Friday, March 11, 2011


A massive earthquake has hit the north-east of Japan, triggering a tsunami that has caused extensive damage.

Japanese television showed cars, ships and even buildings being swept away by a vast wall of water after the 8.9-magnitude earthquake

My heart goes out to all who are affected by this. I feel guilty for wanting to talk about fic updates or the
Red Riding Hood movie premiere as I catch footage on social networks and TV of the Earthquake and Tsunami Waves.

 It feels good to see the Fandom already pouring out love this morning. In fact, it was through the fandom that I found out the news this morning.

My heart is full of compassion today for the world. I can't help but be reminded that I should feel this passionate for other people everyday and not just when disasters strike. People are literally struggling to stay alive right now as I sit here, typing away, coffee beside me, in my warm home, where I have everything I need and my children are safe.

Love to everyone,


  1. Hi PAWs,

    Have you heard anything about the Fandom doing anything to aid Japan like they did with the floods and domestic violence? This one hit very close to home for me and I received a lot of kind words from friends in the fandom, so I was wondering if you heard of any plans. Thanks for your time.


  2. Hi Noelle,

    Thanks so much for visiting and yes! There absolutely is a way you can help. Its called Fandom Fights Tsunami and the link to the blog where you can donate your work or $5.00 for a compilation of fics.

    You can visit FFT at the link above and I will add a post to update the blog as well. Thanks so much for asking.

    XOXO- PAWs