Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome to the TLS Nursery. This is where we display the new babies, (stories) posted within the last 30 days, that we are extremely excited about.

There is something completely thrilling and satisfying, about finding a story, right from it's beginning, knowing how wonderful it is, and will be, and watching it grow into an adult completed fic.

By visiting the TLS nursery each month, you too, can watch them grow with us! All of the stories listed below have been read and approved by TLS as great reading material.

Her Secrets by samrosey
Dancing in light, she holds keys to pretty boxes of secrets she'llnever tell. A sequences of drabbles from him and her.     AH. Edward/Bella. Rated: M

You know what I love? When an author trusts the readers enough to provide them with just enough information...just enough of the story to be drawn in then lets their imaginations do some of the work.  samrosey does that with each and every story she writes and Her Secrets is no exception.  Her writing is poetic, lyricial and beautiful so go check it out!

A Matter of Life & Death by WhatsMyNomDePlume & Derdriu oFaolain
Forget being scared to death, Bella Swan isn't even scared of death, something that both greatly annoys and-even if he won't admit it-entices Edward Cullen. If only she weren't trying to destroy him. Collab rated M

This story a collaboration between two incredibly talented authors was written for the FGB auction and is based on a prompt that Edward is supernatural.  See where they take him in this story - it's only going to be 8 chapters and they've posted the first 6 so far.  Definitely a 'must read'!

The Breakers by les16
After spending 7 years in prison, Edward gets a new start in the fishing village of Corea, Maine. Can a little girl and her mom, Bella, see beyond his past and can they all find love again...or will the ocean swallow them whole? rated M

The Breakers is the newest story from the talented les16 - she brought us The Greatest Gift and this story promises to be just as incredible.  With teasers posting throughout the week and new chapters posting on Sundays, dive in now to catch up - at five chapters in you don't want to miss out!

Here are a few other new stories that come highly recommended - all have the TLS Seal of Approval!  Go give them a read and let them know we sent you!

Arms by VirginiaMay
After witnessing the brutal murder of her parents, sharpshooter & former Olympian Bella Swan is forced to live under a new identity as a high school student in tiny Forks, WA. Will unexpected feelings for the wrong man be her undoing or her salvation? AH

The Vagina Monologues by jtmd24
What happens when 2 strangers have a 1-night-stand in college? Life. But not the way you planned. It's raising a foul-mouthed toddler, selling sex toys & trying to make your dreams come true. Oh, and running into your drunken hook-up 5yrs later.

Behind Closed Doors by lemonmartinis
 "I'm not sure what I am doing here or how to do this." Two people discover each other and themselves behind closed doors.  Rated M

Guarding Isabella by lindsay520
Edward and Jacob are hired as professional bodyguards for the "2011 Isabella US Tour." What will happen when 'professional' suddenly turns 'personal' and feelings start to develop between the soft-spoken superstar and her new bodyguards? Rated: M

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