Monday, August 3, 2015

What we're reading in TLS this week:

We could not get enough of these stories lately and wanted to share them with you. We've read them, discussed them, dissected them, and sometimes even read them again! Check out these amazing stories and leave the authors some love via pm or review. Let them know you saw them featured on the TLS rec page!! Happy reading!

♥ Nic & Six

Breakfast in the Dunes by Miss Baby-rec'd by Maplestyle
They were the most unlikely two people to fall in love; one a driven student on the brink to greatness, the other a jaded rock star on the road to ruin. But when hopes, dreams and the New York State Division of Parole force them together, fate takes over and hate soon grows into a different sort of passion. Rated M

Down to Earth by Powered by 23 Kicks-rec'd by Suebee Betafairy
Twilight meets Xanadu when Bella falls hard for a sexy Greek Muse sent to Earth to help keep her dreams from dying. Rated M

Edroar the Angry Lion by Tropical Sorbet-rec'd by Jenn Granat
Edroar the Angry Lion frightens all the girls and boys at Cullen Publishing with his loud roar. Will his new massage therapist Bella Swan run away like all the rest, or can she tame this savage beast? AH/AU OOC Rated M

Forgive Me, Father, for I Will Sin by AngelGoddess1981-rec'd by Nic
Home for Thanksgiving, Bella wakes up in her childhood room . . . but, much to her surprise, she's not alone. The man she's unknowingly shared a bed with just so happens to be the source of her fantasies for years . . . and her dad's closest friend. Can her fantasies finally become a reality? Romance/Drama/Humor Rated M

If This, Then by Bled Dry-rec'd by VampiresHaveLaws
If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing: timing. But timing is a bitch. Rated M

In the Pines by Soleil2-rec'd by VampiresHaveLaws
They all loved her. One of them killed her. Rated M

In the Waves by Jadalulu-rec'd by MariahajilE
A little something about a girl in love with the edge of her world. Began as June 2012 Fictionista Workshop Witfit, but Jada failed that nicely so now it's not. ExB Rated M

In Your Dreams by Winterhorses-rec'd by Sixdlb5
One mistake gives Edward the power to put anyone to sleep and search their memories, but there's a drawback: he must also sleep. When a conspiracy threatens to destroy the tenuous peace between vampire and humans, the Cullens must figure out how to get information from vampire-hater Isabella Swan. How will they uncover her secrets when she thwarts Edward at every turn? Rated M

Incredibly Weird World of IMSwan by Staceleo-rec'd by Suebee Betafairy
Being a teenager is annoying enough. Add in your new town being overrun by vampires and you have nothing but trouble. This is the story of the incredibly weird world of Isabella Swan. Just another reimagining of Twilight in the fan fiction world. Rated M

Indelible by Bannerday-rec'd by Nic
Some experiences, some people, stick with you forever, leaving their mark on your memories. You can't escape what they meant to you and you can't re-write the past. It's indelible. But the future isn't set in stone…it's yours to write. A story about forks in the road of life and a past with a future. Rated M

Innocent Sinners by FallingInLoveInDecember-rec'd by Nic
Bella and her father move back to Charlie's home town, where she meets Edward. Her relationship with him grows quickly, the spark pulling them together fast, as does the threat to everyone involved. Will Edward and Bella be able to survive the truth of Renee's actions, leaving her baby with Charlie and killing herself before she could tell a soul of Bella's true, dark, beginning? Rated M

Island Nights by Compass54-rec'd by Nic
I would always remember him as a dangerously beautiful twenty-two-year-old, a sensual and affectionate lover who could put a gun to a man's head and pull the trigger. Why I couldn't forget him was no mystery. I was still in love with him. Rated M

Lead Me Not Into Temptation by Princess07890-rec'd by Nic
Bella is a good, Christian girl with a dark secret. She wants the pierced, tattooed, and foul-mouthed tattoo artist who lives across the hall from her. Will she ever get him to notice her without compromising her beliefs? Rated M

Little Dreamer by LyricalKris-rec'd by Sixdlb5
Our story opens with a frightened seventeen-year-old girl on the run- battered, starved, exhausted and nine months pregnant. How this is going to turn out is anyone's guess. Life never does know how to play fair. Rated M

Mother Father by Content1-rec'd bySusan QSusan/Nic
Raised by adoring parents, Isabella Rossi discovers, after tragedy strikes, not all is as it seems. She must trust FBI agent, Edward Cullen, to keep her alive as she learns who Bella Swan is, to whom loyalty lies, and with whom she can trust her heart. Rated M

Oh Brother by Robzbeanie-rec'd by Nic
Shy, orphaned Edward comes to live with his older brother and his wife to finish out his last year of high school, bringing with him a seven-year crush on his sister-in-law. ** TASTE OF THE FORBIDDEN CONTEST - Honorable Mention Judges Vote, Judges Favorite from SoapyMayhem ** Rated M

One And the Same by Tongue-Twied-rec'd by Susan QSusan
That whole sentiment behind the line "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" was probably never going to work out for someone nicknamed, Jinxie (also known as Isabella Swan).
Rated M

Rising Dream, Fallen Star by MrsShortHand-rec'd by Hadley Hemingway
He was the lead singer of The Volturi. I was a new musician with everything to prove. We were Hollywood's It couple. Until he ruined everything. Can our love be saved if he can't save himself? A story about love, lemons, lies, and learning to forgive. AH Rated M

The Girl In The Meadow by Simaril-rec'd by Susan QSusan
Bella arrives in Forks with a lifetime of memories of Edward and their time together. The only problem is that Edward hasn't met her yet. Time travel, love and forever share in a story of longing and waiting for the right moment to start their forever. Twilight/New Moon AU. Rated M

Unexpected Complication by Edward's Eternal-rec'd by Nic
Homeless Bella seeks shelter from a storm in an abandoned warehouse. But while she is there, she witnesses something she should never have seen. It was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After discovering her, the gunman realizes he has no choice but to protect her from what she's seen. He has to save her—even if she fights him—even if she hates him. Rated M

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