Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Tribute to107yearoldvirgin

If you were lurking the fanfic streets of facebook or ffn on Sunday Morning, then you were probably saddened to find this message from Virgy:
Hi, All. I'm sad to report that FAP will be my last fanfiction. It should be complete by the end of next week, then it will be taken down, along with the rest of my stories. I AM NOT PUBLISHING. I don't believe in it and I've already given you the stories for free. No reason to make you pay for them now.
Due to personal conflict, I have been urged to make a choice between FF and my family. And family always wins. I won't be saying goodbye just yet, but if you want copies of my stories, feel free to get them now, Afterward, I will have them available in PDF, which you can email me for.
All of her stories will be linked on her blog very soon. The blog is temporarily shut down in order to properly link and host all of the stories, but should be ready by this weekend or next week. I will edit this post when, the blog becomes available, to include the address.
If you absolutely adore Virgy, like we do, then most likely your first reaction to Sunday’s news was to cry. Sunday, a lot of us cried and cried and cried.  Virgy has inspired us and given selflessly to all of us.  We are all One hundred percent behind her and wish her nothing but happiness and prosperity.
Although her stories will be missed more than words can say, we understand why she has to make this move forward and we want her to be happy.  Today, we would like to present Virgy with letters some have written to show their love and support. Alice Sweetcheeks has worked for 3 days non-stop to collect these from fans. Alice, along with Remmy Kins, also put together the amazing Tribute Video that we will post as well.

107yearoldvirgin’ One Shots
letters to virgy

Dear Sweetheartgirl,

I am so glad and grateful that I've gotten to be your friend these last few
months.  Thank you, more than you know, for all that you've shared with me.
 You've made me smile at literally *every* turn and there aren't many people
like that.  Here or anywhere.

I will miss you so, so, so much.  Your family and friends are so lucky to
have you, and to now get even more of you. I love that you are listening to
and following your heart.  33

You are truly groovy.  As a writer, as a chick, and as a person.  Cheesedick
much?  Whatever, its the truth.  Don't ever doubt it :)

