Monday, June 6, 2011

Nursery Time with TLS: come and see the new babies (new stories we love)

Welcome to the TLS Nursery. This is where we display the new babies, (stories) born within the last 30 days, that we are extremely excited about.

There is something completely thrilling and satisfying, about finding a story, right from it's beginning, knowing how wonderful it is, and will be, and watching it grow into an adult completed fic.

By visiting the TLS nursery each month, you too, can watch them grow with us! All of the stories listed below have been read and approved by TLS as great reading material.

Meet the Masens by FictionFreak95
Edward Cullen was done with cons until Marcus Volturi pulled him back in for one more job with his new front man, Bella Swan. Edward wants out for good but in a world based on deceit, who can he trust? AH BxE possible lemons if they don't kill each other

I WAS OUT LOUD READING THIS. FUNNIEST STORY I HAVE EVER READ, TO DATE. Masen is so sexy-sarcastic, tall, witty, beautiful and more than intelligent. The Prologue will hook you alone, the first chapter will have you wrapped.

There is a Light by BelladonnaCullen
This was 1987; before the Internet, before Twitter, before Facebook – this was back when it was still possible for people not to know about things: big things - like bands, and little things - like G-spots. AH, ExB, with some other parings along the way.

Keds, Turtlenecks from the Gap, and cassette tapes. Oh, don't let me forget a band. A band called The Masens. Seth and Jacob idolize this band. When super cute and tall, almond-eyed, skater Seth, asks Bella to come over after school, she knows what she must do. She takes a trip to the record store in the mall.  What Bella doesn't know is when she purchases The Masen's music and memorizes all of their stats, she will be falling in love with more than just a few lyrics. This story makes me smile ear to ear while reading. I love every character I've met, well, except for the b*tches, of course. You will want to inhale this story.

Don’t You Forget About Me by 107yearoldvirgin
Figuring out "Why am I here?" is hard enough on its own. Six strangers with nothing in common, except each other... and a mental hospital, have been given eight hours to figure it all out. This is the chance of their lives. AH/ExB

I know. I know. This alone, is cause for a celebration. The 107 has posted again!!! I was ecstatic to find one of her stories live again. I have a deep driven love for 107yearoldvirgin. I've loved every one of her stories and find that I can go to her for any read and never come out disappointed. Same with this story. I can't say anything about this one because it will spoil the fun for you. Please just trust me when I say, GO MEET ALICE. If you don't cackle when you meet her, check your pulse. In just 2 days this story has over 700 reviews, I think that speaks for itself.


Perceptions by GiveUsAKiss413
Society told them exactly what they should be, and it's so much easier to stop fighting it. A depressed, successful Edward, and a debt ridden, beautiful Bella come together to finally be themselves. AH, B/E, E/T, a smattering of B/Jasper. Dark.

The Elusive Mr. Cullen by dariachenowith
Bella is a high class escort, Edward her newest client. They soon realize that there's more between them than great sex and witty conversations. While Bella doesn't believe in fairy tales, her life seems to be turning into one fast. Or is it? AH/OOC

Once and Future Lovers by littlesecret84
He told me once that he preferred brunettes, but his fingers were always playing with long, blonde strands. He could never make up his mind... until he did. And now that I'm back I don't think he deserves a second chance.

SOUL by denverpopcorn
Meet Edward Cullen, boy next door, dreamer, and self-proclaimed virgin. Take a journey with him as he heads out in search of The One. AH. EPOV, E/B.

How the Mighty have Fallen by hobee1971
Jasper is a washed up rock star and meets Bella in the produce department of a grocery store. Is she the one who can make his life whole again?

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