Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Lemon Drops: 8/14/14

Who's up for some Thursday thrusting? I'm serving up a hot, hot, hot batch of single serving reads. Enjoy 'em and please remember to leave your authors some love.

A Love Like This by Brits23
Bella's life changes in a heartbeat when she meets a beautiful, shy Edward Cullen at a summer concert. Before they get a chance to start, a shocking discovery has them questioning every thing…everything except the way they feel for one another. Edward is her teacher. Bella is his student. Fiction M - Romance/Angst - Edward, Bella - Words: 11,618

Admit it, whether you had a drool worthy prof or not, the hot for teacher fantasy is real. Is it the rebellious rush? The advantages of an experience lover? Read and decide for yourself. 

Broken Strings by Stella Luna Sky
Bella Swan goes to a local bar to watch a band for her media class. She doesn't expect to be moved by the voice - much less the man behind the voice. She only has two weeks with him, and choosing wisely has never been her forte. M for... you know. Fiction M - Romance - Words: 8,032

There is something sexy about musicians. That passion, that control, that spark. And Broken Strings is filed with that wow factor. 

Lust by planetblue
My take on the sin for the SALIGIA compilation: "Seven sinful one shots from seven of the Twilight fandom's most sinful." Fiction M - Bella, Edward - Words: 10,054

A query was floating around facebook the other day asking who wrote the best lemons and Planetblue's name was alllll over that thread. Come see what all the fuss is about. 

The Neighbor byMalloryKnoxx
"I'm standing here with my face pressed against my door looking through the peephole at my neighbor...I wonder if she knows I'm watching". BXE PWP One big lemon
Rated: Fiction M - English - Bella, Edward - Words: 3,433

This one starts off steamy and only gets better. What's better than lusting after your neighbor? Having it be mutual, of course. 

The Truth According to Tumblr by nikkipattinson
I was completely addicted to his blog. I woke to it every morning and went to bed with it every night. He was the man of my fantasies and then I asked him a mundane question…. BxE
Fiction M - Humor/Romance - Bella, Edward - Words: 22,640

Holy hell, ladies. This right here? This is social media fantasy at. Its. Best. Teasing, flirting, want, and follow through- it is all there and then some.


  1. Oh my I fell in love with the recommendation from this week - A Love Like This. Thinking it was a one shot, I read it and then get to the last part and it says "to be continued" but that was in 2012. I am devastated that the readers read this without knowing it wasn't complete and most likely will never be complete based on the fact the author has pulled her stories it seems. Wish we could get a little warning in the future. Does anyone know if the author is likely to finish it?

  2. Oh babe, I'm sorry you felt frustrated. I included it because after two years I kinda consider it an open ended oneshot rather than an abandoned story, but maybe that's just the optimist in me. lol Thanks for reading and I'll try to make note of anything similar in the future.