Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lemon Drops-One Shot Wednesdays

Happy Hump Day, everyone! Sometimes, it doesn’t take a whole story to get you in the mood, just a one-shot can do the trick. Here are some sexy one shots to get you over that mid-week hump and rev you up for the weekend ahead. Hope you enjoy them!

Woodsmoke and Cinnamon by glitteratiglue

Through life's changes, their one constant has been each other. Jasper learns the hard way that you should never take someone you love for granted. Can he learn from his mistakes, or will he let the greatest happiness he's ever known slip away? M/M slash.

Yeah, I hit the ground running and threw a slash fic out there first! Glitteratiglue is one of my favorite authors. She writes an amazing Jas/Bella fic called I Caught Fire, so when I got the alert for this one shot I was more than willing to give it a go. As usual, she did not disappoint!

The Story of Bella and Jasper by butterflybetty

Bella reflects on her life with Jasper. AH&MA for language and use of lemon. ONE-SHOT

If you have not read any of butterflybetty’s stories—WHY NOT? A prolific writer, with 33 stories and one-shots to her credit, I have yet to read anything from her that was not just amazing! I am also fortunate enough to call her a friend on FB. Make sure you check this out and some of her other stories. Tissue warnings with this one, but still worth the tears.

Stoli and Sexpenders by TKegl

For three years, Bella's kept her attraction for her friend, Edward, under wraps. But when he shows up to class wearing a pair of oh-so-sexy suspenders, her control begins to slip.

This little bit of fun started out as a Twitter plea for a one shot based on the pictures of Robert Pattinson in his Stoli t and sexpenders. I am so glad TKegl took up the bait.

Captive of a Bartender by AcrossTheSkyInStars

Entry for Summer of Smut One-shot Contest: A beautiful woman is taken captive by a sexy bartender while on vacation. They become consumed in a night Smut, OF COURSE. Rated M for mature themes, lemons, profanity...etc.

This was the very first one shot I ever read. I couldn’t comprehend how it was possible to make anything less than a multi-chapter fic full of lemony goodness. Oh my God, was I proven wrong! This is a bit of an older one-shot, but worth the flashback to read it.

Back Against the Wall by Feralness and FerlaV

An ill informed Bella wearing high heels and a pencil skirt. Add some alcohol, a large dog and a gorgeous man staying at the house she's about to break into. There's only one reason she has her Back Against The Wall.

This is from my amazing General of Fanficanon who is one incredibly awesome lady!! Who knew dog sitting could be so frigging interesting!! And that is all I am saying about that! Want to know more? Go read it!

Here are a few recs that we received over on the FB group. A great bunch of ladies are there, so come join us and have some fun!

Rec’d by FL95, the genius behind Edward Cullen Dick for Hire


Waxing Romantic

Rec’d by Feralness and FerlaV ~aka~ The General, the creator of Angel of Corruption

Setting Sun

The Edge of the Earth

So, there you go! A quintet of awesomeness from me, plus some great recs from fantabulous authors, to get you through your mid week slump! I’ll be back next week with another batch to keep you going! If you have any favorites, rec them to me here or on The Lemonade Stand Facebook group. I’ll be more than happy to check them out and pass them on! ‘Til next week~ SMOOCHES!

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