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Cullen's Anatomy by LisaDawn75

Cullen’s Anatomy by LisaDawn75
Reviewed by busymommy

I began reading Cullen’s Anatomy when I found out it’s written by my validation beta from Twilighted.  I kept reading because the story she tells is poignant. Bella is a single mom whose little boy has non-stable Type I Diabetes. Due to her son’s disease, she’s struggled to keep a job, forcing her to rely on Medicaid, a system that, I know from personal experience, is like putting a band aid on a broken arm. Matt, Bella’s son, is being given substandard care, despite the fact that she has all but begged for better.
Bella collected her things and turned her Thriftway apron in, before dashing to her truck in the pouring rain. It had only been misting earlier, but Bella thought the weather situation a metaphor for her own life. When it rained, it poured. She turned onto the road in the downpour and headed toward Forks Elementary School to pick Matthew up.
One more job she had been fired from. It seemed as if she had worked at almost every business in Forks, and she was now ineligible to be rehired at the local grocery store. Her son's condition had caused her to make several trips with him to the emergency room, resulting in her having to call in to work multiple times. The doctors just could not seem to get a handle on his blood sugar levels.

Enter Edward, a medical student taking an Ethics class with a professor who is an advocate for better health care for indigents. The professor assigns all the students to work with an indigent client to help them seek out methods for obtaining the needed medical care for their disease. Edward has lived his life with a silver spoon in his mouth, never wanting for anything. He has preconceived notions of people in the Medicaid system, ideas that are quickly put to the test when he meets Bella.
You will work with an underprivileged male/female and assist him/her and his/her family in medical assessment and treatment of any medical diagnoses, regardless of ability to pay or insurance status. You will then write a twenty page paper describing your experience, the family you were assigned, along with your medical plan to help the family seek medical care and maintain compliance. This assignment is worth 50% of your total grade. 
Edward groaned at the idea. While he did not consider himself a snob, he was from an affluent family, and he also knew that most patients who lived under the poverty level were noncompliant with their medical instructions.
It was basically going to be a waste of his precious time.

While working with Bella, Edward is forced to re-evaluate everything he has believed to be true about indigent care. He sees a loving mother struggling to do the best she can after being abandoned by her son’s father. But, more than that, he sees a beautiful woman who deserves to be treated with respect. Bella is not initially thrilled about the assignment, having to fight her own pride about accepting Edwards help. The more time they spend together, the more their prejudices slip away and they both realize they are developing feelings for each other.

 Edward helps Bella’s get an interview with his father, Carlisle, the local doctor in Forks. It seems Bella’s circumstances are beginning to change, finally offering her the opportunity to afford the help her son needs, when a medical crisis occurs, sending Matt to the emergency room.
She nodded numbly. "It was one hundred five this morning. Is there anything you can do? Can you get a specialist for him?"
He flipped the chart closed. "Sorry, but Medicaid won't pay for that unless it comes from his regular doctor. We've notified Dr. Ferguson, and he'll see your son tonight and in the morning to discharge him home. It'll be just a few minutes."
And with that, he was gone. Bella had a million questions that were unanswered.
After another hour of waiting, a nurse finally arrived to wheel Matt up to his room in the pediatric unit. Bella could not understand why he wasn't being placed in the ICU.
"Why is he going to the regular peds floor?" she asked.
The nurse shrugged. "The doctor ordered him to go to the floor."
"But he needs to be on an insulin drip! I know my son, and he could easily go into a diabetic coma," she said desperately.
The nurse sighed. "Ma'am, the ICU is already at capacity with Medicaid patients, and Dr. Carrico knows what he's doing. Don't worry about it."

Will the blossoming attraction between Edward and Bella survive Matthew’s medical crisis? Will Bella learn that accepting help is not the same as a handout?  Will she risk her heart again, or are her fears that she and Matt are just Edward’s project, to be discarded once he gets his grade a real concern?  Al of these questions have yet to be answered. LisaDawn75 has set a realistic pace to this story, allowing Edward and Bella to learn to trust each other and themselves. I can’t wait to watch this story continue to unfold.

My Soul to Save by Cullen Concession
He used her, hurt her and broke her. Can she break free and let go now that her soul has been torn in two? Can a free spirit help her pick up the pieces? Warning this piece deals with the issues of abuse.
Twilight - Rated: M
review by butterflybetty

When a writer decides to sit down and write about abuse, the outcome is usually one of two; either they sugarcoat it, making it seems like it's not that big of a deal, or, they overdo it, making it unrealistic. Cullen Concession is the exception to the rule. In her wonderful story, My Soul to Save, we quickly find ourselves being pulled into the life of a desperate Bella, who knows she needs to get away, but can't find the opening she needs.
 Chapter 1
I found myself driving 80 miles per hour in a 55 mph zone. I couldn't slow down. I had to get away again. My knuckles were white; I gripped the steering wheel so hard. But I swore, I was going to stay away this time. I instinctively reached for my neck. Damn, I hoped I didn't have bruises. I had no clue how to explain this. How do you hide bruises on your neck in the middle of the freaking summer? I knew I wasn't going to die, but I was tired of wondering how far I could be pushed.

