Monday, March 17, 2014

What we're reading in TLS this week:

We could not get ENOUGH of these stories lately and wanted to share them with you. We've read them, discussed them, dissected them and sometimes even read them again! Check out these amazing stories and leave the authors some love via pm or review. Let them know you saw them featured on the TLS Rec page!! Happy Reading!

♥ Nic & Six

Affettuoso by Twiwifelife-rec'd by Cared Cullen
"My name's Bella Swan & I'm a 19 year old wanderer. Most people would refer to me as homeless, but I'm a forever optimist." After suffering a great loss, Bella is forced into a life of destitution. Having experienced his own misfortunes, Edward is barely keeping his head above water. When their worlds collide, will they be able to save each other? Or will it be too late? AH Rated M

Bachman Twilight by Mortissues-rec'd by Susan Q Susan
Four love stories and centuries of drama combine to create a unique family. Rated M

Blind Ambition by IdPattThat-rec'd by Cappricorn75
He didn't know his life was missing anything…until he met her. Out of sight doesn't necessarily mean out of mind. Rated M

Dank by Nadiak-rec'd by Nic
She wants a thrill and she finds it in the bad boy from the dangerous side of the tracks. Watch them both intertwine themselves into worlds they never even belonged in. Learning the best lesson there is. We're all different but yet the same. Rated M

Free My Heart by CaptiveAzure-rec'd by Nic
Edward gave in to Tanya, even though he doesn't love her before they moved to Forks and is publicly in a relationship with her, sick of being the only singleton in his coupled family. Bella isn't as introverted, or as much as a good girl as she is in the books. Strongly OOC. Rated M

Go Fish by Rubyblue9696-rec’d by Cappricorn75
Life may seem mapped out and on the straight-and-narrow, but just when you think you see your own big picture, fate comes in to play with an animated deck of cards and tells you, simply, to please 'go fish'. Who knew it would all start with a can of worms? WARNING: Over 18 Only for Language/Lemons. Rated M

Good Times at Masen's by Isannah-rec'd by Nic
Good drinks, good food, and good company. That's what makes Good Times the place to be. What happens when Bella Swan offers owner Edward Masen more? Rated M

In the Woods by Oprah Winfrey-rec'd by Edmazing/Twific Crackmum
A serious case of writer's block, an isolated cabin in the mountains, and a mysterious, surly stranger who is not looking for company. Mature Content. Very AU. Rated M

Irrevocable Trust by Shellyduran-rec'd by Twific Crackmum
The Cullen children are adult trust fund babies; dependent on company CFO Bella Swan to keep them in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. Prodigal son Edward returns to claim his rightful place as the next CEO just as the Cullens' world is set to crumble. Can he trust Bella? Rated M

Jurisdiction by StillDreaming85-rec'd by Nic
War has ripped the world apart and Bella is living in one of the few cities left in the States. Life is cruel, there is no freedom, food is scarce, and a few people hold all the power. Will Bella be able to survive? Will Edward be able to save her from Mike's snare? Rated M

Love Me or Leave Me by Tiffanyanne3-rec'd by Evilnat
Bella Swan changed her ideals for a guy...who then dumped her in the middle of a mall. Enter Edward Cullen, who tries to convince her that she's not the type who should be loved and left. Rated M

Malice in the Garden by Ooza-rec'd by Mariahjile
The sequel to HERE IN THE GARDEN OF SIN. After being changed against her will, Bella struggles to adjust to life as a vampire. The hurdles she faces go beyond bloodlust, and her new perspective leaves her feeling torn between old morals and new desires. Edward fights to win her over, but when his world is threatened, he realizes there's more to lose than her heart. Rated M

Operation: Break the Dawn by Katinki-rec'd by Evilnat
An experimental weapon, one of the most lethal chemicals ever created, has been stolen. Its final destination is unknown, but there's no doubt the powerful faction behind the theft is intent on one thing: War. But they didn't count on a fight. A team of Marines, led by Capt. Edward Cullen and accompanied by Dr. Isabella Swan, isn't about to let the world go up in flames. AH. Rated M

Rest My Soul by MrsSpaceCowboy-rec'd by Nic/VampiresHaveLaws
On opposite corners of Third Street and Beale, two lonely people fight to stay that way. Her scars are on the surface, soft on her skin and in her eyes. His run bone-deep, seeped in bourbon and blues. EPOV. Rated M

Restoration by Elise de Sallier-rec'd by Edmazing
Resigned to her lonely fate, Bella risks her life to rescue a man left for dead by enemy soldiers. Edward turns out to be a little more than she bargained for, his presence awakening dangerous desires and inspiring dreams that could change her life—and the course of a Kingdom—forever. Loosely inspired by Cinderella. Rated M

Royal Duty by LiveInDakota-rec'd by Evilnat
Life as a princess isn't a fairytale like they would lead you to believe. Sometimes decisions are made you don't like. Sometimes you don't have a choice at all. Barely out of school, it seems Bella's future has already been decided, with a marriage she doesn't want and a nation she doesn't know how to rule, but not everything is at it seems, and Edward Masen is no exception. E/B. Rated M

Secrets by HelliesWorld-rec'd by Nic
Some kids are cool, some kids aren't. Edward and Bella have a secret relationship.
Rated M

The Donor by Alchemilla mollis-rec'd by Nic
Novelist Isabella M. Swan is pushing thirty and seeking fertility treatment. Her vampire husband can't exactly contribute. Bella tests the limits of Edward's devotion when she plays off colleagues, fans, and her husband's trust in order to achieve her goal. Rated M

The Invisible Line by Littlecat358-rec'd by Nic
Edward and Bella, friends since high school, are very close. So close, that the line between friendship and something more is often blurred. Will they ever cross the line or will they always teeter on the edge of what could be? Rated M

This Side of the Equator by Jaxington-rec'd by Missus T
On that side of the Equator a six year age difference is nothing, just a number that loses meaning in the face of adventures and shared interests and long bus rides. But on this side of the Equator, in Forks Washington where Bella is a teacher, six years are everything, an impenetrable barrier that makes life impossible when Edward Cullen shows up as an exchange student. Rated M


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