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MEET THE POLL 3/14 - 3/21/2011

Congratulations to winners of Fics of the Week this week: Dear Mr. Masen by jendonna, Work of Art by abstract way, Rubbish by BelladonnaCullen, and Starry Eyed Inside by Rochelle Allison. Please join us on Thursday to see what our guest reviewers have to say about these favorites of ours.  Below you will find the fics that were rec'd in our group last week. Please take a minute to bookmark all of these wonderful selections. Don't forget to vote! Special Thanks to Nic, for once again doing a stellar job of keeping these recs organized and formatted for TLS, you're a rockstar Nic.

Thicker than Water by twistedcoincidence
Sisters have a special bond, stronger than friendship, more sacred than a significant other. Bella has always been the perfect big sister, then again, her sister has never possessed something so appealing. AH/AU

A Sub Search by TeamAllTwilight
Bella is Domme who is in search of the right sub. Go through the interview with her, and see how her test weekend with her potential new submissive works out. Is he the right one? BDSM themes, Hard core Lemons. AH, very adult themes if under 18 move on

Boys of Fall by Cullen Confection
"They didn't let just anybody in that club, To get to wear those game day jerseys down the hall, Kings of the school, We're the boys of fall." The guys are HS football players while Edward dreams of his future that includes more than football. AH Can OOC
Twilight - Rated: M

Cotton Creek by rtgirl
Summary:Bella is a travel nurse who moves every six months. Edward is a music teacher in a small southern town who gave up his Nashville dreams to return home. She never knew what a home was…until he gave her one. Fun/Fluff/Romance/No angst. Some citrus. - Rated M

Hot Pitch by Elyse Gaines
Summary: When Bella joins UW's foremost female a cappella group, the Hot
Pitches, she is thrown into a culture she's never known. When she meets the
notorious playboy Edward Cullen, it will take everything Bella's got to stay
away from him...Rated M

In Vain by Bratty Vamp
Bella is a girl who desperately wants control over her own life. Edward is a Volturi guard who is accustomed to being in a position of power and control. Together they struggle with a force that neither of them have any control over, whatsoever. OOC, AU
Twilight - Rated: M

My Ride Home by ocdmess
Drama/Romance fanfiction with characters Bella & Edward. Girl feels betrayed by the world and the people in it. Boy is just sick and tired of following orders. Everybody has secrets. Everybody needs a ride home. All Human, Rated M for language, dark themes & violence.

So Be It by SophiaAnne
Mystery/Romance crossover fanfiction with characters: & Bella. Happy Harry is here again, live and streaming right into where you live. Are you ready for me?” Will Bella Swan find out who's behind the sexy voice that has her all hot and bothered?

Soulmate by Tinaababy
Edward Masen is a single father, ex-con, and an ex drug user. He and his child move to Forks for a fresh start. Bella Swan is a straight edge, young woman. When these two people meet, the attraction is inexplicable. AH/M.
Twilight - Rated: M

The Diva Diaries by Kiya Raven
Dear Diary, I've stupidly agreed to star with Edward Jack-ass Cullen in a new Broadway show. What the hell was I thinking? I still haven't forgiven him for what he did to me during drama school. I hope the show opens before I murder him horribly. Bella.
Twilight - Rated: M

The Gentleman from Washington State by Betty Smith
Senator Edward Cullen is the handsome scion of the Cullen family. A playboy's playboy, he is taken with an intern in his office, Bella Swan. She is untouchable for many reasons, and he's in a tough re-election battle with Jacob Black. AH,M Adult Content
Twilight - Rated: M

 Torn by bella c'ella luna
Angst/Romance fanfiction with characters Bella. Bella has liked Edward for years, but he's never even looked her way. Just when she gives up and begins to fall for one of his best friends, things change. AH, lots of angst, lemons. M

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