Weaving a web of untapped emotions, and grieving along with her character, I find myself holding my breath through almost every chapter she puts up. If you haven't read this yet, go do it now. Simply, it's amazing.

The Practice of Love by BellaDonnaCullen
When the disarmingly handsome Edward Masen turns up as a new patient, the life Dr. Isabella Swan has carefully put together will be shattered forever. What will it take to put the pieces back together again? What does it take to heal? AH/AU, canon parings
Twilight - Rated: M

review by Kiki TheDreamer 

What could I say about The Practise of Love that hasn't already said? As I sit at my computer, trying to figure out how to do this story the justice it deserves, I calmly think back to what it was that first got my attention. I realized it was the first chapter, watching almost like an outsider into the introduction of Bella as the Doctor and Edward as the patient, They were both so vulnerable. belladonnacullen has such a way with words and the feelings behind them. The music in particular, resonated with me. Everything from The Smiths to Propagandhi, the punk band from the city I grew up in. At times the story had me both cracking up and sobbing like a baby.

You get sucked into the characters, as you learn of their lives as well as their past. Edward's past was what got me, it was as if I could have known him a lifetime ago. Actually I believe that I may have. This isn't just a simple story of a  scared man meeting a scared woman, it has layers that keeps you captivated from start to finish. I don't know if I explained that very well so I'll continue with one of my favourite parts. Which is really hard to do, because everything in the story was my favourite.

 "Mama likes a Smiths," Nessie piped up.

"The Smiths?" Edward looked surprised.

"What's wrong with The Smiths?"

"A celibate vegetarian moaning about how he wants to die? That brings you joy?" Edward asked, turning his whole body so that he was facing me. God, even with Ness around, even in my messy car, even as he challenged my musical taste, the space between us was still charged and my body buzzed.

This Life by CaraNo
It's 2010 and the infamous Cullen brothers arrive in Forks with one purpose. To find wives. They are linked to the Masen Family in Chicago, and their jobs are not normal ones. Not legal ones. Do Bella and Rose stand a chance? Not likely. No heavy angst!
Twilight - Rated: M -  
review by Mina Rivera

