Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lemony Snippets: A Series of Delightful Holiday Drabble Recs!

LEMONY SNIPPETS for December 2011

Hey, lovely ladies and gents of TLS... With the holidays fast approaching us, Kitty and I have decided to give you all a few holiday drabbles to read that are quick, easy and fun. (Thanks, Kitty, for all you have done to get this post ready to go).
Kitty and I will be back after the New Year with more Lemony Snippets for your pleasure. We hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year as well.  See you in 2012...

Hugs and Kisses,

I Remember December by Cara No - Rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
Growing up is never easy. For some, it's even harder. But if you have that special someone, the bad fades away. Edward remembers… and this is his story.

This beautiful love story between Edward and Bella definitely has me reaching for the tissues in the beginning. Both young children when they first meet during Christmas on the roof of their apartment, they share a bond that is unbreakable. They come from broken homes where their parents care more about themselves, leaving Edward and Bella to raise themselves. Soon though their friendship turns into more, and they know that nothing can stand in their way of finding true happiness. Troubled waters lie ahead for these two but with the love they have for one another, they can conquer just about anything. This is a holiday drabble you wont want to miss.

Holidays in Aspen by CullenTwiMistress
Ughh, two weeks with Cockblocker Cullen, Angela, I'm going to die." Bella and Edward aren't exactly friends but will the holidays bring them together? BxE. Rated M for l&l. Drabble

My Santa Savior by JA Mash
Bella has had the year from hell... how can a random visit to Santa with her niece offer her the prospect of a Happy New Year? A Holiday Drabble in Bella's POV...

Christmas Nuts by risbeencoldplaywhore
A story so wrong, it will make you miss the Christmas Shoes song.

The Curious Tale of my Curiosity by Welcometomyworldxoxo
They say curiosity killed the cat, but I disagree because my curiosity led me to him, and it didn't kill me. In fact, it did quite the opposite. A Christmas drabble about a girl and boy, and throwing caution to the wind. Mature. ExB Drabble fic.

Cavalcade by Luluvee
Love blooms under fireworks and twinkle lights, crystals strung on satin, and boughs of fragrant pine. Fluffy, Christmassy drabble fic. E/B AH

The Naughty Elf by Twilly- Rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
Santa believes there's no such thing as a bad elf. Bella's been fired from nearly every toy shop. How can Santa get her in the right position when everything out of her mouth is so very dirty? Santa, elves, chocolate...

This funny little drabble has me bent over laughing at all of the sexual innuendo that come from Bella's naughty mouth, and the thoughts running through Santa's mind. It is most definitely the funniest holiday drabble I've read, and I cannot wait to see what naughty things come out of Bella's mouth tomorrow!

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