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TLS Fics of the Week July 12 - 18: The Fab Four Reviews

Conversations Over Coffee by cosmogirl7481
Conversations over coffee. Sometimes when you meet "the one," falling is easy – as simple as talking. Effortless. You just have to find the words. AH Twilight - Rated: M
Review by: Jaime Arkin

I seriously fell in love with cosmogirl7481 in a coffee shop.  When I finally found this story, no lie, my reviews I left her were a mess of incoherent, rambling thoughts about how much I wanted to find her and hug her for writing this story.  I may have even asked sweetly if we could be friends…let’s just say I’m surprised she hasn’t blocked me yet!

Conversations Over Coffee is one of the sweetest love stories I’ve ever read.  Period.

It’s amazing what someone can learn about another over a simple cup of coffee, but cosmogirl7481 shows us just that.  Bella is a waitress in a diner where Edward visits… frequently.  The first time they officially meet is where this story starts and I was immediately hooked.

"What's your name?"

She asks me this as if she's entitled to know. And maybe she is.


She definitely is.

"Why do you want to know?"

I challenge her, because I really want to know the answer to the question. I really do want to know why she would be interested in knowing anything about me.

"Well, first of all, you know my name."

"Yeah…and?" I say, playing with the little silver flippy thing on the sugar container. I briefly wonder what it's called. "Your name is on your badge, Bella."

My heart stutters a bit as I say it.

Her name.

You know…out loud and all that.

I try to ignore it.

"That's true," she says. "But secondly," her voice lowers and I find that I'm sitting up straighter, listening more intently. "Mostly…" Her voice is just a whisper. "Mostly…I just want to know. You know, a little more about you."

And I'm speechless.

Like an idiot.

"What do you know about me?" I ask.

I'm holding my breath.

"Well," she says, biting down on her lower lip and tucking an imaginary strand of hair behind her ear. Her hair is pulled up. It's always pulled up. I wonder what it looks like hanging down around her shoulders. I imagine that it's soft. "I know you like coffee. Black with lots of sugar."

She looks down at my hand, at my finger that is still idly playing with the flippy thing. I vow to go home and look up what it is. It's bothering me now.


"I know that you come in the same time everyday and order the same thing. I know you like apple pie."

I wonder if she finds me boring and predictable.

"I know…I mean, I think I know that you like to read. You always have a book."

She motions to the worn paperback copy of Holidays on Ice in front of me. I wonder if she thinks it's strange because it's not Christmas. I just like Davis Sedaris. Maybe I should explain that to her?

"I do," I tell her. "Like to read."

My heart is beating…faster. I don't think it's the coffee, though I have had three cups this evening. I wonder if she notices that I'm drinking more…that I'm staying longer.

I honestly read this story with the stupidest smile on my face and every time I go back and reread it, that same smile reappears.  It’s told in alternating points of view so we get reactions from both Bella and Edward and I love it.  I gurantee that you will be awwwwww’ing and grinning with each chapter.   The cute and sweet just ooze off the page.

Without thinking, I reach my hand out.

I touch her elbow that's resting on the counter.

I hear her take in a deep breath and my eyes shoot up to hers.




And she doesn't pull away.

"It's okay," I tell her.

And it is.



"You just seem…" she starts, "I mean. Well, I would want…"

I'm still touching her.

And her voice is soft.

And hand is still on her elbow.

I'm still touching her.


"You would want…?"

I squeeze gently.


Her skin is soft like her voice.

Warm, too.

I wonder if she uses lotion.



"Tell me."


She blows the stray hair out of her face.

Her breath smells like spearmint.

"I would want…to be your friend," she whispers.

The words cosmogirl7481 uses and the way she tells this story are perfect. It truly doesn’t get much better than this in my opinion and if you haven’t read this yet, drop everything you are doing and run.  I’m not even going to share one of the best first kisses I’ve read in quite some time with you, I’m going to make you go find it yourself, because it’s in this story.

