Monday, July 14, 2014

The Lemon Drops: 7/14/14

Looking for some extra heat for your summertime reads? Good because we've got an assortment of treats for you that have one thing in common- they're all hot, hot, hot. 
Enjoy and please remember to leave your authors some love. 

Burn by vixen1836
After years of war and unrequited love, an Infantryman returns from the front, reuniting with the only girl he ever wanted. RATED M. Officer and a Gentleman Contest Judge's Choice Winner. Fiction M - Romance - Bella, Edward - Words: 5,439

I absolutely adored the romance and longing in this historical fic. 

Inside Out: The One-Shot by RobzBeanie
Bella knows she isn't what her best friend Edward is looking for in a partner. But could a handful of fateful invitations turn everything she thinks she knows inside out? ** FRIENDS TO LOVERS CONTEST WINNER - First Place Judges' Score, Third Place Public Vote, Judge's Favorite from Jadalulu & sparklymeg, Best Citrus, Most Potential For Full Story ** Fiction M - Romance/Drama - Bella, Edward - Chapters: 2 - Words: 14,719

Sweet and sexxxy. A definite must read.

Needing My Saviour by sweetxsugar
Alice is emotionally exhausted from her day and needs Bella's love to take care of her. Includes mostly sensual and hot love making. All-human. One-Shot. Alice & Bella. Enjoy... Fiction M - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Alice, Bella - Words: 3,781

I think we had a request for some femslash, so ask and you shall receive. ;)

Sailing Into the Future by compass54
An unexpected proposal of marriage makes Bella wonder if she has experienced enough of life to accept. A vacation in Europe gives her the chance to live by her own rules. Throw Edward into the mix on a sailboat in the Riviera. A one-shot for Maplestyle's birthday. Fiction M - Romance - Bella, Edward, Emmett, Jasper - Words: 14,373

Compass has given you a great story with a bit of a twist. So vivid and amazing! 

Scream by BrownBel
Bella's getting ready for work when her beau pulls her in for a steamy, rough, morning session. "Remember how you made me scream last night? Do it again." Hot little one-shot. Fiction M - Romance - Bella, Jasper - Words: 1,809

This one's hot from start to finish. Woo-ee. 

Serendipity by dolphin62598
Neither were looking for love. Neither were looking for a relationship. Both found they couldn't resist once they actually met. BxE, AH/AU  Fiction M - English - Romance - Bella, Edward - Words: 9,164

Lust at first sight that is made better with heaps of denial and UST. Yum.

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  1. thank you for the femslash rec. and more, please :)