I love you and wish you sweet red bird dreams, and all the very, very best for
you and yours,
BritBoysLovinBoys for life,
So many hearts,
Sometimes in life, you are blessed with people that open your eyes, your heart and your soul to things you could never imagine. Those people will forever have a special place in your heart, regardless of how you know them. It could be a stranger on the street, or someone you’ve know since childhood - it all just depends.
I can remember that I had asked for a new story to read. Something that would - I don’t know - just take me away from things for a bit. I received a link and could not hold back the giggle snort when I saw the author’s name and avatar on fanfiction.net.
I also couldn’t help imagining The Pretty, never hard to do,  screaming out “Kelly Clarkson!” while having his chest waxed.
I was in love before I read a single word.
Then I skimmed through the titles and summaries. I was torn. Did I want something light and funny, or something just a bit too real for me?
I’m a wimp. I couldn’t make up my mind. A good friend urged me to go with Eight Days a Week. I did. I loved it. It had the most beautiful balance of humor, pain, love...it was just amazing. I then put on my big girl panties and jumped head first into Decoy.
That’s where I felt like I found a soul sister. Decoy spoke to me in ways I have trouble explaining. It was so real. So very, very honest. Painfully so.
Regardless of the fact that I spent the majority of it sobbing, I continued on. It seemed like high school had come crashing back down on me. Every buried memory, every tear, scream and moment of feeling ostracized. But with the way it was written, it was healing. It may have torn those old wounds open, but it allowed them to be seen with older eyes; with a wiser view. I was able to dissect it much more honestly and give myself a bit of closure.
I’ll never be able to say thanks enough for that story. Never.
Mandy Pants
In our lives, we meet a lot of people who touch our hearts and souls. Every once in a while...we come across someone so beautifully bright that they not only touch our hearts, they become an integral part of them.
You are one of those people.
Your writing was a precious gift, and it touched people in ways I don’t think you even realize. Bravery, Hope, Companionship, Love, Laughter, and an honest look at what it means to be human. These are the tools with which you grasped our hearts, held them in your hands, entertained us and soothed our fears and sorrows. And because you put so much of your self in your words, every sentence we read was filled with your originality and spirit, and in that way you brought us into your heart as well.
It’s sad to see an end to a gift as wonderfully powerful as your ability to write. But the friendships you’ve etched out, between yourself and us, and the ones we have formed with each other because of you, are deeply rooted and eternal. Your characters, which you gave so much life, will remain in our memories as dear friends, and those sentences you wrote which struck the chords of our hearts will continue to be uttered and remembered whenever we need them.
In short...your stories, and everything they meant...to you and to us...will live on inside of us. We thank you for them every day. We think of you every day. The people who were inspired by you will remember the words and the kind heart that penned them. We will take you with us, wherever we go.
Not many people can say that they’ve left that kind of legacy behind them; that they are surrounded by so many hearts which beat to the rhythm that they started.
Thank you for your words Amber.
I whisper them in the darkness when I am afraid, and hold them close to my heart when I feel alone.  They bounce around in my mind joyfully when I am happy, and they glimmer through my tears when I am feeling sad. They spur me on when I am feeling hopeless, and they lift me up when I need to escape from the harshness of the ground below.
Thank you for your words
For the roads they lead me down, for the people they lead me too, for the pieces of me they helped me find.
Thank you for your words. Thank you for YOU.
Terry McGale
 you will truly be missed. you are a remarkable writer... i have read all your stories and they are just amazing..i would have to say that FAP was one of your best fics.. gonna miss Wardo and Bunny!! :(.. this is really sad, but you have to do whats best for you and your family. I  wish you the best !! I hope to see you around fb in the near future.. take care.. Terry :)
Cynthia Romo
hi hon!
I'm so happy that you guys are putting something together for Virgy :) I think a videoclip telling her why we love her and her words so much, along with some rob porn might be a good idea, don't you think?
so, onto making a list of why I love Virgy:
1) her fabulous words, that make you laugh, and cry, and think a little harder, and see a little bit deeper into the world, not just the surface.
2) her very real, very human characters, that even though put into funny--and at times serious--situations that you can relate to, and even if you don't personally know about it, she makes you see beyond the surface of it, and changes the way you see the world around you, the way you act, even if they don't realize it at first.
3) her amazing personality, that loving and happy feeling you get everytime you chat with her and read her words.
I know I have lots and lots more reazons to love Virgy but that's all I can think of for now...
Much love!!
Sharon Lamour/Phoebelicious
I’'m a reader not a writer so my words are totally inadequate compared to yours. I remember first discovering your work when I popped into a FF forum for a look and people were talking about 'Into the Mystic'. I checked out your profile and the story description itself was enough to have me laughing and from then on, I've been a Virgy fan. I've eagerly anticipated chapter updates and devoured just about everything you've written.
Your early work was fabulous, but bodies of work such as 8DAW, Decoy, Blue Flame and Puddle Jumping showed your true brilliance as a writer. The fact that FAP is your final public work is tragic. As someone who reads a lot of FF, thanks to a husband who is overseas more than he's home, I understand the amount of time it takes to produce such amazing work. That time has to come from somewhere and if it's at the expense of your relationships with those who mean the most to you, then it's time to step away.
I'm sorry it's come to this for you. I know you love writing and the connections you've made with not only the characters you create, but the people who read your words.
I wish you nothing but a world of happiness Amber. You totally deserve it and you will be missed more than you can fathom.
Sharon Larmour aka Phoebelicious.
Joanne Villareal
Virgy - I want to thank you for all of your wondeful stories that you shared with us. Your stories are some of my faves simply because they bring pure joy to my life (that's why you need to send me copies!). :D I know you have faced a lot of trials (both in the fandom and RL) while you were writing your stories and I'm just really amazed and so proud of you because despite all that, you were able to write a lot of amazing stories that have touched so many lives. I hope you're proud of yourself too. While I understand that family comes first, I sincerely hope that in the future, you could pick up writing again. You truly have a gift with words. Good luck and I'll really really miss your stories.
Ina Noorazan
The 1st Virgy fic I read was 8 days a week. Let's just say, she had me at Manny. "Edward in a towel". Yeah who could resist that! Her HoaBF was intense and very different from her usual writing. But I like it nonetheless. I like how she could acutely depict a scene or take a photo and describe in detail or express emotions so passionately. But my fav would have to be her funny fics. Who could forget tampons in coffee? And these first 2 lines from FAP chapter 6 had me LMAO ~
“Irina stands alone on the beach watching the tide roll in as gusts of wind from the open sea tousle her long blond hair. She's glad she put a hole in Laurent's boat before he sailed away. He deserved to drown in open water for leaving her in the first place.”

