Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lemons and Lore: Celebrate this Halloween with these Bone Chilling Recs

A few of The Lemonade Stand's sweetest ladies put together a spooky new segment showcasing all of the wonderful supernatural, scary and paranormal twilight fanfiction recs that made their most memorable lists. Be prepared to read tales of time travel, ghosts, alternate universes, dystopian worlds and haunted Victorian houses with the TLS Lemons & Lore features from October 15 and October 20October 25 and todays post as well! 

Bella Swan: Zombie Killer by Kristen Nicole rec'd by Evilnat
Zombies have taken over the continental United States. Thus sets the backdrop for an epic love story involving a boy, a girl, and her trusty shovel. AU.

She Speaks Fear and Truth by ericastwilight - rec'd by Ryden Dirtay & MzB
She's haunted daily, but learns to deal with her gift, helping those in need. He hides behind his opinions,seeking closure, barely living. When their worlds collide can they help each other. A story of loss, love and betrayal with a supernatural twist.

Phantasmic by BottledCoke -  rec'd by Ryden Dirtay
After hearing about the "Phantom Doll", Edward can't help but be curious. He falls in love with the figurine and decides to buy it. There's rumors about the doll,how it got its name. It supposedly can move, talk and some former owners even claim it drank

Set in Stone by psyche001 - rec'd by Mzb
From within the night's secret shadows,a beautiful winged creature falls for a human girl.She is forbidden fruit in his world but still,he crosses the line to save her life.What happens when their worlds collide & she discovers his horrible fate? AU/M/BXE

Sleepers Awake by Feisty Y. Beden - rec'd by Mzb
Bella, compulsive sketcher of wolves, has not dreamed in years. Unexpectedly, she begins to dream again the night tragedy takes away her first and greatest love. ExB, sort of.

Spellbound by Claire Bloom - rec'd by MzB
Imprisoned by the malicious James, Edward meets the bewitching Isabella. As he battles with his enemies, his conscience and his bloodlust, he finally falls for her whilst she ignites his male desire's & awakens his Vampiric cravings. With Vamps/AU

Under Your Spell by twiXlite - rec'd by Mzb
The Cullens, Hales and Swans are the oldest and most respected families in the small island town of Forks. What happens when the rest of the town discovers a secret they've kept hidden for centuries, threatening everything they've worked to build? AH/AU

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