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TLS Fics of the Week 10/5 - 10/11/2011 - The Fab Four Reviews are up!

Hello Everyone! I just want to make one small announcement before announcing this week's winners.

I'm sure you've all noticed that recently, drabbles have been quite the crowd pleaser. The Lemonade Stand also loves drabbles so, we've made a special place just for them, on our Lemony Snippets page.

This week is the last week we will feature drabbles in our Fic of the Week poll,
now that we have a home for them.

To all the drabbles that have won, congratulations, you helped pave the way to our Lemony Snippets page. We hope that you will check it out when it becomes ready soon!

Without further interruption, I give you the winners:
TLS FICS OF THE WEEK 10/5 - 10/11/2011

Guardian by ChampagneAnyone
Orphaned at 8, Bella Swan is placed in the care of her God Mother Esme Cullen. Heiress to
Cullen Swan Enterprises, Bella grows up hero worshipping 17 year old joint heir,
pseudo step brother and self appointed guardian Edward. ROMANCE ANGST
DRAMA Twilight - Rated: M

Review by: Btwnthestacks & Kitkat

I could not stay and watch the man whom I had adored since I was a child, who guided me through new schools and new friends, with whom I had fallen in love with on my 17th birthday wrap his arms around another woman and declare his intention to marry her.

I took a deep breath to ease the pain inside of me. The timing of the law internship with Bartlett Weise in New Hampshire was a godsend. It would occupy my time before I had to be back at Dartmouth for my final year as a law graduate. I would drive to SeaTac and leave my car there for Alice to collect and then board the plane to Manchester.

I needed to stop the pain I was feeling. I prayed for numbness but instead, the heart ache that swept my body threatened to break me into a million little pieces from which I would never recover.

As I pulled away from the house, I looked back in the rear-view mirror. My mind lurched to wondering what Edward would think of my note. Would he even care?

Because twenty four hours after Edward had made love to me in the library… no I told myself...not love…after he had fucked me in the library ….he was celebrating his engagement to another woman.

And I was leaving.

‘Guardian’ starts off with a bang and never lets up.  It is the kind of story that you can imagine on the big screen - one where the delicious twists and turns constantly keep you on the edge of your seat.  And it's one that will keep you talking long after reading each chapter.

At age eight, Bella Swan survived a murderous attack on her parents by hiding in a closet. She was rescued by Edward Cullen, the 17 years old son of her Godparents Esme and Carlisle.

After the death of her parents, Bella is adopted into the Cullen family and treated as one of their own.  And through the years, every time she fell Edward was there to catch her.   But despite living a life of privilege, Bella longs for the one thing she can't have - the heart of her guardian, Edward.  Years later, they are reunited at her graduation party and as Bella is now no longer the little girl he always knew, the sparks begin to fly.

The title of chapter five is ‘Flicker’ and from the excerpt below, you can see that the heat is doing just that between Bella and Edward.

Edward's ravenous eyes stalked the fall of satin, as both of our breaths heaved in anticipation. The pupils of his eyes blackened as they roamed my body, drinking in the delicate lines of my collar bone, the narrowness of my waist, finally coming to land on the almost too lush fullness of my breasts. Without lifting his gaze from them, he moaned in desire.

"Fuck." His head shook in defiance. "Fuck. No. I can't…"

A war waged within him; a battle was lost. Nostrils flared, drinking in the heavy smell of arousal hanging between us.

"God, I need to taste you." Angry, urgent hands lifted me to meet his swooping mouth. He latched voraciously onto a breast, pulling the peaked nipple into contact, nibbling with his wet starving tongue.

Oh, God.

Swirl. Lick. Suckle.

One hand broke free from cradling my hips to palm my neglected breast, rolling the puckered tip between fingers, in time to his caresses.


Pleasure and pain.

I screamed in silence as my hands flew to his silky hair, pulling him tighter to me.



How did this happen? Why had it happened? My thoughts sprinted to make sense of Edward's touch. Was I dreaming up a forbidden desire that my conscience did not know it sought? Scenes flashed of earlier in the evening when my traitorous body had recognized his on the dance floor, even as his identity was shielded from me. Had familiarity and proximity veiled what was truly meant to be?

"Oh, God. Edward. Oh. God." Reason and logic left my insatiable body on a desperate moan. My lonely breast thrust deeper into his palm, tempting his mouth to move hungrily over to soothe it.

As their lives progress, their past begins to catch up with them.  New clues emerge about Bella’s parent’s murder.  Threatening messages appear.  Bella's world stands on the edge of collapse.  Through it all though, she has Edward.  Or does she?  Can their relationship survive the constant obstacles thrown in their path - and can Bella really trust Edward, or will her guardian become her enemy?

With Guardian, ChampagneAnyone has created the perfect mix of romance, passion and intrigue.  Her characters have a richness that goes far beyond their material wealth.

