Monday, December 4, 2017

What we're reading in TLS ~ Holiday Edition

As we count down the days to Christmas, TLS is going to bring you all of our favorite Christmas fics, to get you in the Holiday spirit! We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we have. Please wish your favorite writer(s) a Happy Holiday Season, by leaving them some love in the form of a review. Tell them TLS sent you!

♥ Nic & Six

All I Want For Christmas by KitsuShel
All alone for the holidays, Bella receives the perfect gift this Christmas. Rated M

Christmas Liaisons by Lolo84
'Tis the season to be jolly. To give and to appreciate. To spend time  with family and all that jazz. Not to wind up in bed with my ex-husband,  which is exactly what I did, all because of a not so simple wish from  our youngest daughter. Rated M

Decking the Halls by Vican
One store to decorate. One night to get it done. And one Edward who  definitely isn't distracting because he's 100 percent not cute or funny  at all. Nope. Rated M

Drunk on Christmas by k8ln713
What would Christmas be like without a little family dysfunctionality  and booze? It's Christmas time and Edward heads home for the holiday. On  top of now having to pretend he and his girlfriend, Bella, are not a  couple, drama ensues amongst the family. Guess he's just gonna need to  keep a bottle of Jack with him at all times to make it through the day. Rated M

Footprints in the Snow by cosmogirl7481
 "An hour from now, when the snow falls again, it will be like we weren't  even there. But we will remember." A story of unrequited love, and how  the things we keep silent can hurt us and the ones we hold closest.  Rated M

Here We Are, As In Olden Days by Rinabina
Bella and Edward have been friends forever but ruth be told, it's always been a little more than that. A holiday collection of the history of Bella and Edward - Past, present and future. Rated M

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear by staceleo
Love comes to Miss Swan unexpectedly during the holidays.  Rated M

Matchmakers and Mistletoe by Hopesparkles
They had been friends forever, and when she poured her heart out to him, he made a promise he knew he could keep. Rated M

Memories of Christmas Past by Eternally Addicted
Bella and Edward dated in high school.Tragedy occurs forcing her to move away from Forks. Six years later another tragedy brings her back. What happens when on Christmas Eve with the Cullens, she sees Edward for the time since she broke his heart. Rated M

Mistletoe and Wine by evieeden
Bella is all alone in Seattle this Christmas. Can an old school friend give her some festive cheer? Rated M

One Christmas Eve by Edward’s Eternal
When her world collapses, Bella does her best to find the light. Will  one Christmas Eve be the miracle her broken heart needs to heal? Rated M

One More Christmas by Anhanninen
Conceding defeat was never in Bella's plans, but things change during  the fight for your life. She's counting down the days but has one last  wish, which Dr. Pretty Eyes plans to fulfill. With a little of his  Christmas magic, Bella may just find a reason to fight again. Rated M

Operation: Merry Christmas by nicnicd
When Bella, alone for Christmas, bumps into a shy and quiet coed outside of her dorm will her negative outlook on the Holidays change? Rated M

Perfect Gifts by SueBee0619
A breakup, a cancelled trip, and disappointing gifts should add up to a disastrous Christmas… until they don't. Sometimes it's the person you don't know who ends up knowing you best of all. Rated M

Sandcastles and Snowmen by Honeybeemeadows
Three days before Christmas, Edward needs an escape. From life. A red  eye flight and rental car lead him to a beach in Mexico. He stumbles  into a girl's bed for one night, but wakes up wanting forever.  Sometimes, Christmas miracles aren't what we expect. Sometimes, the  biggest gift comes in the smallest of packages. Sometimes, we build  castles out of snow. Rated M

Seventh and Pine by iambeagle
Eating food, drinking beer, and watching football are acceptable ways to  spend your Thanksgiving Day. Wooing your niece's insanely attractive  babysitter, however, is not. EPOV Rated M

Swan Lake by SydneyAlice
He's a lost traveler needing a place to spend the night. She's the owner of a bed and breakfast. What could they possibly have in common? A story about taking wrong turns and reaching destinations you never imagined. Rated M

The Christmas Ship by Alisa Pearce
Hedge fund manager Edward Cullen didn't make the Forbes list this year  and thinks he's a failure, just like his father and teachers in  small-town Forks always told him. Only one person ever believed in him,  but he left her behind to chase his fortune in New York City. Can a  festive Seattle tradition bring magic and love back to his life?  Rated M

The Red Coats by Ericastwilight
She loves the holidays. He loathes them. As new neighbors, they have to learn to tolerate each other. The problem for Edward is that she's irresistible in red. Can she bring the Grinch around in time to save him from a lonely New Year? Rated M

Uplifting Spirt by OhGeeFantasy
Uplifting: morally or spiritually elevating; inspiring happiness or  hope. When everything around you seems to be falling apart, do you  follow the downward spiral or do you fight and persevere? Rated M


  1. Thank you so much for saving me all the time it would have taken to find them myself.
    Merry Christmas. x

  2. This is the best list ever!! Thank you!! I have all my fic needs for December covered :) :)

  3. Thank you so much for featuring Memories of Christmas Past! I’m hoping everyone who reads it enjoys it. Have Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!