Muff & Wang. Wardo & Bunneh = Legendary characters!
And ooohhh I love her smut. Virgy writes panty changing smuts!
I even love her A/Ns. They are informative & hilarious!

So, I just want to say THANK YOU VIRGY for sharing with us your time, words & wit. I love your brand of humour and I will miss you hard. I wish you all the best and lots of happiness & laughter. big warm hugs
How I fell in love with 107's fics oh god I found "Into the mystic" and it's sequel and was hooked after that I read EVERYTHING she threw at us... I don't know her very well but from what I have noticed is she has a big heart and loves with her everything! Kirsten_Jay
Amber Sachs
"Into the Mystic" was the first Twilight FF that I had read, and it was the summary that completely sold it for me
"Bella Swan has a wall up and it's about to come crashing down. Working with Edward Cullen for 3 years, she's never spoken to him, until a new marketing project forces them to interact. Can he crack her shell?"WTF? Did he just mouth 'semen' ?"

When I Saw the quote from the story about semen, I knew it would be gold. I was right. I've read every single word of every single fic that virgy has written. I've laughed, i've cried, i've attacked the hubs (; Each story that she has written has become one of my favorites. You just can't go wrong with a 107 fanfic. It's impossible. Hell, She's so awesome, people have copied her shit.Actually, looking back at the dates, I'm quite sure my daughter was concieved while I was reading "Into the Mystic"
It's impossible to choose just one of her fics as my favorite. Theyre all Amazing in their different ways. She's just amazing.

Virgy as a person, is just INCREDIBLE! And i'm not afraid to admit, that I have a girl crush on her (: Not all of her fans have had the honor to meet her, I'm sure if i did, i'd go all fan girl. It's rediculous. I'm always on her FB, it's almost stalkerish. She's funny, and sarcastic, and just all around awesome. She's is going to be greatly missed in the FF community, and it's a HUGE loss as well. Alot of people look up to her in many ways, including me. I hope her the best in everything she does, and am PRAYING that she will eventually returned to writing fics. Fanfiction just wont be the same without her.
Tarue Simpson

