Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lemons and Lore: spooky recs to get you in the mood for the spooky season!

On October 15, a few of The Lemonade Stand's sweetest ladies put together a spooky new segment showcasing all of the wonderful supernatural, scary and paranormal twilight fanfiction recs that made their most memorable lists. Be prepared to read tales of time travel, ghosts, alternate universes, dystopian worlds and haunted Victorian houses with the TLS Lemons & Lore features 10/15, 10/20, 10/25 & 10/30/2011.

Osa Bella by Myg - rec'd by Kitty Vuitton & MzB
Bella is a school counselor, but Edward is a vampire posing as a student. Will Bella defy her head and follow her heart? Or will she conquer her desire and do what she believes is right? Not your daughter's/niece's/little sister's Twilight. Angsty.

Haven by mmsinful - rec'd by Ryden Dirtay
Bella and Alice have survived everything together, including the infected. How much longer can they survive on their own. Can they trust anyone else they meet on the way? Warning: graphic violence, death, dark themes. Rated M. cannon, ExB

Review by Ryden Dirtay
"Haven" is a thrilling new story by mmsinful. This Horror/Fantasy fic is one that will have you biting your nails and sitting on the edge of your seat. A virus spreads across the world, with a mutating gene, guessed it, the dreaded "Z" word. Zombies. I recommend reading in daylight hours or with the lights on. I've had nightmares on numerous occasions from this gem. Fic is a work in progress and does contain some adult/dark themes.  Enter if you dare.

Haunted by AfutureCullen - rec'd by Ryden Dirtay
Bella Swan, a noted paranormal investigator, is called to check out the "Ghost Haven" that is Edward Cullen's house. Can she, along with Edward, defeat what is tormenting Edward in his own house? AU

Collapse the Universes by Fantasy Mother - rec'd by MzB
A sequel to Across the Universes. Years later a message shows up, the Volturi Brothers get involved, and to everyone's surprise they realize destruction of the journal has not stopped the madness. B&E, and others, Rated M for Lemons and future content.

The Ripper by HeartOfDarkness - rec'd by Suebee0691
Edward, a nomad killer vampire, alone for more than three centuries, comes upon his next prey in the form of talk back radio psychologist and dabbler in the dark side of human nature, Bella Swan.  Darkward, kinky Bella.  Rated M for violence/lemons.

In The Stars by Wings of Deire - rec'd by MzB
Trying to help her best friend, Bella finds herself the center focus in a long and ancient battle. OOC/AU

Isle ESME 2412 by Bower of Bliss - rec'd by MzB
A typical holiday romance? Bella gets away from it all by going to a tropical paradise. Girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy... boy doesn't actually exist. What? This is a journey into a strange, dystopian world where all is not what it seems. AU

Kiss Me Now, Kiss Me Never by ericastwilight - rec'd by MzB
A curse spanning generations. For one, unrequited love. For the other, all consuming hate. Together can they break it? OCC/AH


  1. I'm surprised Ultio, Time of Salt, and Goodnight, Noises Everywhere aren't on this list. Maybe for another feature...excited to check out these recs.

  2. Loving the new supernatural recommendations. I loved Osa Bella and also Elemental and Across the Universes from Oct 15 recs. Disappointed to see that Collapse the Universes hasn't been updated since May! I'll have to try some of these other recommendations. Thanks!

  3. I've written a story with a ghost seeing Bella and Edward is haunted by one. Part one of this story is complete.