Monday, February 26, 2018

What we're reading in TLS this week:

Before we get to this week's rec list, the admins of TLS would like to take a minute to wish the lady who started it all a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  

Happy Birthday Michelle!


As we wrap up February, we decided to dust off some old favorites and share them with you. We've also added a sprinkling of some new fics we love! We hope that you will find some new things to read and love right along with us. Please let the writer know where you saw them featured, when you leave them some love in the form of a review. Happy reading!

♥ Nic & Six

21 days by 2old4fanfic
Dr. Isabella Swan is exhausted. After weeks in Africa helping to treat  victims of the Ebola Virus, she just wants to go home. When she arrives  stateside, her welcoming committee is a squad of military police, sent  to escort her to a federally mandated 21 day quarantine. She has no idea  how those 21 days will completely change her life. Rated M

Badlands by planetblue
Moonlight drives and sharpened knives. This is the story of us. Rated M

Burn and Shine by pulsepoint
At first glance felonious Edward seems like nothing but trouble, but as  sheltered college student Bella digs deeper she realizes he is so much  more. Possibly too much for her to handle.  Rated M

Eight Days by windchymes
A lot can happen in eight days...  Rated M

Head Over Feet by Iambeagle
It's simple, really. A story about two best friends realizing they're head over feet in love.
Rated: Fiction M

It Takes a Village by Payton79
Nowadays, families come in all shades and forms. When pediatrician Edward meets the woman of his dreams, he gets more than he bargained for. She's captivating but complicated with her unconventional family dynamic. Does she come with more baggage—or people—than he can handle? Will he be able to keep his distance? Sometimes, it takes a village... Rated M

Let’s Love Hate by Foreverx17
Edward and Bella have been separated for three months, can't stand each other, and—oh yeah—their family has no idea.  Rated M

More Than Skin Deep by purpleC305
A simple experiment turns into a passion-filled night for both, nerdy Bella and motocross racer, Edward. It's a night that neither forgets. Burdened with darkness of their own, can they be more than only half truths? Forgetting it as a lustful desire or fighting for what really matters - what will win at the end? **Award winning Control. Possess. Seduce. Contest entry.**Rated M

Number Our Days by twistedkey
Bella Swan is a time traveler, drifting between the past and present. Can the Cullens help her find the cure before time runs out? Rated M

Passion and Propriety by Elise de Sallier
There is absolutely nothing improper about the Vicar of Forkton's  spinster daughter nursing the badly wounded Viscount Masen back to  health. Isabella is far too sensible to develop feelings for a man of  Lord Masen's wealth and position . . . a man who is determined to break  the curse that has plagued his family for generations by letting his  bloodline die out. Rated M

Rest My Soul by MrsSpaceCowboy
On opposite corners of Third Street and Beale, two lonely people fight  to stay that way. Her scars are on the surface, soft on her skin and in  her eyes. His run bone-deep, seeped in bourbon and blues. EPOV.  Rated M

The Practicum by TheFicChick
"We're going to be teaching high schoolers how not to get each other  knocked up or infected with gonorrhea. It's hardly a romantic evening  for two." Rated M

The Second Son of A Duke by For3ver Immortal
Lord Edward is the second son of a duke and on one mistaken night, his  fate and the fate of a Viscount's daughter is forever intertwined. Set  in 19th century London. Rated M

Uprising by pattyrose
1775: Revolution is in the air. American Patriot, Edward Cullen knows this. He plots, plans, and eagerly prepares for the colonies' unified uprising. But, when he meets the lovely Miss Swan, British Loyalist, it's the uprising within his heart which sets them down a dangerous path. *2nd Place Judges' Vote Winner in the 2017 Age of Edward Contest - Now extended to a full story.* Rated M

Wild by PeppahLouie
Recently widowed Bella moves to Seattle to start a new life.  Reconnecting with her friend, Bella meets Alice's brother, Chef Edward  Cullen. Celibate by choice for 2 years, what happens when Edward finds  himself undeniably attracted to a sexy new Bella? Rated M


  1. Oh my my ... Lucky me who had already read Wild, Rest My Soul, Passion and Propriety, Number Our Days, Eight Days, Badlands and 21 days *winks*. Not bad eh? Now ... on to the other eight!
    Oh and Michelle ... Happy B-day! Congratulations and thank you for gifting us with this little lemony corner!

  2. Happy (belated) Birthday, Michelle!! I hope your day was grand!

  3. Iambeagle ❤️❤️❤️�� omg one of my absolute favorites!!!!