Friday, February 11, 2011


Today we have recommendations from Trixie Traci and fiftyownsme. I've heard some buzz about both of these stories, so I was excited to see these recs in my box.

Don't Stand So Close to Me by Elyse Gaines 
When Bella meets Edward, they share one memorable night in a club.Although she hopes to see him again, when she does, it's in the place neither of them expected. Rated M for language and yummy lemons ahead
As you may remember from the last time, my fave fics are older Edward / younger Bella. I'm a pedo, what of it? This one is fantastic!
Flawlessly written, this story contains lovable characters and plenty of the lemonade that we all love so much, plus, she updates pretty frequently. Tell her I sent you (I might get extra teasers if you do. lol)!

Trixie Traci

The Best Part Of Me Was You by justagirl1238
Childhood friends...Teenage Lovers...One huge mistake. Can these soul mates find their way back to each other or will they need to accept that some betrayals cannot be overcome?

One Word. Awesome. Go leave her some love, tell her fiftyownsme sent you.


I took a minute to read the opening paragraphs of each of these (I immediately know whether I will be compatible with a fic upon opening paragraph) and I can say that both of these are sour face free.

I'm referring to the face you make when a friend recs a story and you click the link and about three sentences into it, you squint your eyes, smirk your lips and your eyebrows form this sarcastic arch. All of those motions move in unison to express a look of What the eff is this sh*$?  Sour face free guys.

In other news, I saw this on the twittah yesterday and it elicited extreme excitement from me.
My bestie and I went to see a movie last week and I saw the trailer for WFE for the first time. You can imagine my surprise when it began to play, being that I've purposely stayed away from the youtube clips for the sole purpose of not falling to pieces with undesirable amounts of lust and ravenous need for more footage.
As we watched the trailer on the big screen, the two of us immediately turned into idiots.

We were both squirming around like 6 year olds, nudging each other with our elbows with each flicker of the pretty and grabbing each others arms to swoon. 
We each had a hand covering our mouth to prevent our uncontrolled moans and squees from leaking to the other audience members that surely would have thought we were both in need of counseling had they spotted our behavior.
I just want to express to all of you, my concerns about this.  I can't even control my bodily functions while watching this trailer, how am I supposed to control myself during the premiers of WFE, Bel Ami and Breaking Dawn?
 I feel that a "How to keep your composure" class is needed.
Another concern of mine : Do I really want to worry about keeping control?
Should I just wait until the day after release and find a deserted theater?

After typing that last sentence, I realized that waiting just won't be possible. Which brings me back to the need for self control and composure when It comes to the Pattz.

I hope you all enjoy the recs for today, have a great day and enjoy your weekend- PAWs

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