Cosmogirl7481 says it best in her closing author notes.  This story is about “quietly getting to know someone. Honestly. Realistically.  With no fanfare or drama.  Just simple words, true emotion and lots of coffee and sugar.”  I feel lame for using her words in a review about her story, but truly there is nothing I could say to explain it better, and she accomplishes exactly that in this incredible story.

Now…I’m off to go harass her about that authors note about revisiting them if she feels like it.

All I Want by momof4luvntwisaga
The drive back home from a weekend escape to Forks could change everything in Bella's life. She stops to help a stranded driver, and gets more than she bargained for. Twilight - Rated: M
Review by: Troublefollows Edward

I might be showing my age here, but I'm pretty sure that all you ladies out there who listened to Heart's All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You back in 1990 dreamed about picking up a gorgeous stranger and having the best one night stand of your life like I did.  All I Want by momof4luvntwisaga is that fantasy brought to life through our favorite couple, Bella and Edward.

Bella is unfortunately married to Mike Newton in the beginning of this story.  They've been trying for  years to have a baby with no success.  On a drive home to Seattle from a visit with her dad in Forks, Bella picks up a very wet and very beautiful stranger, whose car has broken down in the middle of a nasty rainstorm.    Right away, Bella can tell there is something about this guy.  She can't explain it, but she is drawn to him.  Without thinking about the consequences, they stop and get a room when the weather becomes too much to drive in.

This is where momof4luvntwisaga shines.  The woman knows how to write a hot lemon.  Edward is not only a fantastic lover, he's sweet and gentle with her.

"Relax, baby, you need to relax so it doesn't hurt," he cooed at me, stroking my cheek with his thumb as his fingers wrapped around the side of my neck. Looking into my eyes he leaned down and kissed me so softly that if I hadn't seen him do it, I would have thought that our lips never touched. Taking in a deep breath and exhaling it slowly, I felt the tension leave my body. I watched his face taking in his beautiful features and getting lost in the sensation as he began to push his hips forward. With each gently nudge forward, he gave my body time to adjust and I appreciated it.

They share an unforgettable night of passion, but Bella runs before the morning comes.  Momof4luvntwisaga doesn't shy away from letting us see Bella's struggle with the guilt and shame of what she did.  Bella grapples with a myriad of emotions throughout the story because of the new path her life takes after that life-changing night.

If you listen to the song, I am not spoiling it for you; that night had real and life-altering consequences.  Consequences that put her marriage and her sanity to the test.  Let's not forget the added issue of her best friend's boyfriend's brother or her husband's new boss.  There are so many "Ah!" moments throughout the story.   It will have you clicking the next button, needing the next chapter because you want to know what is going to happen so badly.

Will Bella find her beautiful stranger again?  What other secrets are people hiding?  What will be the fallout when all the secrets and lies are out in the open?  I can only tell you that my girl is all about the HEA.  All I Want is a must read.  Go.  Read.  Now.  Give her some love, too.  That's all I want :) 

Thankful by SydneyAlice
She had always been my drug of choice, and tonight, I would get my very last fix. She loved me, and I loved her. Sometimes love just wasn't enough. Twilight - Rated: M
Review by: EvilNat

SydneyAlice has written some amazing stories, and in my opinion ‘Thankful’ is definitely up there as one of her best.  It is a hot, a little sad in places, touching story.  It only has two chapters, a prologue and an epilogue but you don’t feel like you have missed anything with the short length.

‘Thankful’ describes the despair of two lovers, Edward and Bella, who are forced to part.  Their relationship is unable to continue when Bella’s husband returns from his tour of duty.  I’m not going to tell you too much about the storyline, due to the short length of the story and I think the twists are best found out while reading.

I found it to be such a passionate, romantic, heartfelt story.  The prologue in particular portrays a longing and hurt by the two characters who are parting but don’t want to.  Bella in particular wants to do the right thing but in doing so resorts to a life of mediocre.  A flashback and points of view from both Edward and Bella help to tell the story.

