Monday, November 24, 2014

What we're reading in TLS this week:

Things we are thankful for this week: family, friends and fanfic!  We have a mixture of old and new recs for you to check out this Thanksgiving week. We hope you find a few favorites like we did and will pay it forward by letting the author know where you saw them recommended.  Take a moment to express your gratitude and leave them some love.
Happy reading!

♥ Nic & Six  

Deep in the Heart of Me by Counselor-rec'd by Everyfreakinbody!
Opens in 1934. Tonio is oldest of nine, farmboy. Sobe is the new lawman's daughter. She shows up at Tonio's school. What seems inevitable quickly becomes impossible. Rated M

Follow The Sun by MissWinkles-rec'd by Evilnat
Sometimes you have to stop thinking with your head and listen to your heart, follow which way the wind blows and dream with abandon. Because tomorrow is a brand new day, and who knows what it will bring. E/B. Rated M

Gothic by Author-self-insert-rec'd by Cappricorn75
Ten years ago, Edward was accused of murder and Bella was his alibi. Now, the murder remains unsolved and Bella hates Edward. Can a penchant for gothic mystery, a hearty dose of lingering hostility and the desire for a clean conscience really be enough to right old wrongs? Rated M

I Belong With You by Twilightladies-rec'd by Nic
In those moments, I realize it's over. Planning to follow you to the same college is not an option. I can't be near you and watch you love another. With one last glance at my past, I turn and go back the way I came. I don't see you turning around or the smile that falls from your face when you see me. Rated M

In the Woods by Oprah Winfrey-rec'd by Jessica M/Edmazing
A serious case of writer's block, an isolated cabin in the mountains, and a mysterious, surly stranger who is not looking for company. Mature Content. Very AU. Rated M

Jurisdiction by StillDreaming85-rec'd by Sherry N.
War has ripped the world apart and Bella is living in one of the few cities left in the States. Life is cruel, there is no freedom, food is scarce, and a few people hold all the power. Will Bella be able to survive? Will Edward be able to save her from Mike's snare? Rated M

Love and the Wild by Colleen Alize-rec'd by Cared Cullen
She wasn't your typical girl, and he wasn't your typical guy. She found him, or he found her? They found each other? Twilight-Tarzan mashup! If you're expecting the disney classic, this isn't it! #Tarzanward. Rated M

Luckless by NinaQ-rec'd by Edmazing
Everything about her was the same. Even after all these years, he'd recognized her, but it made no sense. There was no way she was the same woman. It couldn't be. He had watched her die. Rated M

Opprobrium by Perpetually-rec'd by Cappricorn75
He's going to ruin her just like how she watched everything disintegrate into debris for him. His revenge will be worthwhile until he sees only gentleness in her eyes. Rated M

Ray of Light by Awish0921-rec'd by Nic/Sixdlb5
As a single father of three daughters, Edward thinks everything is fine with his family. New to a small town, Bella is running from her own heartache. Can two strangers help each other face the things they have been too scared to face on their own? Rated M

Release by Writingbabe-rec'd by Nic
Ten years after Edward and Alice abandoned her, Bella returns to Forks. What brings Alice to her door? Why has Edward moved into the Cullens' old house? And who helps Bella escape her painful past-in his playroom? Rated M

Re-Shaping Hearts by GemmaH-rec'd by Cappricorn75/Nic
It's one thing to be infatuated with your almost brother-in-law, it's another altogether when he reaches out to you and offers to make your fantasies a reality. Hearts don't get broken in fantasies though. Rated M

Ride by Kris Salvador-rec'd by Remmy
Bella wanted to fulfill a fantasy - to be groped inside a crowded train. She gets her wish and more, when a sex-starved ex-convict decides she's fair game. Rated M

Sea Salt by SparrowNotes24-rec'd by Nic/VampiresHaveLaws
Describe yourself in three words. That's how I found myself beside the ocean, with sea salt tangled hair, sun kissed by a boy who showed me the answers. The boy in the shadows. The boy in the shade. Rated M

Served Cold by Lolo84-rec'd by Cappricorn75/Nic
Edward thought the trip to Hawaii was a way to reconcile with his ex-wife; get to know her family. But when a past betrayal comes to light, he decides it may be time to dish up a little payback. Little does he know, her goddaughter—who's harbored a grudge for the better part of a decade—feels the same. And you know how revenge is best served. Rated M

The Age of Innocence by Pattyrose-rec'd by Nic
On the eve of the Second World War, young Isabella has been taken from all she knows and is now stepdaughter to one of the richest men in America. Spending her summers in Washington State, she's unaware that this is where she & a young boy will find their fate, where childhood friendship will mature into the fiercest love: a love that must endure the end of innocence. Rated M

The Flower Girl by Winterhorses-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
As a florist, Isabella plays a role in many significant events, interacting with people during their best moments and their worst. She keeps a part of herself emotionally protected—until pediatrician doctor Edward Cullen and his significant other move into town. Soon, she realizes that doing her job will mean causing her own heart pain. Rated M

The Sun Must Set to Rise by DazzlinSparkle05-recd' by Cappricorn75
Edward, a wealthy CEO hits a snag in his life. He is given a do over and learns that maybe second chances really are enough, but there are consequences. A/H, A/U Rated M

The Tutor by ItzMegan73-rec'd by Sixdlb5
New student Bella Swan needs to break out of her shy exterior and her guidance counselor has the answer: tutoring. And Bella is too new to know she shouldn’t want to tutor Edward Cullen. Rated M

This Girl's Life by Staceleo-rec'd by Everyfreakingbody!
Flannels, candy necklaces, Nirvana and a desire for independence for a girl on the cusp of adulthood. He was the mystery that drew her in and the possibility of happiness or sorrow depending on his whims. Inspired by My So-Called Life. Rated M

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