Champagne's Jealousward embodies all of the chivalry and intensity that made us fall in love with Edward Cullen in the first place.  And her Bella is strong, self-assured and wise well beyond her years.

Guardian is an adventure not to be missed.  Questions lead to answers that only lead to more questions and only ChampagneAnyone knows what will happen next.


Worship by Beegurl13
"Age shouldn't matter. When you meet the person that completes all the unfinished
parts of you, it shouldn't matter about anything else." The story of a brazen
young man, an invisible woman, and an unholy worship. E&B, AH, rated M,
drabble fic. Twilight
Review by: Robsmyyummy Cabanaboy

If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m here to share a little secret with you. “Worship” by Beegurl13 has sparked a fever; a feeding frenzy of fans that cannot get enough of this shocking, heartbreaking and incredibly lust-filled tale.

The tag line for this little ditty is most definitely “This story is a bit taboo”. Beegurl13 faithfully warns us in her author’s note at the beginning of each new chapter. As we get deeper into the story, not only do we know just HOW taboo it is…but we crave more of it. As readers, we have been sucked into this vortex of love, deceit, lust, sex, fear, betrayal, loss, hope and joy…and we simply cannot get enough. The high of the drabble fic these days is that daily hit; sometimes several times a day, where we as addicts get our fix over and over and we are consistently left wanting more. We are hooked and we admit it. No need to waste 12-steps on us…we want this addiction…we need this addiction. Bring it on.

“Worship” deals with our heroine Bella; a thirty-five year old, married mother of five children. She also happens to be the wife of the cherished and adored local Reverend. Her eldest child, a seventeen year old daughter is dating one of the new altar boys in the church, Edward. He is breathtakingly handsome, a star football player with amazing green eyes and he is eighteen years old. He also happens to be the object of Bella’s desires.

While Bella watches Edward in church, these are the thoughts that consume her:

Perfect is you with me, and no one else knowing.

Perfect is what I dream of, what I want most. What I long for.

Perfect was last night at my father's old barn, with you buried inside of me while I screamed.

I don't worship in a church, I worship in a field, with you all around me.

And that is how chapter one concludes. See what I mean? You HAVE to have your next hit.  A few chapters later and we are astonished by this visual:

Your hand finds my thigh, lifts my leg to your shoulder, as your tongue flicks out.

I'm lost in ecstasy, fingers weaving through your hair as I pull you closer, deeper.

"Yeah, more," I whimper.

You don't disappoint. You never disappoint.

I wonder where you learned this.

I wonder if it was with her, with my daughter.

Has she felt your tongue before? Does she cum in your mouth the way I do?

Does she taste like I do?

After you pick yourself up off of the floor, you realize that the author wasn’t at all exaggerating when she warned us that the story was going to be “a bit taboo”!

Time passes. And though we aren’t privy to all of the talks, rendezvous, glances, and tender moments…we know by hearing from both Bella and Edward’s points of view, that their relationship is one founded in love and sincerity. They absolutely, positively love each other; never doubt that. Even though it may be hard for us to grasp because of the massive age difference, because of the immoral behavior on both of their parts, because of all of the family members that they are potentially destroying due to this affair…it all comes back to a simple fact. They. Are. In. Love.  All good things and bad things as it were, must come to an end though:

"This is over, Edward. We can't ever be together, no one would understand. We would destroy my family, and yours. My daughter would hate me forever. I can't do it anymore."

I stumble backward, bumping into the wall, which holds me upright.

"No, Bella don't do this."

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

Beegurl13 has promised us approximately 60 chapters for this masterpiece. As of this review, she has 41 available for your reading pleasure. She updates every day, several times a day. So please join us at this naughty but sensational altar and “Worship”.

The Decision by WindChymes
Edward made a decision after that second biology lesson. Two years later that decision
is challenged. Twilight - Rated: M

Review by: Dolly Reader & Lambie (OneBraveLamb)

Windchymes takes us back to Biology with Edward and Bella but this time Edward makes a different choice.  After the stark realization that he has fallen in love with Bella, yet that he is her biggest threat, Edward removes himself from her life, saving Bella from his dangerous love.

But Bella has changed something within Edward. After he leaves, he realizes that he feels more human, more alive than he has since he was changed. In windchymes story, we meet an Edward that is more kind, more gentle and desperately aching for the love he found and lost, all within a blink of an eye.

Gone is the hostile, brooding and overly intimidating Edward we're so used to seeing.

Edward doodled absently in his notebook while the professor droned on about atoms. He kept a small part of his brain focused on the lecture in case he was called on, but the rest of his mind wandered.
"Nice eyes." The girl whispered shyly beside him. He turned to her, puzzled, her thoughts were as hesitant as her voice.
She bit her lip nervously as he met her gaze.
"They're nice eyes," she offered again, nodding at his notebook. "Um, you draw really well."
Edward gave a small, polite smile and smoothly covered the drawing with his hand. He answered her with a soft thank you.
Her smile lit up her face, like all her Christmases had come at once, and her skin blushed crimson.
Then she turned quickly to the front again and in her fluster she knocked her textbook onto the floor. Edward bent to pick it up and set it back on her desk.
"Oh, um, thanks." She giggled this time. Edward nodded but avoided eye contact.
He turned back to the notebook.