She/her writing has exposed me to just so much music/cultural referrences/vernacular, etc that I have been, heretofore, unaware of, that she, through her influence, which I site *everytime*, so unaware of, since I am "terminally un-hip".
Yes, I am a "square".
Therefore, her, very foreward thinking writings have made me marginally so much less of a nerd than before. And, besides, Amber is so awesome and sweet a *person*. Her writing really hits home, on some level, with *so* many of us, that it, *truly*, breaks my heart (and actually has been the first thing to make me cry real tears in *4* years, no joke) to not have her writing anymore is a travesty.
I just want to put forth that Amber nee 107y/oVirgin is *such* a big part of the Fandom (and one of the MAJOR points that drew me in) that she really "shouldn't" be dissuaded from her writing, etc.
*AND* it's not like she's neglecting her fam, or whatev, We in her Fandom, are updating and queried, so much about her fam/son/etc that there isn't really any way that we're not some weird king of Family.
That's all. That's my piece. Amber/Virgy has drawn actual tears from me. I bow to her. And *LOVE* her to the Nth degree.
I would totes stalk her, but that's not very nice, now is it? LOL :-)
As, with every post, I will end this with a smile and love :-) , but it saddens me to see her taken from our sorority. :'-)
Cullen Concession
Virgy, Thanks for being real, and for all that you have shared and given.  I loved how you brought the characters outside the box and made us love them.  I admire that you are putting your family first.  Well done!  All my Love, Cullen Concession
I don't know what to say except a huge THANK YOU!
Your stories made me laugh and some made me cry. Your musings (A/N) as well as your facebook page postings were funny and insightful.
You have a wonderful imagination and a true gift for storytelling. Maybe someday we'll see some non-fanfiction books published by Amber...
Please note that whatever you do, werever you go, making FU cookies is ALWAYS an option!!
Melissa (cullenstwimistress) :o)
Ninnie Aventura
The first 107 fic I read was Decoy...I saw it rec'd on another author's A/N and I was intrigued by the Can't Buy Me Love mashup. I read the first chappy and was instantly HOOKED. I loved every bit of it. Virgy has mad flow and a great voice with her writing mojo. I was never disappointed or annoyed or questioned any direction she took the characters straight to the end.
Some authors tend to start with a bang and end in a fizzle but Virgy is all KAPLOWY straight to the end. After Decoy I devoured Eight Days A Week and the lot...she is among the few authors that I would look forward to the next fic because she does NOT disappoint. Love her, will thoroughly miss her and wish all the best!
Cheryl Hagan/Tiggermommi
Dearest 107, Virgy....Amber. Wow. I am not good with words. I would suck as a writer. That's why I only read, lol. What made me fall in love with you? Your mind. Your words. Your thoughts. The amount of time you have given of yourself....just to entertain us? Your Selflessness. Your writing. Brilliance. I have read a few of your stories over and over again. And I am saddened I have not yet gotten to read them all. I know I will though. And I am sure the ones I haven't read will draw me in, just as the ones I have seen, have already done. Thank you. Thank you so very much. I wish you nothing but happiness. Forever Hugz!
~ Cheryl Hagan (tiggrmommi)
Virginia Beechum/vbmom45
Eight Days a Week was my first Virgy story. I don't even know where I saw the rec but the summary and the pen name intrigued me. I enjoyed it so much I've followed and stalked Amber ever since. When I got my Kindle, Virgy was the first author I uploaded and her earlier stories kept me entertained through long car rides to marching band competitions and Christmas time travel.

I wish you well Amber. You've got an incredible talent there sweetie and I hope stepping away from Fanfic will give you enough peace of mind that maybe you can pursue writing as a career. Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us Amber. My inbox just won't be the same.

vbmom45 (Virgina Beechum)
Where do I begin and how do I express my feelings about you and your stories properly? Honestly I don’t think it is possible with words, but I will try.
 I started by reading Eight days a Week while it was a WIP and from there went on to read every single thing you had already written. When you talked about Facebook I wanted to come have fun and join the cool kids there and maybe just maybe get to interact a little with the awesomeness that is you!
You already had my heart and I hadn’t even ever spoken with you. The way you told your stories with such heart and the little bits of background info you gave us in A/N made me feel you were an amazing woman.
 I was lucky enough to get to know you personally and confirm that everything I felt was true. Your soul, the essence of you is so incredibly beautiful! You caring, giving, loving, and sweet and so so much more. You are an amazingly talented writer blending depth and comedy perfectly and writing some of the damn hottest lemons I ever read!
 You are a true friend always and I love you more than you could ever know!        

