Monday, April 13, 2015

What we're reading in TLS this week:

We have so many good things for you on this Lemonade Monday! We have some new fics that have all of our mouths dropping, our hearts stopping, and our tongues wagging. We also have some old favorites we can't let go of that you may have missed out on the first time around. There's even a sprinkle of ones we would love to see revived and renewed again. Dive in with us and let us know which became your top choices! Let the writer know where you saw them recommended, when you leave them some love.

♥ Nic & Six

Bright Eyes by JennaRay-rec'd by Sixdlb5
He tells me I should have walked away when I had the chance, but this pretty-eyed stranger doesn't know what he's gotten himself into with me. Rated M

Conditions may apply by Matthison-rec'd by Nic
Bella ends a long term relationship after finding out that she will never meet his, "conditions". Edward is a heavy weight hopeful, fighting his way to the top. But when events get between the two, an unsuspecting person trys to make things right. "Bella, haven't you heard that the best way to get over one man is to get under another one." Rated M

Edward in the Afternoon by Cosmogirl7481-rec'd by Nic
My birthday present for Marvar: A boy meets girl story with sweltering heat, iced coffee and lots of sex. Rated M

Fame by BlueIsSoul-rec'd by Nic
Childhood sweethearts, Bella and Edward were meant to be forever. That is until he got what he always wanted. Rated M

Getting Blitzed by Nolebucgirl-rec'd by Jenn Granat
The continuing adventures of Cockyback and Reed Girl. College is over and real life awaits. How will they handle the ups and downs thrown their way as Edward enters the NFL and Bella approaches graduation? Rated R for Rainbow. Sequel to Sideline Collision. Rated M

Heroin Chic by QuinnLark-rec'd by LayAtHomeMom
I'm a decision-making machine: some stupid and some magical. Leaving the 1990s and Eddie Cullen behind falls in the stupid category. Marrying into millions ... that's somewhere inbetween. Nothing is ever as it seems. Grunge life in Louboutins. Rated M

High Fidelity by IReen H-rec'd by Nic
Damaged Edward, damaged Bella. Two sides of the same scarred coin. When one side is up, the other is down. Language and lots of it. Lemons eventually. It's a slow burn, slow and painful. Rated M

Little Dreamer by LyricalKris-rec'd by Sixdlb5
Our story opens with a frightened seventeen-year-old girl on the run- battered, starved, exhausted and nine months pregnant. How this is going to turn out is anyone's guess. Life never does know how to play fair. Rated M

Maybe One Day by IdPattThat-rec'd by Cappricorn75
One drunken New Year's Eve turns into more than what Leah was looking for. Rated M

No Holds Barred by jayhawkbb-rec'd by Nic
When Bella opens her dance studio right next to Edward's bar, will Edward hate her...or will he fall for the girl next door? Rated M

Outbound by Aftrnoondlight-rec'd by Nic
Two beautiful souls humbly traveling life's lonely path, until fate suddenly shows her hand. Will Edward and Bella surrender willingly... A tender, romantic tale of love and life in the clouds. Rated M

Pocket Change by a WhiteBlankPage-rec'd by Nic
I know of three kinds of change: the kind that jangles around in your pocket, the kind that happens slowly, every moment of every day, and the kind that blows you away in an instant. Rated M

Ready for You by Lost In Fanfiction-rec'd by CarrieZM
From the outside Bella's life looked perfect, but looks can be deceiving. When reality comes to her door she is forced to make some life altering decisions. Rated M

The bitter, the sweet by Rochelle Allison-rec'd by Nic
Bella's 24. She's got a career she loves, close family & friends, and a little girl she loves more than anything. She doesn't need anything more, but sometimes she sure wants it, and when Edward shows up he'll either upset the balance or make everything sweeter. Rated M

The Drop by Lola-pops-rec'd by Nic
That was the summer everyone stopped looking at me as Ben's little sister. Bonfires and beer. Sand and sun. We just kept climbing higher. None of us were ready for the drop.
Rated M

There's a Word for it by Eiluned price-rec'd by Evilnat
I hadn't liked 17-year-old boys even when I was 17. So what is it about Edward Cullen that's so compelling? Whatever it is, I can't afford to find out. Rated M

This Buried Life by Emmanuelle Nathan-rec'd by Nic
Bella Swan is content with her career and her new life in London but feels that there is still something missing. Will a chance encounter with sinister yet intriguing stranger hold the answer to what she truly desires? AU. Rated M for lemony reasons.Twilight - Rated: M

This Side of the Equator by Jaxington-rec'd by Cappricorn75
On that side of the Equator a six year age difference is nothing, just a number that loses meaning in the face of adventures and shared interests and long bus rides. But on this side of the Equator, in Forks Washington where Bella is a teacher, six years are everything, an impenetrable barrier that makes life impossible when Edward Cullen shows up as an exchange student. Rated M

Vinyl by OhGeeFantasy-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
He's young, good-looking and just passing through. She's beautiful, kind and someone's mom. Can records and workouts be the key to their happiness? My entry in the May to December Romance Contest. Rated M

You are here by bicyclesarecool-rec'd by LayAtHomeMom
A cross country road trip with Edward Cullen? Not exactly at the top of Bella's to do list, but she's out of options and he's got a working truck. Can they put the past aside and make it through the week? Rated M

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