Monday, July 20, 2015

What we're reading in TLS this week:

We hope you have been enjoying our reading recommendations and are finding plenty of new gems to read and review. Here’s the latest round of 20 TLS approved recs just for you. Happy Reading! Don't forget to let the authors know where you saw them recommended and leave them some love.

♥ Nic & Six

Between Goals by Tiffanyanne3-rec'd by Nic
He's green eyes, messy hair, and a brilliant smile. He's confusing and exasperating. He's just a teammate, the goalie for our recreational soccer club, but when it comes to our flirtation, he plays forward. I didn't particularly like Edward Cullen the first couple of times I met him. But now? I want him. This is what happens between goals. BxE, rated M for the usual reasons. Rated M

Come Back Tomorrow by Shadow Masen-rec'd by Jenn Granat
Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly in the path of the best things that will ever happen to us. Rated M

Heart's Desire (Ceanothus gloriosus) by Daisyandphoebe-rec'd by Cappricorn75
Bella's life, predictable and streaked with poor timing, can use a re-landscape. The decision to make some changes brings with it an old friend. The boy who had pulled up a chair, opened a sketch pad, and infiltrated her mind for four years stands, now a man, behind her screen. But inviting him in is not as simple as opening the door. Rated M

Hounding for Love by EllieJacks-rec'd by Nic
Bella moves to Seattle with Alice and Rose but when both her friends find love in the big city, she finds herself at the edge of temptation and disaster when she meets Edward Masen who is a self confessed ladies man. Rated M for adult content. BxE A/H Rated M

Lean Into the Fall by Ifyouweremine-rec'd by Nic/MariahajilE
Bella is leery of falling in love. She soon learns that life is filled with countless forms and degrees of emotions. There is love, loss, healing, and everything in between. Rated M

My Life as a Trophy Wife by Jenna Ray-rec'd by Maplestyle/MariahajilE
Sometimes marriage can be more like a business agreement. Broke college student Bella and her best friend's Lawyer brother, Edward, have come up with just that. A business agreement to make life easier for them both. First comes marriage, then comes? Rated M

My Sweet Variable by LifeInTheSnow-rec'd by EvilNat
He white-knuckles his pen, dragging a line of ink across the page. I can guess which passage he's marking: "All things truly wicked start from an innocence." Hemingway wouldn't have known about us. No one does. Teenage E/B, AH, quasi-dystopian. Rated M

Out of the Corner of My Eye by FluffyLiz-rec'd by Cappricorn75/Compass54
For nearly 100 years the house has waited, defying time as it slowly crumbles, until it can finally draw in the one person it needs to save the lost soul within. But why has it chosen Bella, and will she understand the dangers before it's too late? Rated M

Quarterback Sneak by Jayhawkbb-rec'd by Nic
As a Seattle sports talk radio host, it's my job to give my opinion on the Seahawks new quarterback, Edward Cullen. But maybe I shouldn't have said what I know, about his butt. E/B Rated M for language and adult content. Rated M

SoCal by Krazyk85-rec'd by Ifyouweremine/MariahajilE
Being with them wasn't the problem. Losing me was. A life filled with sandy beaches and sunshine, I felt safe. Nothing bad happens here in SoCal except bad mexican food. Or so I thought. This is not your everyday love story. Rated M

Something For the Rest of Us by Mandyleigh87-rec'd by Nic
"We're the broken ones. The damaged. The left behind. The forgotten. Sometimes love is all we have. It's something for the rest of us." ExB Rated M Drama/Romance/Some Angst EPOV. Rated M

Summerboy by Little Miss Mionie-rec'd by Nic
Every summer vacation, Edward was Bella's annual secret escape. At school, Bella can't hide from the whispers that she deserved what happened during "the incident". Her summery and wintry worlds collide. AH, Edward/Bella. Rated M

Sway by Love notes from morgan o'mally-rec'd by Nic/Midnight Cougar
A story of two people. Paths cross, lives blend and they discover they like each other more everyday. A simple, possible love story where the palms line the shore. EPOV. Rated M

The Broomstick Train by Soleil2-rec'd by SparrowNotes24
"They buried them deep, but they wouldn't lie still, For cats and witches are hard to kill." -Oliver Wendall Holmes. Rated M

The Fall by MissWinkles-rec'd by Rochelle Allison
She's got a bulletproof heart but he's got a hollow point smile. He's a gathering storm. A spark in the darkness. A bruised heart just waiting to happen. At rock bottom, Bella Swan has nowhere to fall but everything to lose. Rated M

The Shift by RachelFish-rec'd by MariahajilE
The start of Bella's senior year finds her at a new school missing old friends. Grades and graduation are her only priorities...until she meets Mase. Rated M

The Squad by Staceleo-rec'd by VampiresHaveLaws
There comes a time to fight evil with evil. Agent Bella Swan took a risk to destroy the blight corrupting her city. She didn't expect that the actual danger would be to her heart in the guise of a handsome assassin. A Suicide Squad inspired fic. Rated M

The Summer Before by Ericastwilight-rec'd by Nic
It's the summer before college, and what better way to spend it than with friends on the beach. Love, sand, and the ocean is what awaits them. Can two people with difficult pasts move on? A birthday fic for Kyla713. Rated M

Vices by Allihavetodoisdream-rec'd by VampiresHaveLaws
A struggling girl lives a colorless life. Until it all changes and her world is filled with neon-bright color. She soon gets swept away in the luxury and glamour of her new life. But everything comes with a price. ExB. Rated M for violence, drug use, language, and sexual content. Rated M

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  1. Love, love The Fall - my favorite WIP. I was trying to remember where I got the rec for Sway, and I just figured out it was here. That was one terrific little fic! I read it twice because I missed some gems in the first reading. Thanks ladies!