The passion between Edward and Bella is so intense, it is written so well you can almost feel it coming off the screen.  Bella describes it perfectly when she says:

“Maybe that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano…” 

Pink stilettos appear as a symbol of their relationship, which is interesting and kinda hot.  She only wears them when she is with him and many of their meetings involve her wearing them during sex.

Edward is a brave character; he knows exactly what he wants and would do almost anything to get it.  His love towards Bella is powerful:

“He could never make her tremble like this.”

 ‘Thankful’ has a realistic ending but is still a happily ever.  Not everything turns out the way we expect it to, but for our two main characters they get their HEA.

I actually hadn’t read ‘Thankful’ when they were looking for a review but being a fan of SydneyAlice’s other stories I jumped at the opportunity when Nicole asked.  Please go and read it, you won’t regret it, I didn’t.

In Too Deep by EdwardsBloodType
Too much to drink,a wounded heart, and a chance encounter with his father's mistress, lead Eddie to make a bad decision. And when he falls in love with her daughter unknowingly, he gets himself in so deep he can't get out. AH/AU Graphic language,lemons. Twilight - Rated: M
Review by: LaMomo

EdwardsBloodType doesn't need introductions. Everyone here has, at some point, either read or heard of High Anxiety. If not, they're probably living under a rock, without internet connection, and have no clue what a blog is.

How to follow up from such a harrowing, angsty, complex and all-encompassing tale? In Too Deep shares some traits of HA but departs from it in other respects.

Main similarities?
The complex, almost convoluted plot twists and relations among the characters are there. They weave a colourful and lively tapestry, where no detail should be left unattended, because they will later play a role. Nothing should be overlooked.
The angst is there. We begin with a prologue charged with hurt and resentment, with a son packing his bags and ready to leave home, his relation to his father crashed beyond repair, his own life in shambles.
For example - if our main character decides to hook up with his father's former mistress, we can say it's revenge, right? What does that become when that mistress's first name is Renee, and she has a daughter? You are all fic-savvy enough to know that this paves the way for some serious shit ready to hit the fan, at some point down the line...
A lingering feeling of hope is also there - through all the darkness, there is something that sparkles change, that triggers a flicker of light, a possibility of happiness.

Main differences?
"Location, location, location" - we're in Long Island, among a tightly-knit community of Italian descent. Edward's last name in this instance is Cullenata. Yes, you read that correctly. Bella's last name is Cigno. As in, Swan in Italian. Jasper is Jewish, and his family has cut him off entirely when he got Alice pregnant almost fresh out of high school and announced he'd marry her. Raising Garrett (their son, and Edward's godchild) as a Catholic is the final blow for this parents, who have never seen their grandchild. This is a peculiar environment and, even as a native speaker of Italian, I had to undergo a crash course on "How to Survive on Long Island if You Are Italian" from a dear friend and co-worker who was born and raised there... This makes for an interesting playground for our usual suspects.
Narration - this is mostly EPOV. As a well-known EPOV h00r, I can't but rejoyce about this. Edward's mind is, as ever, a very complex place to be. Not at all hearts and flowers. Until...until he gets fed up with his plight and...decides to change.

What happens to this Edward who wants to change his ways when he meets Bella? What will happen when "ghosts from bad fucks past" come back to haunt him?

Watch out - most of all, for one of the sweetest first kisses in fanfic...
You've been warned....READ!

Faithfully by LailaB
Edward, the lead singer of Eclipse, has always considered himself fulfilled. He has never desired an emotional connection with anyone outside his band or family, until he meets a much younger Bella on European summer tour. Will love prevail? AH/OOC Twilight - Rated: M
Review by: Mina Rivera

Faithfully starts with Edward's point of view. He is a rock and roll star and lead singer of Eclipse. He feels like his life is where he wants it to be and feels pretty fulfilled. That is until he crosses path with Bella during his down time in the city of London. Edward is just about to embark on a world tour with his band and wants to have some normalcy before the chaos. But Bella catches Edward's attention inside the music store where he was browsing some vynil recods. Bella walks out of the store, and Edward feels the strong need to follow her, which he does. And that’s how the story begins.