Amber, you were are one of my favorite writers - someone with stories that kept me coming back for more. I was always excited to read something you posted and in turn, you made me want to share ideas of my own.
You've touched so many lives and I know that there are quite a few of us who will never be the same thanks to you, your words and your kindness. Personally, I will forever and always be grateful that you took the time to talk to me with encouragement when I first wanted to write a story.
I hope that one day you might be able to return to us with your stories. Know that you'll be welcomed back with open arms and hearts bursting with happiness. You are loved so damn much, please remember that. It’s been an honor being one of your readers and I’m happy to be considered a friend!
With Love & Adoration,
Jaime Varela
Eight Days a Week was the first Virgy story I read.  And I just absolutely fell in love with her writing.  I went back and read all the stories that came before EDAW and have read everything that has come after. 
I wrote a couple of times in my reviews of chapters to her stories that I never skim over non-dialogue parts of her stories, I read it ALL.  She has a way of drawing you in keeping you engaged that before you know it you're saying "What?!  I'm at the end of the chapter?!  Noooooo, I want more!".  Virgy just captivates you with her words.  They allow you to paint pictures of her characters, their frame of minds, the story itself just plays out in your mind.  And don't get me started on this woman's sense of humor... sweet baby jeebus SOOOOOO funny. 
 Many of us read fanfiction for entertainment, an escape from real life, to read those real-life elusive happily-ever-afters and Virgy is a genius in providing that escape.  And although she does comedy so wonderfully well she also tackled the heavy with such beauty in HoBF and PJ.  I am in awe of her talent and her as a woman. 
She's a fantastic author and a fabulous mommy and wife (Emory is the cutest little boy).  She's so selflessly given of herself to this fanfiction world for so long and I for one feel so incredibly lucky to have read her words and been privy to the FB shenanigans that made me LMAO. 
It is so easy to flame authors for a story heading a direction they did not want but what a lot of people forget is that these ladies (and few men :)) do it for fun, THEY DO NOT GET PAID.  Yes, I am EXTREMELY sad and dissapointed to see Virgy go but COMPLETELY understand that family always come first.  As I said on your FB page, "Never say never is the sliver of hope alot of us will hold on to." 
I hope one day you'll be able to return.  Know you'll be welcomed back with a virtual ticker tape parade.  Please know that you are LOVED and have touched so many lives.  MUCH Luff Virgy.

Leelan Oleander
I first fell in love with Virgy when Katmom (our beta extraordinaire) sent along a little story called Maybe that she was beta-ing.  I fell in love.  In fact, so enamoured was I, that when I had to tear myself away from the Word document to go run an errand, I spent my entire bus trip worrying about what was going on in the story while I was gone.  A good story will do that.

When I finally got over my shyness and got in touch with her, she was so gracious, so humbled, so kind.  She was eager to talk stories, talk writing, to praise Kathie, and encourage me.  A good writer will do that.

When I was writing/posting my angst-ridden fic Encore, Virgy informed me one night on chatzy that she wanted to pimp it out on the Southern Fanfiction Review and I cried.  She had a good giggle, of course, while I gushed and waxed pathetic about how truly and incredibly I was moved by this.  When someone you admire says such amazing things about your work, especially when your confidence levels aren’t very high, it leaves a mark.  That review brought in a lot of new readers and friends and I can’t thank her enough for that.  A good peer will do that.

When her story Decoy stirred up old hurts and memories from my own high school hell, we talked about it.  She never laughed, never judged, because that story came from her heart and she understands.  A good friend will do that.

Amber, I hope that your time away from the ficdom is short, but if it remains that we never get to follow one of your stories again, know this—the ones you’ve written will live on, and more importantly, the friends you have made will still be here.

Please don’t stop writing, though, because you have a gift.  We’ve all been very lucky to have a sneak peek at the greatness, so why not put it out there for the world.
Olivia Masen
Thank you so much for your beautiful imagination.
Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. Not only the time spent with us but your life experiences that turned into beautiful love stories that make us swoon and hope.
Thank you for talking to me and encouraging me to also write.
Thank you for being such a compassionate, loving and talented woman.
Thank you for making me laugh when I least expected it.

YOU are an amazing woman who is loved.
YOU have many more things to tell the world.

I thank you and the Universe for allowing our paths to cross.

Thank you Amber.

