Saturday, July 4, 2015

TLS Special SNEAK PEEK Feature

The Lemonade Stand has spent years bringing you the best the fandom has to offer, and we are very excited to have the chance to offer you MORE. We've watched stories grow and develop from first post through COMPLETE in The Nursery, and now we're sharing previews of the stories that will soon be your new addiction.

This week, the lovely compass54, author of the brilliant Baby Whisperer, shares a little detail on her upcoming story Island Nights with us.

Summary: I would always remember him as a dangerously beautiful twenty-two-year-old, a sensual and affectionate lover who could put a gun to a man’s head and pull the trigger. Why I couldn’t forget him was no mystery. I was still in love with him.

Have you ever gone away to work somewhere for the season, like the ski fields or a resort? 

Have you ever lived with your co-workers, isolated away from the rest of the world? 

It’s a fascinating human experiment where some thrive and others don’t do so well.

I inhabited that world for a while and found that people backpacking around, living the itinerant lifestyle, go a little wild and then anything goes. People make their own rules in a society more free than the one they left behind. In an environment where everyone is young, clothes come off, drinking to excess is the norm, and gossip abounds.

Forming a relationship can make things easier, but what happens when your other half loses their job or has to go abruptly? Is your impulse to follow them or can you stay for the reasons you went there in the first place, writing it off as part of the experience?

I saw it happen so many times and often wondered about that person we never heard from again.

This is the story of the good girl, the daughter of a cop, who falls for the dangerous bad boy while working on an island resort, becoming best friends and then lovers. What happens when he has to leave suddenly, is the rest of the story.


I’m trying to read, but a craving for something cold and sugary is eating at me tonight - an icy Coke with bubbles that go up your nose. Hmm. I slip my feet into my flip-flops, then look down at what I’m wearing. I don’t want to have to get fully dressed for something that will only take me a minute, so I pull on my robe, wrap it over, and tie a tight bow. Checking myself in the bathroom mirror, I’m nice and demure, showing nothing at all.

Everyone walks around here scantily clad in pajamas and bikinis, so I don't know what I am worried about, really. It’s just that I have to go to the staff bar to get the Coke, and he is there. Locking my door, I put my long chain with its keys around my neck, jingling the coins in my hand, as I cross the service road and walk down the short path to the bar.

The smell of fresh toast is always strong in here. The jukebox is playing, and a couple is cuddling as they scan the selection. Edward is polishing wine glasses, sliding them upside down into a rack over the bar and, when he sees me approach, his eyes widen.

"Can I have a Coke please?"

He cups his ear before leaning forward so far that his cheek touches mine. I jump back slightly and repeat, "Coke… in a big glass, no ice?"

Still leaning forward, he looks right into my eyes and smirks. "I knew you'd come to me eventually. I didn't think you'd come ready for bed."

I swallow and lift my chin. "I'm not staying."

"Oh, come on, stay for a while. It's quiet tonight. I'll get you something to sit on." He’s already bringing the stool from the other side of the bar for me. "Have a seat."

He stands back, raising his eyebrows, and waits. When I sit down, he smiles, returns to his side, and fills a huge glass with Coke from a gun, placing it in front of me and squeezing the trigger a few extra times to fill it right to the top.

There is no way I can pick it up without spilling it everywhere. Pulling my hair back, I lean forward and suck at the rim of the glass. When I glance up, he is studying me, his eyes wandering from my lips to my eyes.

With a sudden glint in his eye, he says, "You said you wanted it big."

I gulp at the innuendo, take my chain off, and place it down on the bar. He picks it up, fiddling with the keys like he is going to take them. Then he stands back near the register and watches me struggling, smirking before giving me a straw.

Once I take a deep pull on the icy Coke, I close my eyes, savoring the sweetness and bite as it races down my throat, the cold radiating out over my chest.

"Why don't you ever come to the bar?" he asks, with eyes already assessing me. He lowers the chain on the bar and picks up another wine glass. "Are you scared of me?"


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♥ Kim 

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