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Love Letters

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is in the air here at The Lemonade Stand. So we asked a group of authors to choose an author they love – someone who moves them, be it through their words or uplifting presence in our fandom – and write them a love letter. Due to the overwhelming positive response, we will be posting these daily, from now until Valentine's Day!


When I think of FanFiction, a myriad of names come to mind - fiction bigwigs that have carved out a name and niche for themselves, but none more so than you. Your writing transcends fiction itself, and emerges a gripping blend of reeling hooks, sharp wit, and the inexplicable "x factor" that allows a story to be read again and again. You manage to produce characters that are not only enticing and funny, but also make me swallow back tears and want to come startlingly close to punching my computer screen. Your words come alive because they are the essence of real life: laughter, sadness, the discovery of love, and the loss of innocence. You have earned name recognition that is highly deserved, and given us stories to last a lifetime.


My Dearest Nolebucgrl,

Amy, did I ever tell you that you were my first fandom crush? I came in late to the scene, but made up for lost time by devouring so much fic that I started referring to my graduate school mentor as Edward instead of Eric! Well, your fics were ones that had my heart thumping, my lips smiling, and my fingers tapping away on the keyboard. Not only were you an inspiration for the first time I ever delved into any type of creative writing in my life, but you were also an immediate friend when I sought you out on my spanking new fandom twitter account. Never did you shun my nobody ass aside or brush me off. No, you and I became friends. We bonded over skype chats, movie watching, and of course, our mutual love of football. I actually think of you now as my fic sister.

I want to start by telling you how much I love your words. I’m pretty sure the loop you threw me and everyone else at the start of First and Ten was one of the best opening scenes I’ve ever read. Bella’s gift when she turns into a vampire in Sacrificial Lamb is awesome. I fell out of my chair laughing so hard at Emmett in First when he stole the Edward torso sculpture. Then there are Rainbow and Jaspy helping tame that wildman Cockyback in Sideline Collision. Your Words with Friends/Strangers had me hooked from the very start. And how could I forget the original Smugward of Innocence? There are just too many parts of your stories that I love to even mention them all.

But your fic words are only some of the things I love about you…

I love that you never welsh on a bet—and we have had a few between us over the years. The poems and author notes still make me smile. I love you for always giving a kind word to anyone who reaches out, no matter who they are. I love that I can always send you a random, crazy text and you never roll your eyes at me. At least not too much. LOL! I love you because you put helmets on your cats. I love you because you dislike Eclipse Bella as much as I do. I love you because you always have strange animals on your porch. I love you for taking over fantasy commissioner duties. I love that even though you have branched out to publish your own original works, you are still a part of this fandom where we met.

Thank you for being here. For being you. Thank you especially for being my friend.

I love you and Happy Valentine’s Day,
Heather (Twilover76)

Dear Marvar,

Writing you love letters isn’t an unfamiliar concept to me.  To be honest, I feel like the beginning of our relationship was based upon it.  Although, those letters were late night back-and-forth snapshots into a mutual infatuation with a shy girl and her teenage vampire boyfriend.

We just wanted to make them dirty.

And hilarious.

I’m pretty sure I’ve loved you from the moment we actually had a conversation.  Actually, I think I’ve loved you from the moment you told me you liked my too-long story, but that I also needed a beta.  And little did I know at the time, just how true that was.

It’s a strange thing to find yourself obsessed with a teenage book as an adult.  Well, at least it was for me back then.  I had no idea of what fandom was.  And when we met, for the longest time, you were my fandom.  I’m just so thankful to say that over the years, you’ve become even more than that.  You’re also my friend.

My very dear friend.

My very dear friend who has been there for me for so much more than Edward.

We’ve spent a great deal of time writing about relationships. And not just the romantic ones.  Some of the best things we did together were about the friendships.  Edward and Emmett, Bella and Rose.  And little pieces of those characters we developed are – no doubt – inside both of us.

I’ll never forget those late night writing sessions with you.  Times when I knew I should probably be sleeping, but instead, all I wanted to do was write and discuss a million little things.  You inspired me.  You motivated me.  You weren’t just my fic-wife.  You were my soulmate and my muse.

You helped me find the words.

And for that, I will be forever grateful.

Our lives have changed over the last five years.  We’ve moved and grown, but even though life has been challenging, I always know you’re no further away than my phone.  And beyond that, I know you’re always there for me when I need you.  I hope you know it’s the same for me – whatever you need, I’m here.

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet girl.

I hope your day is filled with love (and cock) and everything else you could possibly want.


PS: You’re amazing.

PPS:  I was going to say I love you like Snape loved Lily, but that’s not true.  There’s no secret and unrequited love here.  No, I love you like Harry loved Hermione – the love of a best friend who’s so grateful to have you on my side because you are so superior to everyone else.