Olivia Masen aka Mothermeow5
Sue Bartlet
My dear Ms. Virgy – I know I’ve told you a lot of this before, but you and your fics have had a huge effect on me.  I remember seeing the title “Sleep Humper” when I was first reading fic and saying “Yeah, definitely have to read this if that’s the title.” 
 I quickly devoured most of your other fics thinking, “Now this is a girl I could hang out and have a drink with!  Funny, snarky, and smart?  I am so there.”  Then I read “Decoy” and you took my breath away. 
I haven’t known anyone who got what high school was like for me – I was an afterthought; pretty much invisible.  I started lurking about on your Facebook page and began meeting some really wonderful women who I can now call close friends.  Do you know how huge that is for someone who has felt invisible so often in the past?  Just by attracting women like yourself – fierce, funny, snarky, smart, loyal, kind and compassionate - you’ve managed to bring together friendships that never would have happened otherwise.

And then you started Heat of a Blue Flame.  I honestly sobbed through so many chapters of that fic.  My method of coping has always been to go numb, so I completely understood where Bella was at the beginning of the story.  And then as she let go - in so much pain while feeling terrified and relieved all at once when starting to let those feelings out.  Yes, I’ve been there.  To read it on a page was so immensely powerful and reassuring to me – I doubt I’ll ever have the words for how I felt when I read it.

So, I guess this is my long winded way of saying thank you for being so generous with your time, your talent, your wickedly brilliant brain, and yourself.  Not to mention the sex ed I’ve received courtesy of FAP (and the surrounding discussions online)!  You are so loved by all of us who have become your readers and friends.
Bella Crackerjack
Thank you for sharing your gift with us! I have enjoyed every moment that I have spent reading your stories, and I will continue to reread them and enjoy them all over again. The way you see the world is deep, beautiful, hilarious, romantic, sultry, goofy, and all-together wonderful! All of that comes out in your writing. Every single time I have read anything by you, I am taken somewhere else...and I just want to say thank you. I have enjoyed each and every trip!
Jess Molly
Telephone Rings: Bring brrring!
Virgy: Hello?
Jess Molly: Is this the lady who sent one Edward Masen to my domicile?
Virgy: Umm... possibly?
JM: How about Don? Did you send Don?
Virgy: Umm...
JM: And Wang? Did you send this guy with the Pringles Can?
Virgy: Ulp.
JM: Seriously? How about the chick who's terrified of fire. Is she yours?
Virgy: Maaaybe?
JM: And the cute couple? The guy who's the brilliant artist, and the girl who goes everywhere with him? Are they yours?
Virgy: Okay, I admit it.
JM: I have one thing to say.
Virgy: Yes?
JM: Thank you:
For the joys your stories have added to my life. For the escape when things are tough. For the compassion and tolerance that you teach. For love scenes that are love scenes. For the realistic angst, and for getting into the heads of characters to whom it is so easy to relate. For the tears and the laughter. For the quirky, nerdy ones and the smooth talkers. For the HEA's. Because you do this so well. Because you are a gifted writer.
For responding to my letters. For including me in groups. For letting your readers and reviewers know that they are special to you. For your amusing author's notes. And for caring about details, right down to the music.
I hope we will see your stories again in a public forum.
I hope you will stay accessible, and the fan pages will be graced with your presence.
Know that you hold a place that nobody else can, for a lot of people.
Love is a verb, and in your actions and your choices, you prove it.
I will miss you so, so much.
PAWs Peaches
I first found you one year ago. I stumbled upon this world of alter ego accounts on facebook and decided to make my own. I remember stalking your Robporn thinking you had such a great stash. So, I did what any other Robaholic does. I right clicked, saved and loaded into an album of my own.
I learned shortly after, that you were also a writer. 
Words can’t express how thrilled I was after reading the first chapter of Decoy.  I was so inspired by your work and kind of giddy that you were an fb friend at the same time. I was moved how you were able to put me right into your stories and take me away for awhile.
Your stories have continued to move me since then and I can’t help but be sad that we won’t get to see what Virgy’s next move will be in the fanfiction world.
No matter what you gave us, we always knew it was going to be good.
You have given us so much more than vacations from reality.  You have given us all inspiration, laughs and happiness.  I speak for a lot of people when I say that your work will be missed more than words can say. I respect you so much for doing what you need to do and I know that something amazing is waiting for you. Thank you for deciding to keep one account so that we can keep tabs on you!! I’m so glad you aren’t leaving us for good;0)
Gratitude is pouring out for all that you’ve given us Virgy. You have made it a point to connect with your readers and give them your time. You’ve given us way more than we could have ever asked for and I’m just thankful. I wish you and your beautiful family nothing but happiness and love. Thanks for letting me get my stalk on this year.  ::drops a few slim jim wrappers:: please, take those with you, they are my favorite, most valued SJ wrappers. I want you to have them Amber, for all that you've given me. Today, we celebrate you!
With Love,
~ M.