The first thing that attracted to me of this story was the world Cara No has created. This story is not set in the modern world as we know it, oh no… It’s the year 2010, but this world has a different set of rules. It has all the stuff we currently have, all the people in it, event the crazy ones *cough* Britney Spears *cough*. The entire modern tech and all the social networks are present, I mean, we have to have facebook, right? But, there are still those who embrace old traditions. You will find these people in small towns such as the lovely rainy Forks.
The one major difference between this world and ours is that, in the United States, it's illegal for a girl to do much of anything without the consent of her father. I can practically hear the screams of injustice from here, but trust me; you want to read this tory for that same reason.
There is courting and there are arranged marriages. Yep! You read that right.
Girls from small towns like Forks are expected to be respectful towards their fathers, do all the housework, and never EVER curse or raise their voice. So, if you're a girl from a town like Forks, you better keep your potty mouth in check and any sassy and snarky remarks away from daddy dearest. Oh, and you better treat your future husband with the respect he deserves, even if his choice of profession isn’t exactly what you would call… legal.
Mmm… Now Bella and Rosalie would have to disagree…
I knew what men liked, and I did enjoy taking care of people. My only fear was that Charlie would agree to the wrong suitor.
Rose and I often argued over that.
She didn't want to get married. At all. She was too stubborn and bitchy to even consider it. Not that it was her choice, of course, and God knows she has a pleading look perfected for her father who has reluctantly turned down a few suitors already.
Me on the other hand, sure I want to get married. The only thing I don't want is to be expected to shut up. I still have a mind of my own, and strong opinions. I can only hope my future husband won't be a tyrant, because I know damn well that they exist.
Now things get more complicated when the Cullen Family arrives in town. This family is perfect, on the outside…
We all knew of the Cullen Family, of course.
Carlisle and Esme Cullen, him being a respected surgeon, and her being a devoted housewife… and of course their two sons, Emmett and Edward.
On the outside, they were one of the finest people you could ever encounter; educated, rich, polite, church goers. Even the boys in their 24 and 25 year old glory – with Emmett being the oldest – went to mass every Sunday, being the good Catholics they pretend to be.
There were tea parties and benefits. Jackie O suits and large hats, the whole shebang.
But like I said, this was on the outside.
Behind closed doors, they were all linked to the Masen Family in Chicago.
Organized crime hailing from Ireland.
GASP! Organized crime? But what father would even think of letting their daughters marry into this type of family? ßsense the sarcasm…
Yeah… you are not gonna like the parents in this one, because the Cullen Boys, Emmett and Edward, have set their eyes on two girls specifically. Wanna take a guess who they are?
"I have fucked up news," Rose sighed heavily as the three of us sat down for lunch.
She had been off all day but the three of us didn't have any classes together on Mondays, so I knew she waited for this.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"I've been approached by one of the Cullen brothers," she admitted quietly.
My heart ached for her when I saw her eyes well up.
"Oh, Rose," Alice whispered sadly. "What happened?"
"He came by our house," she told us, venom lacing her voice. "I've been seeing that Jeep everyday for a week now, and yesterday it was parked outside my house."
Shit. This can't be good.
But I thought it was strange, because the Jeep was the car I saw most seldom. I usually saw the black BMW or the Aston Martin.
"Did he…?" Alice prompted quietly.
Rose nodded in defeat. "Yes. Emmett Cullen asked my father to meet with me."
Oh, God.
"But surely your father won't say yes to a Cullen," I said.
"He already did," she replied as tears spilled over.
And the plot thickens…
"Is there anything I can do for you?" I asked them politely as Edward sat down again.
"Actually, you can have a seat, honey," dad said.
I wasn't prepared for that.
Maybe this wasn't about me at all, because the first visit from a man always takes place without the girl.
"Okay," I responded quietly as I took my seat next to dad.
I felt Edward's eyes on me as I kept my eyes anywhere but on him.
"Edward here has requested to spend some time with you," Charlie said, his eyes cold and fixed on Edward.
I swallowed hard.
"To see if you're the match he's been looking for," dad added as if the words tasted horrible.
"With all due respect, Chief Swan, that is not what I said," Edward said smoothly.
Another shiver that I couldn't understand ran through me.
Dad huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. "No, you said you already knew my girl was your match," and the last word was spat.
I… didn't know what to say.
Surely my dad would say no, right?
But I didn't understand why Charlie was so upset. Couldn't he just say no and be done with it?
"I did," Edward murmured, and once again I felt his eyes on me.
It was quiet for a full minute before I decided to break the palpable tension.
"And what did you say?" I asked dad quietly.
I held my breath as Charlie's shoulders slumped.
No, it can't be.
Glancing at Edward, I noticed how he radiated confidence and authority, something I always thought Charlie had so much of, but as I watched Edward; it was quite evident that he was above my father. Someway, somehow, Edward Cullen had more power than my father who was the Chief of Police. And even though there was no condescending smirk, or even the hint of smugness, Edward knew how above my father was.
"I said yes," dad sighed heavily.
Swallowing hard as hell, I nodded, half in defeat and half in acknowledgment.
Don’t worry children; there won’t be any heavy angst, no jealousy and no infidelity whatsoever. The Cullen boys are not exactly what they seem to be. This Edward will win your heart in spite of his choice of career, which you will learn in advanced chapters. And as for action, it'll come later in the story, and I mean BOTH kinds of action. *winks*
Whistler, as this Edward is known around, has a good heart. He is protective and caring. He's a one-woman man, and the woman he has set his eyes on… well, that's our Bella, of course. He is, however, an outlaw. Can Bella love him for who he is? I have no doubt the readers will, though.
I mean, sexy Irish bad boy that has that crooked smile and sexy whistle playing fingers… mmm…
*shakes her head*
What was I talking about?

Oh right!
This Life, by Cara No… and Whistler.
Oh Whistler… *dreamy sigh*
Anyways, in this story our Bella will put up a fight, people. She is potty-mouthed, confident, but still young, she is still growing up, and Edward will show her the way, that is, if she lets him!
I highly recommend you give this story a shot, Cara No has proven once again she can write in a way that sucks you up in the plot and has you begging shamelessly for updates. Not to mention she writes one of the cutest kids, his name is Alec and you seriously can’t help but want him to call you Tush, that kid is cheeky and cute as hell!
So go ahead, click on that link above, sit back with a glass of Bailey’s and enjoy the ride, eh?
Bella is a down on her luck single mom whose son has a severe medical condition. Edward is a medical student whose ethic project is to help Bella and her son find medical care. Neither are too happy with the arrangement and can they work together? AH, BX
Twilight - Rated: M

review by busymommy

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