is out of the hospital, I hope we'll start to see if Edward can romance his way into her heart, maybe for the second time....

The Biology Project by solostintwilight Rec'd by Kitty
Edward's a sex addict resisting treatment, Bella's a girl who just wants to get laid already. What happens when they get paired up for a Biology Project? Bio Lab could get interesting...
The Biology Project is a hilarious story about overactive sexual appetites, crazy parents, and a science project that leaves Edward and Bella with a flour child to care for. I cannot seem to get enough of Edward and his naughty naughty thoughts, and his constant need for bathroom breaks. His inner monologues justifying why he needs to pleasure himself multiple times a day is one of my favorite things about this story. Whether it is because Bella is wearing pants that are too tight, or a skirt, or her hair is up in a ponytail or because she smiles at him; he has the sudden need to run off to the bathroom. Of course, Bella thinks he may have a serious medical condition or that he just doesn't want to be around her. Oh silly girl, if you only knew the truth. Add Carlisle, a prude doctor who thinks Edward needs to be cured of this disgusting habit; Esme, who knows about Edward's problem but pretends she doesn't, and Emmett, whom Bella dislikes and thinks is a huge pervert (ironic, I know), and you will be laughing non stop from start to finish!

The One That Never Was Book One by mamasutra Rec'd by Kitty
I would never call him the one that got away. He was always the one that never was. flash fic.
It is hard to put into words how much I love this story and I feel that it hits on the whole high school romance perfectly. The One That Never Was is a love story built around first loves, first times, and first heartbreaks. Edward and Bella are two people who do not speak to one another in public. They pretend to dislike one another immensely, but behind closed doors, they are unable to keep their hands off each other. We follow Bella's POV through this book as we witness her experience of just how much her feelings for Edward can not only brighten her day but also tear her apart. She has to witness girls throwing themselves at Edward daily without being able to do a single thing about it, and when she tries to talk to her guy friends, or even attempt to have a relationship with another guy, Edward loses his mind. She is HIS and no one else's. It is both utterly romantic and yet so unfair. Even after they come out as a couple in public, things are never as easy as they seem and potential roadblocks are always going to be in their way. Of course, the readers are led to believe that Edward is this total jerk, and while he is, now that we have the companion piece which is EPOV, we see the other side of the whole situation. This book is now complete, Book Two (the sequel) is being posted soon and I am counting down the days until it's complete.

The One That Got Away by Mamasutra - Rec'd by Kitty
Edwards point of view of The One That Never Was
This is the companion piece in EPOV and it has definitely helped clear up different thoughts that were running through my head while I was reading BPOV. While we thought that Edward saw himself as too cool and popular to be seen with someone like Bella, that theory is cleared right up in chapter 1. It is almost the complete opposite, and it amazes me at how blind these two characters are to their true feelings for one another. This story isn't all lovey dovey though, either. We see how Edward compensates for his inability to be with Bella and the anger that arises whenever he sees her even talking to her friends Jake or Paul. His possessiveness and desire to be with her are very apparent. This is a must read, once you have completed TOTNW.

The War Is Over by MariahajilE Rec'd by PawsPeaches
Lies. Betrayal. Pain. A story of finally getting what you want and hurting everyone in the process. AH, ExB and ExA. M for language and graphic lemons.

Welcome to NYC, Baby by Tricycle of Awesomeness (FictionFreak95, Troublefollows1017, & Belladonnacullen) - Rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
Young love, road trips and boy bands take three girls on an adventure they will not soon forget... Neither will their parents. Based on the children from There is a Light, Fridays at Noon and Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire. AH/FUN

What do you get when you bring together 3 teenage girls who are the daughters, respectively, to a famous music artist, a billionaire, and a private detective with a dirty mouth......Hysterical fun at its greatest! Thea, Faith and Hanna are determined to get to NYC to meet Dustin Jeeber, Thea's dream man and music sensation!! This, of course, will take a lot of sneaky planning, some major sucking up to the parents and even a stolen car.... I have a feeling these girls are going to get into some major trouble...but it will be worth it, if they get to meet Dustin Jeebers himself at the MTV Music Awards! Jump on board, this is going to be a fantastic ride!!!!

Whiskey Lullabyby lvtwilight09 Rec'd by Surething302
Edward and Bella love each other beyond reason, but the demons from his past keep getting in the way. When Edward tries to save himself for Bella's sake, he may end up losing the one thing he can't live without. Rated M for dark themes, heavy angst.

This drabble is not for the faint of heart. Edward struggles with things that happened to him when he was younger. He lives with demons that are killing him. Bella is his light but she doesn't know about his past, either. As Edward continues on this downward spirial, he slowly takes Bella with him. When he finally decides to get help, will it be too late to save himself and Bella? You will have to read to find out. It really will touch your heart and maybe, make you want to throw your computer.

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