I LOVE this story with a fierce passion. It’s a lot of fun, it’s very well written and I forget about everything else when I read it. The premise of a sexy, tattooed, bad ass, rock star Edward caught my eye, but what I didn’t expect was to actually have a small crush on this Bella as well!

But let’s talk about Faithfulward first, shall we?

He is 35 years old and the most wanted successful rock star in the world. He has an insane group of bitches that are completely obsessed with him who, of course, hate Bella and want her out of the picture. But Edward only sees his Bella. He is very possessive (which I secretly love as much as Bella does) and, in spite of first impressions, really sweet and considerate. And of course, he has some hot tattoos, but what did me in where the motherfucking piercings! *drools* I swear when I first read about his ‘ladder’ I actually shivered imagining how that would feel like. What’s a ladder? You find that out on Chapter 3. ;)

Edward has pretty much been alone for a long time, never had a serious committed relationship which kind of stuns me. So, when one afternoon he spots a sexy brown haired beauty walking down the side walk with a very fine piece of ass, what does he do? He follows her, of course, into a coffee shop and then strikes up a conversation with her. I swear I freaking snorted when I read their first meet. Here he was a very confident-almost-arrogant Edward trying to dazzle Bella, while she has no freaking clue she was talking to a Rock Star!

Her beauty momentarily stuns me as she unleashes a dazzling smile, before I answer, "My band is touring across Europe for the next eight weeks. Our first show is tomorrow night, here in Hyde Park. After that, we will take a couple of months off for some much needed rest and relaxation. Then we'll pick up again for a U.S. tour starting in November. However, I live here. A couple of blocks from this very spot as a matter of fact. You see, while my mother is American, my father is British, so I have dual citizenship. I actually have homes in both places; I just prefer living in London because the paparazzi are far less intrusive…." I trail off, realizing I sound like a complete jackass. "Wow, that was a whole shit load of useless information about me." I chuckle awkwardly, looking away and clicking the ball in my tongue against the rings in my lower lip while rubbing the back of my neck. Christ, you sound like a moron. I push my hand through my, already chaotic, hair and chance a peek back at her, trying to gauge her reaction to my incessant rambling. I was hoping like hell I have not scared her away.

"Oh, wow. Your band tours?" she asks, genuine interest shining in her beautiful eyes.

"Uhm, yeah," I answer incredulously. Hello? Have you really no idea who you are talking to?

"Nice. So, have you ever recorded an album?"

She is still completely oblivious to my identity. It is equal parts refreshing, intriguing, and aggravating which is completely fucking with my head, not to mention my ego.

"Uh, yes. Several, in fact. Have you never heard of Eclipse?"

"You're in Eclipse?" she whisper shouts, looking around quickly to make sure no one has heard her. My ego inflates and I unleash my best panty-dropping smile. Finally, I think just before she continues…

"My babysitter was so into you!"

She is so proud to finally put together who I am that she misses the look of absolute horror on my face. What the fuck! Her babysitter? Does she seriously think I am that fucking ancient?

LOL! But don’t worry girls, Bella is legal… barely.

After breaking that awkward moment, they fall into a very easy conversation, talking about anything and everything. He tells her things about his family, childhood, the band and his desires for the future. In turn, she talks about her mom and dad, her brother (who is on this vacation with her) and her passion for photography. Before they even realize it, the sky has darkened, alerting them that they have been talking for over hours. Edward is shocked at how easy it has been to let his guard down with Bella. This sexy and confident, yet shy creature has completely disarmed him. A task that has never been accomplished by a member of the opposite sex! Much less by someone who is fifteen years his junior! But Edward is hooked and he asks her to some to his concert the next day. Bella says yes and leaves Edward feeling lighter and happier than he ever has in his life, with only one thought running through his mind: “Goddamn, I cannot wait until tomorrow.”

