Monday, August 18, 2014

What we're reading in TLS this week:

We have a diverse variety of fic choices to improve your Monday. We have some fledgling fics, some established ones capturing our attention with every update, and some old faithfuls we are revisiting. Whatever your taste in fic, we have a sample of something just for you! We hope you enjoy these as much as we have. Be sure to let the author know where you saw them rec'd, when you leave them some love. Happy Reading!

♥ Nic & Six  

Against the Odds by Knicnort3-rec'd by Sherry N.
When her brother Emmett is diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia, Bella attempts to save him by secretly embarking on a radical scheme involving his best friend Edward. As their plan proceeds, Bella and Edward must deal with the repercussions of their actions and a love they were never expecting. Rated M

Alaska by Anton M-rec'd by Staceleo
Bella has a cotton candy romance going on with her taciturn best friend. In her head. So after two years of hearing about Edward's home, Bella pays a visit to Alaska. Rated M

Angel Is A Centerfold by LyricalKris-rec'd by Nic/Sixdlb5
The Madonna-whore complex. The idea that women's sexual expression is limited to being virginal or being degraded. Or lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets? Pffft. Where's the fun in that? Rated M

Bella of Victoria by DH78-rec'd by Midnight Cougar
Kindred spirits, family, and love... she finally had it all. Her stubbornness may have caused her to lose the one who knows her best. A story about growing up and growing love. Rated M

Cadillac by ThisIsReallyHappening-rec'd by VampsHaveLaws
He once told me I stared at the sun too long. "You keep looking, Dimples, and you're gonna miss the one thing that rises and shines for you." He was right. Rated M

Counsel by Write Sisters-rec'd by Sixdlb5
Known as Counsel to his friends, bastard or worse to his enemies, Edward is set to prosecute a case against, Jasper, a college friend and politician. Jasper engages another friend, James as his lawyer. Isabella, a key witness, becomes involved with all three. Can she navigate a path between these ruthless men, and will the mens' friendship survive? Rated M

Dark Paradise by Allihavetodoisdream-rec'd by VampsHaveLaws
She lives in a make-believe world of open roads and endless freedom to escape an addiction-riddled mother and a grabby older man with sick intentions. Adrift in a place of uncaring hearts, she makes her getaway. She finds a ratty old motel, late night smokes, a new life, and a boy with a past as clouded as her own. A boy with a dark gentleness too beautiful to ignore. Rated M

Facebook Friends by GreenPuma-rec'd by Edmazing
Bella is shocked when her sexy but standoffish lab partner, Edward, friends her on Facebook. Will Alice, convince her to accept Edward's friend request? Or will she write it off as a prank of the conceited, spoiled rich kid she knows him to be? Rated M

Fill Me With Your Poison by Nolebucgrl-rec'd by Nic
Bella Swan's intrigued by vampires. Edward Cullen's bored and alone. What happens when they meet? Rated M

Forget Her Not by CrimsonHarps-rec'd by Nic/Fanfic Maplestyle
Bella has hated Edward for years, but thanks to a recent head injury, she doesn't seem to remember who he is let alone her feelings of intense hatred. Meanwhile, Edward decides to have some fun with his favorite adversary when the opportunity arises. What's a girl who can't remember supposed to do when her sworn enemy claims they've secretly been friends with benefits for months? Rated M

Halfway to Anywhere by SydneyAlice-rec'd by VampsHaveLaws
Life on the streets is hard. Life on the run is even harder. Two troubled teenagers try to escape their horrific pasts in hopes of a brighter future. Rated M

Heart's Desire by Daisyandphoebe-rec'd by Cappricorn75
Bella's life, predictable and streaked with poor timing, can use a re-landscape. The decision to make some changes brings with it an old friend. The boy who had pulled up a chair, opened a sketch pad, and infiltrated her mind for four years stands, now a man, behind her screen. But inviting him in is not as simple as opening the door. Rated M

Hooked Up and Locked Down by Layathomemom-rec'd by Nic
All he wants is a distraction. And a distraction is what he gets when a night out with friends leads to a steamy hook-up. Of course, sometimes things look different in the morning... but that's the trouble with one-night stands in locked down Boston. Rated M

Lessons of a MPW by Christie Hart-rec'd by Fanfic Maplestyle
Four guys. Four babies on the way. One house, and one very mad, pregnant woman. Rated M

Love Like Crazy by JiffyKate-rec'd by Nic
After meeting Edward, Bella thought her life would finally calm down, but nothing could prepare her for what happens next. Life takes a crazy turn and she realizes that the best revenge is moving on. *sequel to Crazy Good* Rated M

Make Your Own Kind of Music by Lazykate-rec'd by Nic
True love always conquers all...but in the real world, can Edward handle what Bella has chosen to do for those she loves? Rated M

Pen Pals by Greye Granger-rec'd by Evilnat
After being pen pals for years, Bella and Edward had planned to meet during the fall of 2014. Unfortunately, they lost touch, and now Bella is making the trip cross country to see him. Will Edward be there? Will he have moved on entirely? Rated M

Son of a Preacher Man by LaViePastiche-rec'd by VampsHaveLaws
The wild son of a famous televangelist, Jasper likes to love ‘em and leave ‘em. Will he meet his match in Bella, who’s in love with his sister’s boyfriend Edward? And what happens when Edward finally notices her? Rated M

The Resolution by Coldplaywhore-rec'd by Nic
Bella is coming out of her shell with the help of her two best friends, Rosalie and Alice. All three girls have visions of falling for the popular boys, but when Bella's life is turned upside down, will Edward be able to help her? Will he even want to? Rated M

Unexpected by RockRaven244-rec'd by Nic
An unexpected event throws Bella into the hands of the Chicago mob. Can Bella accept the path her new life is taking? And how will Edward come to terms with the idea that he is responsible for Bella's safety? Rated M

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