I have truly enjoyed the stories you have posted and have recommended them very often in many groups. Thank you for the loving time and wonderful imagination you have shared with
all your fans, myself included. Your writing will truly be missed.
Thank you for always having something funny to make me smile or a picture to make me drool, but all in all making things on fb way more interesting.
Proud FAPster & TLS Admin ;)

Hismystic Muse
Dear 107,

Hey Amber, I was excited to be able to send off a statement of love and gratitude to you.
Often our online buddies become our besties, our sisters and our confidants. I should know having me my husband online well over 10 years ago. But the support that come in as reviews, kind words on Facebook walls and comments are worth gold.

You’re writing because you want to, because you love it and because it’s fun. You want to write for us because we are excited to read it, and without having read it yet, we know we will love it.
I guess I am not surprised my your decision. You really gave fair warning. I could see your author’s notes about having to write in the bathroom, or couldn’t cause the family was home and I really get that. Family comes first. But more than that, your happiness should come first. In an ideal world that should matter. Often it doesn’t.

Your family, although I understand their point, should be allowed to see it from our p.o.v. too, because only then would they realize how much you have meant to all of us. I am hopeful that you will let them read our words, let them soak them in to their souls and know that you are much loved. That is my hope.
So what do your stories mean to me? Well, my husband works for the federal government and is gone all the time, many times all week or longer. And not many people know or are allowed to know what he does, so I am segregated. I am wary so I spend my time online with strangers under my veil of anonymity… (I probably suck at that.) But anyways, Face book and fan fiction is a release for me, to not to have to worry if and when he’s coming home.

So being mostly by myself, and a mother of one “flat affect” “dyslexic” “learning impaired, but highly gifted” child, and another “noise sensitive” “ADD” and “socially immature and shuts down at will” child, I can relate to your stories. Puddle Jumping was by far my favorite. I became a learning machine, looking into Aspie to see if it was something my daughter had, which she doesn’t… but I am sure a lot of people did the same.  When you wrote, FAP we laughed until we cried at the horrific smut, fell in love with Wardo... and Decoy… <3 <3 Instant HEA… I will never look at unicorns the same way.
I guess there are endless things I could say. But, I guess what you need to know, what I want you to know, is that when you go; I will miss you, your presence and your thoughts... flat Amber and the fun.  Come back to our open arms soon. <3
Be safe.

<3 Musie,
Hismystic Muse


  1. Love you, Sweetie! You've been an inspiration to all of us and an huge supporter for alot of us. Thank you for sharing yourself with us and we all wish you the best.

  2. I always thought that people like you will make us cry with ear-splitting laughter,cry with loads of hankies and horny with lots of wet panties..however,we will miss you and remember the whole FF community has your back,even in RL

