Monday, February 29, 2016

What we're reading in TLS this week:

We have a number of new fics we are loving in TLS lately and we have brought them to the rec list for you to join us in raving about them! We also added a splash of old favorites we adore and that haven't updated in a bit, to send the writers some love from the fandom. We hope this lemony list gives you loads of reading hours, like it has for us. Take a peek and leave the writers some love!

♥ Nic & Six

After Jane Died by beegurl13-rec'd by Nic
Bella had the perfect life – amazing husband, wonderful children, great family...until one night it came crashing to an end. Struggling to care for her children and put her life back together, she wonders if she'll ever be happy again. But the hardest part just might be the confusing things she feels for Edward...her brother-in-law. Rated M

Back to Life by alliz-rec'd by Nic
After a broken engagement, Bella finds herself back in her hometown working for her sister and brother-in-law. Her past and present come full circle when she realizes her high school boyfriend, Edward, will be working with her. Their ending was explosive, causing Bella to keep a secret from him all these years. Is it better to know you're alive by living, or to keep yourself closed? Rated M

Bitter Sun Rising by Alisa Pearce-rec'd by Moni M
Bad boy Jacob Black doesn't return Bella's crush, so she decides to date someone safer: a harmless nerd in her math class named Edward Cullen. Little does she know that he is secretly a powerful and ruthless gang leader enmeshed in a vicious drug war that will put her life—and all her beliefs—at risk. Rated M

Blue Satin and Cowboy Boots by Symphiann-rec'd by LayAtHomeMom
There were 4 unwritten laws in Forks during 1883.1-you listened to your Pa.2-You worshipped God.3-You did your chores without complaint.4-You stayed away from the Cullen brothers. I had no problems with those laws until a pair of green eyes looked my way. Rated M

Dank by nadiak-rec'd by Nic
She wants a thrill and she finds it in the bad boy from the dangerous side of the tracks. Watch them both intertwine themselves into worlds they never even belonged in. Learning the best lesson there is. We're all different but yet the same. Rated M

Dark Paradise by Allihavetodoisdream-rec'd by Nic
She lives in a make-believe world of open roads and endless freedom to escape an addiction-riddled mother and a grabby older man with sick intentions. Adrift in a place of uncaring hearts, she makes her getaway. She finds a ratty old motel, late night smokes, a new life, and a boy with a past as clouded as her own. A boy with a dark gentleness too beautiful to ignore. Rated M

Delphian City by Boom-Boom Jones-rec'd by Nic
There are dark secrets in Delphian City. Edward Cullen is one of them. Rated M

Here's To Now by iambeagle-rec'd by LayAtHomeMom
"When everything goes wrong, that's when adventure starts." Rated M

Holiday Cheer by winterhorses-rec'd by MariahajilE
Edward's in serious need of a little Christmas cheer this holiday season. Maybe he can find some at the bottom of a bottle at Carlisle's bar. Rated M Slash

Kairos by sparklymeg-rec'd by Nic/Midnight Cougar
Summary: Kairos - from Ancient Greek - the right or opportune moment - the perfect timing. Age is just a number, but timing is everything. Originally written for the May to December Romance Contest. Rated M

Milk Teeth by Sparrownotes24-rec'd by LayAtHomeMom
England 1991. Indie rock and bombs, fire and riots. We partied and ran wild, trying to find ourselves amongst the ashes. I found a lot more than that. Rated M

Rescission by GeekChic12-rec'd by Nic
We met. We got off. We went home. We weren't lovers. We weren't even friends. We were f- buddies. It worked... Until it didn't. Rated M

The Age of Innocence by Pattyrose-rec'd by SixDlb5
On the eve of the Second World War, young Isabella has been taken from all she knows and is now stepdaughter to one of the richest men in America. Spending her summers in Washington State, she's unaware that this is where she & a young boy will find their fate, where childhood friendship will mature into the fiercest love: a love that must endure the end of innocence. Rated M

The Front by Alwaystryingtodobetter-rec'd by MariahajilE
Front: noun...the foremost part or surface of anything ; a facade ; meet face to face. It's all in the semantics, isn't it? Bella Marie works all hours to pay off her father's debts when she's thrown from the pot into the fire. Rated M

The Student body by Drotuno-rec'd by Nic
When Bella's subject drops out of her experiment with less than two months left before her thesis is due, she panics. In walks Edward Cullen, best friend and fellow med student. Staying clinical may prove difficult when things get personal. Rated M


  1. Great fics in this post. Thank you

  2. I hope that After Jane Died is eventually finished. It's a beautiful story, but has been incomplete for a long while.