CullensTwiMistress, aka Melissa Missy Gardner.

There are no words that can explain how much she means to me, but I’m going to try.

Missy and I met when I was invited into a group chat by LayAtHomeMom. Once I discovered that she was an author I quickly devoured all of her stories (though to this day I probably haven’t reviewed them all). Missy has all the qualities I look for in a best friend. She’s funny, she’s talented, she’s… amazing.

I’ll never forget the first story we wrote together, I can’t think of any other authors in the fandom who would seek out to write a story about a character’s pubic hair, going so far as to give it a name, but Missy was up for the challenge and that just made me love her even more. She just… gets me.

The next story we tackled together, and probably my favourite to date, started as a joke. Riding the packed bus home one day, I had the unfortunate pleasure of having a guy’s crotch right in my face. When I mentioned it to Missy the first words out of her mouth (fingers) was “we should totally fic that”. Seven Forty-Three was born that day.

Our style is pretty strange as far as collaborations go. Neither one of us knows what the other is writing until we log into the document the next day. Let me tell you, that can lead to some shocks *cough*Charlotte*cough*. But every word we write is dearly loved by both of us.

Two of the things I admire most about Missy are her perseverance, and her bravery. She’s recently opened her own business designing book covers and also entered the world of publishing with Fixing Ashley and the soon to come Man in the Moon. She makes me feel as if one day I can be that brave (though it’s a long way off!!!).

I am super glad that I was fortunate enough to meet Missy. She’s inspired my creativity, she’s there for me when I need to vent, or whine, or cry. She’s an amazing, wonderful, woman and I’m lucky to call her my friend.

Hopefully one day in the near future we’ll actually get to meet in person, I look forward to that day, but until that day comes I’ll happily stalk her online!


Dear VC (Vancouver-Canuck-Girl),

I’d originally started off by talking about how we “met,” but you were there—you remember. LOL. So, how about I talk about something you probably don’t  remember but that I can never forget? About a year ago, I was going through a rough time. It felt like life was already beating me up for a little bit, and then … my mom got hospitalized. I was scared out of my mind but refused to show it. You did two things: You joked right along with me. But you also saw right through me; reaching out during times I didn’t even realize I needed the support.

Strong, beautiful, and funny women like you make friendship seem so easy when we all know it’s not. I’m thankful for your words and laughs, for your support, for your unwavering kindness, and for you bringing another strong and loving woman into my life—Cappie—and that the two of you have become two of the brightest spots in my fandom days.

Thank you for everything! Happy Valentine’s Day


dearest LovelyBrutal,

firstly, i remember the way you talked about colour, all those shades and hues braided sweetly together when you fulfilled my birthday fic-wish in Purple.

then, i remember “this shelter is a silent friend, embracing without judgement, promising its unfailing protection, come what may.”

i think about spilled milk in Mens Room and broken bowls, about spinebreaker and taking little sis to get her ears pierced, about all the moments you've given Petey, and how truly, deeply proud i am of our brutal Little Stars. i think about how many others you've helped along their written paths, about how you've so meticulously cared for so many dreams that are made of other people's words, and my heart overflows at the kindness and consideration of yours.

i think about the tiniest little red heart and how prudently you gave Little Shames all she ever wanted, and between tummy-flutters and flickers of light behind my eyes, i beam, because i can't wait for everyone to see what you've given me the honor of being the first to see.

there is so, so much in and of you, that i can't wait for everyone to see.

remember the night you saved We Don't Play Fair? what you said? i still think of that sometimes when i'm stuck.

and with more long nights than i can count, you made Dusty better. you've held my hand nearly every step of the way through Iceland, and they and i would be so lost without you.

every part of you is sacred to me, and though the entire world is a better place because you're alive in it, i'm blessed to call you my girl, my best friend, my editor, my partner, my sounding board, my sparrow, truelove, and silverstarfox. my person.

you teach me more about love every day. you're part of love that grows every single day – and a puzzle piece that i know the universe sees. you leave ripples of light in every one fortunate enough to work with you, and please, don't downplay how truly inestimably important and special your quickly-slick sense of humor is. your capacity to make me and so many others laugh is one of my very favorite things about you.

that, and your love of, penchant for, and seriously enviable way with metaphors.

you, poetess made of morning glories and living by the moon, you and how you see into speakers and interpret songs, you, and how you smile and the sound of it, you, best human being i know, you -

inspire me day after day after day.

your stem is the strongest and most beautiful i have ever known.

you're no stranger here.

not with me.

you, are my shelter.

your roots have taken up in my heart, and you, love, are my gravity and joy. you're the bluest light and my favorite poem, and


i adore you, babyblue.

je suis nee pour elle aimer,

and i love you always and all ways,


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