    I dont know what to say. I'm a shitty procrastinator who couldn't put words to paper in time. I didn't know i could find the words but im trying now.
    I remember the first time i came across your author page on FNN.net... i was feeling lousy and sorry for myself because i had gone from being a superstar who had just turned 21 and had her whole life ahead of her to being a couch/bed potato because of a stupid decision i made. there were so many days that i needed a laugh or to be pulled out of my own life... and you and your writing did that. i'm sure you've read the reviews, heard me gushing in chatzy, and of course heard me in person tell you what a wonderful caring amazing person you are. I am so glad that i found you when i did and i hope that we'll be able to stay in touch. you will always have a part of my heart because you made me smile on days when i couldnt even muster the energy to face the day. for that i can only thank you. I LOVE YOU... always have and always will... I support the drama llama always.
    -with much love and admiration
    Stef aka MzB

  4. Love ya Virgy! Sorry this is late but I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading your stories and you're the person who brought me to facebook in the first place. Someone recommended your wonderful story Eight Days a Week and I came, saw & read and loved it. Decoy broke my heart and Maybe, well Maybe is my totes favorite. You know I love your MaseFace.

    Anyhow, your words have touched the lives of many, including my own and lead me to meet some of the greatest women i have the pleasure to call friend.

    Thank you for writing, and while I'm sad you're not continuing that journey for now, I'm so blissful thankful you'll continue to be around on Facebook.

    Much love,
    Nikka Bella (@GrannyPantsSwan)

  5. Amber--

    I tried, ever since Michelle decided to dedicate this edition of Lemon Drops to you, to come up with something, anything, that could adequately convey how very much you, your writing, and your friendship have meant to me in the few short months I have been blessed enough to know you. Instead, I find that, for the first time in longer than I can remember, words completely escaped me.

    How do you convey to someone how they have given you faith in yourself--a faith that, no matter what happens, no matter what obstacles life puts in front of you, that you can still succeed and make a difference.

    You, Amber, with your witty words and in your face writing, have allowed me to be the person I left behind a lot of years go. Thank you for giving her back to me. So, once again, as I try to tell you all you mean to me, I am reduced to tears again.

    Know, always, that you are loved and appreciated by women and men all over the world, who, although we have never met face to face, are blessed to be able to say--She's my friend.

    All my love and gratefulness, Laura

  6. I haven't posted because in all honestly I had no idea at all to explain how I felt.
    It's like after you read a chap. of Blue Flame ya know, you've got so many emotions at the same I wish I could just tell them to chill the fuck out and speak one at a time so I figure out how to get it in writing. I would stay up probably later then i should just to finish a chapter of the Dick or Bad New Bella, I would be grumpy and grumbly in the morning but to me it was worth it to find out what happen to Swan or Cullen.. or if Wang was in trouble with Muff.
    I'm sorry if this is convoluted or a series of rambles so I just end it here lol

    Amber.. thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for making me laugh, cry, making a shitty day so much better or ending a week on such a good note My folks would look at me weird because I couldn't keep the smile off my face.

    -Remmy (Kaleena)

  7. Amber I missed my opportunity to leave a message with the group, thank god for comments!
    Your wit, talent and absolutely innate ability to write a stellar story shall be missed in this fandom.
    I will never forget all the endless hours of joy reading your words has brought to me. I always squee so loud when your updates come into my box.
    I've enjoyed getting to know you on FB and being allowed the glimpses into your life you've shared.
    I wish you all the best and can only selfishly hope at this point that you might some day return and write an epic story once again.
    You shall be missed Amber, the fan fiction world won't ever forget you!
    Bewbie gropes and big hugs,
    Billi Cullen

  8. This was in my inbox this morning so I thought I would leave it here.

    It's from Nancy L

    Just wanted to let you know at both you and your stories are Top Notch!! Simply amazing!!! Your talent and your writing is fabulous!! You will be missed.


  9. Whew. I had to take almost a week to be able to look back over these without crying. And today, I did just that. Not because it isn't sad that I am fading into the background here, but because all of your words of encouragement and love have opened my eyes to let me see that my time here...writing...reading...making friendships...all of it has been SO worth every last minute. People like you guys make this world a brighter place. your enthusiasm and kindness are second to none. I have been so blessed to be given the opportunity to interact with you all. And while I may not be writing, I will still be around. Come find me? Because I already miss you...

    Love and hugs to the sky and back<3