Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Have a Lemon Drop - One Shot Wednesday recs are served!

Different by blueandblack
A look at Jacob and Bella's relationship after she becomes a vampire. Inspired by this quote: Men in rage strike those that wish them best, Othello, Act 2, Sc 3
This is poetic fiction in twifashion like no other. This story is only 315 words and its beautiful. It's DIFFERENT which is so refreshing. Tell her PAWsPeaches sent you

The following one shot is an entry into the DirtyBJH00r Contest that I loved. You can vote for it here. This one shot had me thinking I was reading S. Meyers characters 75% of the way through, due to the authors ability to express those characteristics so well. Then the lemon came. There was definitely no mistaking the characters once the lemons started squirting. Two words. Great Lemon.
Of Reflections and Orgasms by Anonymous
Edward and Bella are running late. Edward is desperately turned on. Will he give in to his lust filled emotions or keep them to himself? M for Lemons. A o/s entry for the "Do you have what it takes to be a Dirty BJH00r?" Contest!

This is Love by emilyg80 
"Bella, the lights are only part of your present. See over there? Look down. In the snow." Their story, told through footprints in the snow. Joy, laughter and a love that transcends all obstacles.

This is an absolutely stunning one shot by the lovely emilyg80 (who also co-writes Pigtails, one of my previous rec's). It makes me cry just thinking about it. I'm the biggest wuss perv around, but even I can appreciate a beautiful story such as this. You won't regret reading this, trust. - Trixie Traci
 rec'd by Trixie Traci

Realized by hot101
This isn't something you can just patch up and fix.God Bella I'm in love with you!"-One-shot.AH.Best friends who fall in love is always the just happened to fall before the other.
-rec'd by busymommy

Prairie Fire by stillwaters72
What happens when a new girl walks into a small town bar? Cue balls, teasing and booze. What happens in the cab of a truck stays in the cab of a truck. Will Bella remember her blue panties? A o/s with a story in the making. EPOV AH Rated M for a reason
-rec'd by busymommy

Closets and Love Notes by Aisling-91
Oneshot: When Alice makes Bella try and find a box at her brothers appartment, Bella realizes her long time secret love - Edward Cullen - may share the same feelings towards her. Fluff lemon, AH.
- rec'd by busymommy


Inscrutable by Anonymous
Edward's roommate thought he knew him pretty well, but Jasper brings out a side of him that no one would have expected.
 -rec'd by busymommy

Let Your Fingers Do The Talking by Anonymous
A humdrum day at the office is much more exciting with a series of sex texts from a mysterious stranger.
rec'd by SarahmcSlutslut

Home by Anonymous
A locked box, a silky voice on the phone, a beautiful stranger in a photograph. Edward thinks he just has a place to live, but maybe this time he is home.
rec'd by busymommy

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