Monday, April 27, 2015

What we're reading in TLS this week:

Don't you love it when a fic comes out of nowhere and steals your heart?! We do too and we have a few for you to check out and fall in love with. There are quite a few new favorites we have been flailing about and falling hard for this week. We also added a few oldies for good measure and the end result is fantastic!! Go find your favorite summary in this list and leave the author some love, and let them know where you saw them recommended.

♥ Nic & Six

Bliss by samekraemer-rec'd by LayAtHomeMom
A special dog at a no-kill shelter brought together two people who might never have met. There were circumstances which made things difficult, but at the end of the day,Bliss was there to lick away the pain. Rated M

Casual Observer of a Secret Admirer by shouldbecleaning-rec'd by MariahajilE
Isabella Swan thought she was invisible at school. At least she had been since the accident with Tyler's van. But now someone is leaving notes in her locker, signed Your Secret Admirer. Rated M

Come as You Are by tiffanyanne3-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
"It's just a piece of plain notebook paper, college ruled, folded into a neat square, but it's so much more than that. You're right. I was oblivious to your existence. But then you sent me this letter." It's 1996 in Seattle, and Edward cares about blending in, not fitting in. Until Bella takes the time to really see him. Rated M

Confessions After Dark by 2DrunkUnicorns-rec'd by drotuno
"Everyone has something they'd like to confess…" Every Friday night, he calls. And every time he calls, I listen. A story about what happens when fantasy blends into reality – when the secrets we share are just as important as the secrets we keep. Rated M

Down to Earth by Powered by 23 Kicks-rec'd by Cappricorn75
Twilight meets Xanadu when Bella falls hard for a sexy Greek Muse sent to Earth to help keep her dreams from dying. Rated M

Invisible Swan by RMacaroni-rec'd by MariahajilE
"Music is for the ears, not the eyes." Rated M

My Laird by StillDreaming85-rec'd by MariahajilE
Isabella is an English woman, trying to escape a marriage she doesn't want. Edward is a Scottish Laird, with a soft spot for a damsel in distress and a hate for the English Redcoats that pursue her, but what does he do with her now that he has saved her? He has no choice, other than to bring her home, but he wasn't counting on falling for the lass on the journey to Castle Menzies. Rated M

Out of the Corner of My Eye by FluffyLiz-rec'd by CarrieZM
For nearly 100 years the house has waited, defying time as it slowly crumbles, until it can finally draw in the one person it needs to save the lost soul within. But why has it chosen Bella, and will she understand the dangers before it's too late? Rated M

Rental Exchange by FoxxyJ-rec'd by Nic/MariahajilE
A May To December Romance Contest entry: "Professional architect seeks senior culinary student for rental exchange." Edward Cullen had no idea of the trouble he was in for the day he placed a simple advertisement to make his hectic life easier. Winner of The Temptress Award for Best Young Bella. Rated M

She tames the beast within by deJean Smith-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
She only knows of a day-to-day existence. He only knows of life on a silver platter. She only knows contentment with what she has. He only knows the lust for more, and he has her in his sights. Rated M

SoCal by Krazyk85-rec'd by Maplestyle
Being with them wasn't the problem. Losing me was. A life filled with sandy beaches and sunshine, I felt safe. Nothing bad happens here in SoCal except bad mexican food. Or so I thought. This is not your everyday love story. Rated M

Stolen Secrets and Shattered Dreams by FoxxyJ-rec'd by Everyfreakingbody
A NYC barman views his mind reading as an isolating cancer, until he meets a lonely 28yr old trying to escape her sad reality. His life is full of harsh lessons. Hers an uphill battle, so she never complains when a beautiful boy pushes her away time and time again. Rated M

The Affair by johnnyboy7-rec'd by Nic
After the death of her father, Isabella Swan moves to the East coast where she meets dentist Edward Cullen. He's older, a father, and married. Sometimes, you can't tell your heart who to love.Twilight - Rated: M

The Fall by Miss Winkles-rec'd by Cappricorn75
She's got a bulletproof heart but he's got a hollow point smile. He's a gathering storm. A spark in the darkness. A bruised heart just waiting to happen. At rock bottom, Bella Swan has nowhere to fall but everything to lose. Rated M

The Shift by RachelFish-rec'd by Nic
The start of Bella's senior year finds her at a new school missing old friends. Grades and graduation are her only priorities...until she meets Mase. Rated M


  1. The Fall and On The Line (not mentioned this
    week) are my favorite
    works in progress at the moment. Both are very good.

  2. All sounds so good... thanks