Sunday, November 27, 2011

Welcome to the TLS NURSERY! We're exploding with new story recs this week!

Welcome to the TLS Nursery! Here we nurture all of the newborn stories (stories published within the last 30 days) that we love! Everything in our nursery has been read and approved by a few or a lot of the TLS ladies and we think you will enjoy cuddling up to these babies as well.

This week our nursery is exploding with AMAZING new multichap stories! I, myself have read quite a few of these and I can't wait to get more more more of these. Take a look at our rec list, check out the summaries and visit with these babies today. Tell them TLS sent you.

The Fiercest Sun by BiteMeNowPlease - rec'd by Rochelle Allison/PrimaryColors
There is danger in pursuing what your heart desires. A seductive and mysterious stranger leads Bella into a path of unsettling self-discovery. How much can she sacrifice to find out what she wants, what she needs? AH Darkward BxE Sexual themes.

This read is a must. The writing is excellent and the story will capture you, drawing you in from the beginning paragraph and will leave you ravenous for more at the last word. BiteMeNowPlease had me on the edge-of-my-seat-excited as she walked me through her thrilling scenes with a married Bella and a very single-and-nonchalant Edward. Her talent for delivering a solid lemon had me gripping my phone with desire. She certainly knows how to stir up emotion. Get it while it's hot folks!

Smoke & Mirrors by drotuno - rec'd by Mina Rivera
3rd in the Gravity Series. Carlisle brings a client to Gravity for protection, but there is more to this famous female singer than meets the eye. Bella, Edward, and crewnot only will have to keep her safe,but figure out who is threatening her. AH/Sequel
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters

Empty Bloom by ineedyoursway - rec'd by Jaime Arkin
Edward Cullen is insatiable. EPOV

Faith on the Table by fatallyobsessed - rec'd by Jaime Arkin
An ambitious newsman. A city in crisis. And a woman with a solution. Sometimes in life you have to put your faith on the table...

Atlantic City by PhoenixRN - rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
Something sinister is going on behind the scenes at a popular casino. When things get dangerous, reluctant casino manager Edward, enlists the help of an intelligent runaway Bella, to figure out what's happening and to save them both. All Human ExB.

Written in the Stars by Lissa Bryan - rec'd by Suebee0619
Edward is king of a dying race, his planet torn by civil war. Bella is abducted to become his bride. From college student to Queen... Can she learn to love this strange man and help save his people? AU/OOC. Rated M for lemons, violence and mature themes.

Awaken by Edward's Eternal - rec'd by Kitkat
A brilliant aloof composer, hiding from the world. An unexpected meeting. How will he react ? Can she help him change his vision on life ?

Dinner Reservations by quietruby - rec'd by Monica Np
When dinner isn't the only thing on the menu... AH; BxJxExL

Fatherhood, Formula and Other F Words by anhanninen - rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
When man-whore, foul-mouthed Edward's life takes an unexpected turn, he's left with a baby to raise. With the help of a friendly neighbor, he learns sometimes the unexpected could be the best thing that's ever happened. All Human

Everlasting Why by suitablyironicmoniker - rec'd by VampsHaveLaws
There is a long silence but his expression does not shift, as if he is examining her, calculating something she cannot fathom. His voice is very deliberate when he replies. "What if it's not what I've done, but who I am?" - Bella & Edward, *very* AU

Insatiable Desires by ItzMegan73 - rec'd by Misti_S
What happens when the paths of two highly intelligent hypersexuals cross?

Blessed are the Forgetful by orrington.rose - rec'd by Beegurl13
My name is Bella Swan. I am in love with a man who doesn't love me, who left me. This is the story of how I had him erased from my memory. This is the story of what I forgot. updates daily/short chapters/no promise of HEA

The Road Not Taken by A Cullen Wannabe - rec'd by GrabADietCoke
 Jasper missed his chance in college, but when Bella and Edward's marriage falls apart 15 years later and he helps pick up the pieces, will Jasper finally get the chance at happiness he always longed for? J&B

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