Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To Slash or Not To Slash

To Slash or Not to Slash…..

So there are a lot of people out there that ask me all the time why I can read something that is sex between two men. I used to just say that I liked it, but now I wanted to tell you a little about why. I have thought long and hard about what and how to say, so I decided to bullet point it for ya.

The reason why slash rocks!

1. -The “forbidden” fruit is sometimes better to read than the typical cannon fic.

2. -The love that is expressed between the characters is written at times deeper than that of a typical Edward/Bella. There is something to prove with Slash.

3. -Contrary to popular belief the stories are much more than sex. Like any great cannon fic, there is a deep love and connection that cannot be broken by normal means.

4. = Speaking of sex, well that is for you to find out lol.

There are many Epic fics out there by some amazing authors. I wanted to take the time in the first part of this review to tell you a little about slash.

This week’s rec is Something Wicked Comes this Way by: lilgent82.



Official Summary:

Edward and Alice find out they come from a long line of powerful witches. Will they be able to master all the magical elements to protect themselves from oncoming danger? And what happens when a Masen witch falls in love with a Cullen Vampire? Edward/Jasper

Eddie and Ali as they call each other in the fic, live with their grandmother in Forks after the death of their parents.

As my sister walked away I looked back beneath the lamp post and no one was there. Did I imagine the hooded figure? I surely didn't imagine the feeling of panic that came over me when I saw it.

Alice seems to be the popular one at school. A cheerleader, and totally engrossed in the teenage life. Edward is shy, more reserved and keeps to himself.

I am a pretty shy person and often get nervous when having to express myself or be around new people or large groups of people. This is why I was dreading starting the Spring Semester at Forks High.

The brother and sister pair shared everything….except one secret,

It's not that I didn't "like" girls it was just I was not attracted to them. I dated girls, kissed them, and messed around with them but tits and vajajay just did nothing for me.

They both seemed plagued by the same dream of a hooded man that caused their parents to die in a car wreck during a storm.

The next morning Edward and Alice were helping their Gran clean the house for a visitor while he was cleaning the windows…..a man…blonde…blue eyes…..jogged by

It was 7:30 am, why would anyone wake up so early on a Saturday to go running? As he got closer the jogger became clearer. He was gorgeous! He was wearing a black pair of running shorts and a white Nike muscle shirt. He stood at about 6 ft 3 in tall, had honey blonde hair, and the most beautiful blue eyes. He ran with such grace and ease it looked effortless. So effortless you didn't see a single drop of sweat on his milky skin.

There are many little references to Jasper’s true origins. As the two had a short conversation out front of Edward’s home.

O.K Edward this is the part where you shake his hand! Escaping from my trance, I take his hand and give it a firm hand shake. Wow! His skin is so cold and it sends a bit of an electrical shock through my body.

I would tell you more, but you have to read to find out how Jasper and Edward interact during their first day of school at Forks High and how their powers develop.

Next week, There will be a special rec, written by someone very special.

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