Monday, October 3, 2011

Meet the Poll: what we're reading this week in TLS:

Drift by Denverpopcorn-rec'd by Jaime Arkin
A blizzard blows in and shuts down the City. Everyone prepares for a snow day, including Edward and Bella. They each have a life-changing decision to make, but will their sudden confinement cool their passion and force them to face certain truths? E/B,AH
Twilight - Rated: M

Duet by Evilnat- rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
duet doo-et, djuːˈɛt — n 1. Also called esp for instrumental compositions : duo a musical composition for two performers or voices 2. an action or activity performed by a pair of closely connected individuals AH ExB Twilight - Rated: M

Empty Panes and Pretty Things by AydenMorgan- rec'd by Suebee
Bella only wanted to survive the terror of her memories, but when Edward appears in her life, she realizes she wants something more. Will she let him put her together again or will their tragic pasts bury them both? AH/OOC. Rated M.

Going for the Gold by Bethaboo & Tameleine - rec'd by One Brave Lamb
Edward Cullen, an Olympic swimming star, goes to Beijing with winning gold medals on his mind, but is distracted by the beautiful but clumsy reporter he meets on his way. All Human AU, co-written by tameleine.

Falling For You by JenGreen03 - rec'd by One Brave Lamb
Bella Swan has gone through crappy date... after crappy date, causing her to lose all hope for a good guy. Until she meets Edward Cullen, a divorced father of two. They have an instant connection when they meet, but will love come easily for them? AH

Learn You Inside Out by Wolfpgirl- rec'd by FictionFreak95
BxE All Human. She is a college student and reluctant dancer, trying to move on. He is a rebel, a new quarterback with a troubled past. Two unlikely people are brought together, but trials of the present and the darkness of their past may tear them apart. Twilight - Rated: M

Let the Games Begin by PlayingKitti2011- rec'd by Remmy Kins
Bella is the badass new girl at her new prep school and she doesn't plan on making any friends. That is until she finds herself in a steamy situation with Mr. Popular himself. What's a girl to do with that? Play with him, of course. AH. Rated M for lang. Twilight - Rated: M

Memoirs of a Mob Wife by Insert Fangs Here-rec'd by Kitty Vuitton
It takes a strong and determined woman to live the life I do. I live in a world where Trust, Loyalty and Commitment are as important as the air we breathe.. this is the journey of one woman's experience as a Mobwife Human/language/violence
Twilight - Rated: M

Remember Me by IsaKassees - rec'd by One Brave Lamb
"If I only got one day a year, I would make it count." One secret tree, one magic sunset, one chance to make a wish. Childhood sweethearts turned penpals, they grow up together and apart, falling in like, lust and love. E B, OOC, AH, A/J

Rhapsody in B by Lillybellis - rec'd by One Brave Lamb
When a rising musician falls in love with his small-town childhood friend, can their yearly New Year's Eve tradition bring them together once he rockets to stardom and leaves her behind?

Simply Coffee by Edward's Eternal- rec'd by Kitkat
A girl about to break. A boy who so desperately wants to help. Will she let him in ?
Twilight - Rated: T

Somewhere Only We Know by Suzie55- rec'd by PAWsPeaches
It was best to keep her at a distance. Best for her it seemed until tonight. How do you start over with the one you hurt the most? B x E AH Love, Angst, Lemons... the usual suspects

Terms and Conditions Apply by TheSaintsMistress- rec'd by Crooked SMile
There's only one person on this earth that Edward Cullen hates, and that's his boss...Bella Swan. She's cold. She's ruthless and incapable of human emotion, and to Edward's greatest frustration, the hottest woman walking the face of the planet.Twilight - Rated: M

The Mating Bond by Laila B- rec'd by Mina Rivera
It's like tunnel vision. And once eye contact is made, there is absolutely no reversing it. The more contact that is made and the more intimate the contact becomes, the more animalistic and primal the bond comes to be. Will Bella be able to handle it? Twilight - Rated: M

The Vampire In The Basement by Michellephants-rec'd by Dhiee Desie Masen
While hunting one afternoon, the boys stumble upon what appears to be a corpse. When they learn it's a severely broken vampire, they take him home to do what they can to help. But of course, fate has plans for this man. Canon Couples. AU. Twilight - Rated: M

We Are Dealt by Aussiegirl101 - Ryden Dirtay
Bella is a teacher in Sydney, Australia. She meets the parents of 6 year-old students Emmett and Rosie – Alice & Edward Cullen. The family has a tragedy in their recent history and they need Bella's help.

Where She Belongs by Possessed88- rec'd by C Mybabyblues
Edward Cullen is gifted Isabella Swan as a reward for a job well done. The more time he spends with her, the more he becomes enamored of her. Will he be able to make amends for his behavior and win the girl's heart? Twilight - Rated: M

Where the Sidewalk Ends by Bronzehairedgirl620 - rec'd by Suebee
A string of unsolved murders brings a new police chief to Forks. Through letters, a clandestine relationship forms between his daughter and Edward Masen, wrongly convicted of the crimes, as she struggles to prove the innocence of the man she loves.

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