Two years have passed, and Edward and Bella have both moved on with their lives, but Bella remains his true love, winding her way through his daily thoughts.

A girl he had known for little more than two days.
A girl whose scent had almost driven him to kill her. A girl whose blood had called to him in ways he couldn't understand - on levels he couldn't reach.
A girl who now, two years later, was still the most important thing in his world - even if she didn't know it...  He wondered if she remembered him.

Edward soon finds himself returning to Chicago to check in on his former home.  As he observes the neighborhood, he sees new tenants moving into the apartments across the street.  When the breeze blows down the street, Edward is met with a shocking truth.

Isabella Swan.
Bella. His Bella.
She was here.
And she had just wrenched his world apart all over again.

Edward struggles with himself over whether he belongs in Bella’s life or not and if he does, will he be there as a protector or something more?  Can he truly be himself with her?

All Edward knows is that he doesn’t want to lose her again.

As Windchymes takes us through their courtship, we see them fan the embers of friendship and watch the hints of sparks between them.  As they get to know each other, you see Edward being as open as he can be, sharing stories of his human life, and laying the groundwork for the possibility of telling Bella his entire story.

Saturday, Edward decided.
He would tell Bella the truth on Saturday, after her paper was finished and submitted and off her mind.
Saturday.  That gave him five days for them to get to know each other.
Five days for Bella to know the man before she learned about the monster.
Five days to, hopefully, secure her heart so she wouldn't run away screaming.
Five days to prove himself, so maybe she would be able to look past the monster and see the man, see him...Edward, just Edward.  And perhaps, if she could do that, then maybe she would consider him.  Edward felt nervous now. And excited.

Will Edward take the chance that Bella loves him enough to reveal his truth?  Does his acknowledgement that a monster cannot love change how views his existence?

Wander down the path of The Decision and decide for yourself.

Seven Weeks by YesMrsCullen
Edward is the single dad. Bella is the new babysitter. Full *DISCLAIMER* inside. Rated
M for content. AH  Twilight - Rated: M

Review by: Surething302

Apparently, there is a new buzz in the Twi-universe these days and it comes in the from of a DRABBLE. Yesmrcullen will not disappoint you in Seven Weeks. This little drabble is filled with hot sexiness and sweet love. She takes you on a quick journey of how Bella and Edward’s relationship blooms in seven weeks, and no it doesn’t end after seven weeks.
Edward is a single dad, in his early twenties and Bella is a sexy, eighteen year old, high school cheerleader. Sparks fly for Bella, when she shows up to babysit Edwards son. Most of this story is told from Bella’s POV but we do get to hear from Edward.

Here are a few excerpts...

This is from chapter 2... Things get a little steamy from the start.
We are on chaper 5 by this point... By now everyone who was reading is calling Edward Gropeward and Bella Cheerleaderella. I can’t tell you guys how sexy Gropeward can be. I have to fan myself think of him.

Chapter 8 heats up nicely...
If you want more from Seven Weeks then please go check it out. Yesmrcullen will not let you down. She is a wonderful writer and will have you drooling all over yourself.
I slide my hands up your bare chest and wrap them around the back of your neck, pulling you closer.
My tongue finds yours, and you moan as you begin walking us backwards.
The back of my knees hit the soft surface of the mattress. You pull away, and I sit down.
My body is burning for your touch.
You kneel in front of me, removing my shoes and socks. You kiss your way up my legs.
I lie back on the bed. The sensations you cause are almost too much.
You run your hands up my thighs and hook your fingers inside my spankies, pulling them down my body, along with my panties.
You stop when you are mere inches from me and look down my body. Your hand reaches out and carefully grips my hipbone before sliding to my back, where you caress my skin between my skirt and top.
My breathing speeds, and I close my eyes as you lean down and your lips make contact with my cheek. Your other hand deliberately wraps around the back of my neck. You pull me closer, and your lips softly caress mine.
I feel like I am in a dream, floating on air. You gently push me further back into the door, pressing your body into mine.
I wrap my hands around your neck and rub my fingers through your hair; a soft moan escapes you.
Your tongue slides against mine, and I whimper.
Your hand glides down my backside and under my skirt. You firmly squeeze my ass, and your leg pushes between my legs.
You sit down in the middle of the sofa and prop your feet up on the coffee table and cross your arms. I inhale slightly.
Your cologne along with the stale scent of beer and cigarettes assaults my senses.
We are nearly in complete darkness. The light from kitchen light filters in.
You are so close. My covered knee touches your thigh when I adjust my position. You look over at me.
Your eyes are glassy. You lick your bottom lip, and my breath hitches at the sight.

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