Now, let’s talk about hot-as-fuck Bella.

She is 20 years old. She has an Italian heritage and she speaks the language. She has a few nicknames in Italian for Edward that are very cute and different. She can also be a brat, but in an adorable way, and Edward spoils her. She takes nothing for granted and is very independent and stubborn (very cannon of her), but she is no wimp or door mat. This Bella knows what she wants, and fucks off whoever stands in her way. She can battle bitches left and right and still leave with her head held high. She feels no shame to be involved with a man who is 15 years older than her.

There is a LOT of PDA between her and Edward and I kind of feel jealous of them…

Tanya's shrill voice rings out next to my ear, while she reaches out to run one of her hot-pink talons down my chest. It's not that Tanya is ugly per se; she looks a lot like Rosalie, fake tits and all, only with strawberry blond hair. It's just that she is dirty and fake, and she has fucked nearly all of our road crew, and is currently trying to work her way through our security team. All while still, after countless rejections, trying to get in my pants. Fucking Gross. Some people just don't understand the meaning of the word no.

"Don't fucking touch me," I snarl, glaring at her before turning my head away. I am pissed at her complete fucking lack of respect for my girl. "It's never gonna happen."

Bella appears a moment later, plopping herself sideways into my lap, virtually shoving Tanya out of the way, while planting a scorching kiss on my lips. I open my mouth, practically shoving my tongue down her throat, and trailing my hand up the outside of her thigh, grabbing a handful of flesh where her thigh meets her ass. She winds her arms around my neck, threading her fingers into my hair, scratching and pulling, as I suck on her tongue, swallowing her moans, before moving to her neck and biting down again, creating a twin for the mark I made earlier. Fucking Neanderthal. I lick the mark before planting a wet, sloppy kiss on her sexy mouth.

"I sincerely hope you don't plan on making a habit out of this." Rosalie sneers, gesturing distastefully to Bella. "I would hate to have to entertain each and every one of your conquests going forward," she finishes, her voice dripping with animosity.

I snap my head to glare at the bitch. "Watch it Rosalie," I warn in a low threatening voice. "Bella is now a part of this group. Permanently."

Out of the corner of my eye I notice Bella smirk.

Rosalie's eyes widen in shock at my declaration, but instead of backing off, she continues with her taunts. "Is she even old enough to drink, Edward?"

I feel Bella stiffen in my lap, but before I have a chance to respond, she retorts. "I apologize if my age makes you uncomfortable Rosalie. I will try to keep my distance." Rosalie looks smug, and I am about to rip in to her when Bella continues. "It's understandable that you wouldn't want a constant reminder of your lost youth. You know, my mom has a really good doctor in Jacksonville that administers her Botox. I'd be happy to give you his name and number, because whoever it is that you are using is causing your facial expressions to look strange. I think it's because your eyebrows don't move. Gosh, I can't even imagine the day when I will need that stuff…. I still have quite a while though…" she trails off with the sweetest smile on her face.

I am fucking speechless. Everyone is speechless, and Rosalie is fuming. No female has ever put Rosalie in her place, but Bella did it flawlessly and believe me, it was sexy as hell.

Sexy as hell, indeed. This Bella is one of my favorite fiction girl crushes, right after Beautiful Bitch and my Painterella. I seriously admire the way LailaB wrote her. I was sorta getting tired of the damsel in distress type of Bella that you see all around, and this fic popped in my computer screen at the right time. And yes, Rosalie and Tanya are the insane bitches looking forward to break E and B apart, but don't worry, they are really not a threat. Now Gianna on the other hand... that bitch better watch out! But leaving the skanks aside, you have nothing to worry about. Bella and Edward are crazy about each other and no dirty groopie nor self-named ex is going to break these two apart.

