Monday, May 16, 2011

To Slash or Not To Slash

To slash or not to slash,

Hello, my name is Jason and I’m here to bring you a new perspective on a topic that can either freak you the hell out or make you unbelievably hot and bothered; that’s right, slash.

There is a lot of fic out there. Cannon, AU AH, HEA, it’s like we have used the whole entire alphabet to describe our obsession with imaginary lovers and hot sex.

So, what is it that draws some to slash?

Could it be the usage of certain words like, cock, balls, ass, or the famous line, “the head of his cock grazed my prostate?”

Could it be the thought of two or more, well built, hot and hung men hooking up and letting all of their inhabitations go.

I would like to take the time to introduce a new section to the Lemonade Stand. This section will deal exclusively with slash and everything boy. I will be recommending stories every week for you, but I will need a little help.

I want to know what you would you like to get recd. What little, dirty secret do you want my to let out of the box? Ladies and Gents out there, send me your boy sex fics.

I will read anything once; however your story might and might not be recd.

DM me on Twitter, I’m jaydogrut, or PM me of FFN or ask for my email…I’m ready for your help on my blog piece. I want to honor you the reader.

So, on to a little story that I’m reading.

I met Xavier Willow when he reviewed my story Jasper’s Wanted Needs. I came to find out he is writing a little piece of slash that is different than most.

It is more than a fic full of unrelenting sex, there is a plot behind the story.

It is a WIP that features, a young Edward that lives in an abusive home. Edward is unsure about his sexuality. This feeling was not apparent at first, as his girlfriend, Bella has a hold of his dick.

I sat in my last period class of the day staring out the window as Bella walked past my desk rubbing her finely sculpted ass against it. God I loved that ass. As she pasted she looked back giving me a cute wink while sliding a note against my desk. If she continued acting like that I swear I could get hard right here, right now, in front of my whole English class. She flipped her hair and continued walking to the front of the class to stand by Mike Newton's desk. Why would she talk to Newton? I've always disliked the kid. All he's wanted is to please me and get into Bella's pants. After taking one more look, that lasted longer than it should, I looked down at the note I had received.

"Edward, my house, ten ;) Come right at ten, - Bella"

However, Bella is a cheat and breaks Edward’s heart.

Edward runs into a boy at school. His name was Jasper.

The way he said my name sent shivers through my body. Bella never did that for me. What was I thinking? "Okay awesome!" I blurted out. He turned and started in the other direction and I found myself blushing as he walked away

This is a fic about discovery. Edward decides to turn to his sister Rosalie, as he juggles everything. He has to find a way to tell his parents. That might be easier said than done. Edward’s father is abusive.

I am not going to tell you anymore. Does Jasper feel the same way? How will Edward tell Rosalie? How will she react? Will his parents understand and how will they react?

Here is the link

I hope you enjoy this story.



  1. Ok. How did I not even know about this blog? I was over on RobzSinger's blog and I ain't gonna lie...the post title caught my eye on her blogroll ;)

    I stumbled onto slash by accident when I was favoriting a het fic and saw a blurb about a Slash Backslash contest.

    The very first thing I read was Power by OftheDamned. I've never forgotten it. It's the only vamp slash that has really stuck with me. A definite read.

    Then I saw Biel's epic video for Raw and Rosy and had to read the story. Um. Yeah. I have been lost in the world of slash ever since.

    Everything I've read or am reading is probably pretty well known in the slash circle, but here's my list. (Note: I'm a Jasper/Edward shipper, but some of these do contain other pairings because my favorite slash author is slowly getting me out of my bubble. They are also AH.)


    Together We Fly by Bbebar (great for people new to slash and just not sure)

    McFearless by TeamBella23 (so funny)

    Raw & Rosy by tuesdaymidnight (so naughty; so good)

    Twinned by Conversed (layered, complicated, full of angst; sequel Seventeen Men is a WIP - see below)


    Raw & Rosy Revisted (outtakes) by tuesdaymidnight

    Uncomfortable by Savannah-Vee (adore)

    I Ain't Playin' Your Game by Ealasaid77

    What I Failed to Realize by Beautiful Figment

    Since by MizzHyde

    The Big Gay Story (multiple authors contributing)

    Seventeen Men by Conversed (This. Story. Owns. Me. I was never one for angst. It's been a gut-wrenching journey, but one I wouldn't have missed for the world. Hands down the best Jasper ever. You will fall in love with him and his very own Cullen. LOVE IS LOVE.)

    Drabbles are a highly adDICKtive format. Be sure and check out the completed drabbles by Conversed and her collab partners Lou-la and TruceOver because there are more to come in both sets:

    Age Gaps (1), Interns (2), Lip Reading (3)

    Punk and Perv's Excellent Adventure (LOVE/FUNNY)

    Drabbles in progress:

    Eye Candy by Whitlock-Masen

    Awake Our Soul by Slashyfied (Bbebar & UNF4Rob)

    To date, the best AH one shot I've read is Inscrutable by Lou-la. It was the voter's choice in the recent Dirty Talking Jasper contest and deservedly so. It's also a great choice for people not sure about slash because you will sympathize with Emmett.

    Sorry to ramble on, Jay. Bet you're sorry you asked ;) Thanks for your rec and I look forward to upcoming posts from you!


  2. yay! there is a new slash section! I have tons of recs for you, too many for this little post here, but you gotta read at least read the fics by OCDJen, Kerrfrano and starfish422. You won't regret it! xoxo ~Mina

  3. Lisa thank you SO much for visiting and reading the blog! I appreciate all of your fic recs and ADORE the Raw and Rosy trailer as well as Biel.
    I will cut and paste this comment into our FB group to make sure that Jay and Biel both see it:) Thanks so much
    and Mina, you know I love you<3