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If you haven't seen this movie yet, you are missing fantastic previews for upcoming movies Sucker Punch,  Fast Five, and  Real Steel that I'm equally thrilled about, Alex Pettyfer's handsome face and beautiful body, a great soundtrack, cool storyline and an action packed ending that will have you moving in your seat. I enjoyed I am Number Four from beginning to end and the few cliche scenes I observed were certainly made up for with the action, the beast fight and the ending which was left wide open for a sequel(s). This movie gets a 5 lemon rating from moi.

When a stalker gets too close to rockstar Izzy Dwyer, she makes a choice that brings her back to her hometown and leads her on a journey full of new love and friendships.

The same author that gave us the famous fic "Parachute" has once again presented us with another quality fic. This fic has such an original storyline that it will refresh you from the top. The end of this first chapter left me yearning for more and excited for what's to come. I have a soft spot for Emmett and he seems to play an important character in this one so I was sold from the start. You can find this fic in the nursery section, it was just born a few days ago, and I've already stamped it with the TLS seal of approval to guarantee you won't be let down, so go......
Take a peek at KitsuShels new baby.
You'll fall in love just like I did.

Dirty talking Edward Masen convinces amateur novelist, Bella Swan,
 that all she needs to become a good writer is a little more 'research' on her subject matter.
Eleven years of history won't make it weird.
After all, it's For Authentication Purposes. AH/ExB/M
I can't believe we don't have to pay for 107's stuff, it's that good. If you haven't read any virgy fics, do yourself a favor and get acquainted here. She always delivers quality material and is a staple to twilight fan fiction. I enjoy how 107 puts me in the drivers seat with her writing. I always feel like I'm right there in the story. This story involves a doucheward that makes me smile and giggle as he amusingly solicits reactions from our beloved Bella, who is not amused by him in the least. I'm a sucker for the opposing Bellas and Edwards. This fic already has a TLS seal of approval to guarantee that you will love it just as much as I did and it's FRESH off of the brand new fic rack.
Get you some!

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