When Faithfulward and Sexybella are together in a room, they just can’t keep their hands off each other! They are full on fuckhawt insane passion. You've got the lust, the insane connection and the need to be together that just consumes every fibers of their being, and the lemons written by LailaB certainly do this relationship justice. But along with their fierce passion, there is also a ton of love. This story is very, very romantic. These two are soul mates and they know it. They just belong together and they will do anything to stay that way. They don't care what anyone thinks about them or what anyone else does to try to break them apart. They are a strong team. It's them against the world. And that is what sets this story apart from other BxE fics. They are confident in their love, once they pass the initial hurddles of every new relationship. They know that the only way to make it work is by being together till the end no matter what.

And with the lust and romance, there must be some crazy, sweaty, hot-as-hell lemons! Oh man, and isn’t that a fucking understatement! The lemons in this story make me dizzy and leave me panting and begging for more! Let’s just say, Dirty Talking Edward comes out to play A LOT!

Here’s a little lemon zest of what you might encounter, but watch out! Please make sure you have your shamwows at the ready and an extra set of batteries. You are sooooo gonna need them.

I scramble to my knees, leaving my elbows on the mattress, giving him a fantastic view of my ass as I look at him over my shoulder, smirking. I watch him as he drinks in the sight before him, smoothing his hands over my flesh reverently. He catches my eye as a cocky smirk graces his chiseled features right before he plows into me. Holy shit, it's a tight fit in this position, and deep… so fucking deep.

I can feel each one of the steel balls in his super-sized cock moving inside me and it feels un-fucking-believable. He scrunches his eyes closed and grips my hips tightly before pulling out ever so slowly then plunging in again, causing us both to cry out at the sensation. He brushes his hands from by lower back, across my ass and down to the backs of my thighs. After completing the circuit twice, he pulls one of his long fingers down the crack of my ass, applying just a hint of pressure on my back entrance. The pressure of his finger feels fantastic and I suddenly want to know what it would feel like inside me. "Please," I pant out, pushing against his hand. He stills momentarily before I feel him slide his finger down to gather some of the moisture that's seeping down my thigh, and then bring it back to where I want him, pressing into me slowly. I feel a shit-load of pressure at first, followed by a little stinging that actually feels pretty awesome, and then he starts to move in time with his trusts. The feeling is so overwhelming that I can't even put together a lucid thought.

"Fuck, Bella, fuck…it's so tight…I can feel your pussy fucking pulsing all around me…and, God, it feels so fucking good," he groans loudly. He adds with a disbelieving tone, "And I can feel it around my finger. Fuck, I can feel it. It would feel so good… gotta try it…" He mumbles the last part as if speaking to himself. He thrusts slow and deep while trailing his other hand up my back and curling around my shoulder for leverage, while adding a second finger to my ass. The dual sensations are incredible and I have never felt so full. Impatient for more, I start pushing back against him, causing him to let out a string of curses.

"Pull my hair, Edward… pull it hard." I can feel his long fingers leave me to grip the headboard while the other tangles into my hair before he yanks my head back with just enough force to make me gasp. "Is that what you want, Isabella? You're a nasty little girl, aren't you?" His voice is low and his breath is hot against my ear and I can feel his stubble lightly scratching at my cheek, making me whimper.

"Yes, Papi," I groan out, the stimulation of the hair pulling, along with his massive dick slamming into me, makes me moan wildly.

"Who do you belong to, Isabella? Fucking tell me!" The dominance in his voice is what finally triggers my orgasm and I come, practically shouting, "You, Edward. Ooohhh…I belong to you…only you."

Mewling and quivering, I continue to drive back into him with abandon until he finally explodes, groaning and cursing deafeningly before answering with a deep and gravelly voice, "That's fucking right…you belong to me, only me."

*fans herself*

Told you so…

I just love it when I find a story that just sucks me in (no pun intended... well, maybe just a little), and then, when I’m all caught up with the updates, I just can't stop thinking about it! Faithfully it’s exactly like this type of story and I freakin' love it!

What else can I say, except: GET YOUR ASSES OVER TO READ THIS FIC.


Till next time. xoxo ~Mina

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