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TLS Fics of the Week 9/31/13-10/7/13: The Fab Five Are Up!

Copy Room by Edward's Eternal
Sometimes flippant words are really the truth spoken out loud. What happens when someone overhears you and decides to give you what you secretly want but never knew? When Bella Swan says something in jest, it's how it's perceived and transferred to the Copy Room that is important. Adult situations and strong language. Rated M

Review by: Midnight Cougar

It was earlier this year, when Edward’s Eternal sent me the first draft chapter of Copy Room to pre-read, and to say I was blown away would be an understatement. I was immediately drawn into the intricate way this “fantasy”—as in Bella’s sexual fantasy—story would play out. Even though the plot and characters are undeniably out of Edward’s Eternal’s “normal” Edward and Bella persona realm, Copy Room has been very well received by her readers, with over 2000 reviews at only 8 chapters, and now having won of Fic of the Week!

The summary highlights the crux of the story, hinting at the OOC Bella and Edward being portrayed: “Bella Swan says something in jest; it's how it's perceived and transferred to the Copy Room that is important.”  Bella, while having some canon traits, like the “she doesn’t see herself clearly” ideal and typical insecurities, has a vivid imagination and a strong opinion on what she needs in her life…sexually. She speaks her mind bluntly, and goes way out of her comfort zone to fulfill those expressed needs. The male lead—name/identity unknown until chapter 7—is a dominant, sexy man in the darkness of the copy room; he knows what he wants and goes after her with vigor when he sees a prime opportunity. It’s all of these elements, and more, that make for one hell of a sexually-charged and consuming story, where readers wait anxiously for updates!

Bella works as a PA in a busy office. Her boss, James, is not confident in the security of today’s technology, causing Bella to have to use a private copy room on a regular basis…and this is where all the action *wink* takes place. But this is not where it all started… Bella was burned by an ex-boyfriend who cheated on her, and it’s her fragile self-esteem that keeps her feeling “invisible” as she tells her co-worker and close friend, Rose, in the lunch room one day…

I shook my head. "I haven't had a date in over a year, Rose. Try imagining that."

Rose leaned across the table and gripped my hand. "After the disaster with Riley, that's hardly surprising, Bella. But you need to get out there again. Show yourself off."

"Yeah, right. There's nothing to show, Rose." I looked down at my lap and shrugged before glancing back up at her. "I'm plain. Invisible. And that's just how it is for me."

But is Bella really as “invisible” to those around her as she thinks?

Sighing, I gathered my pile of copying and went down the hall. I set up the copier and sat down, waiting for the collated piles to start appearing. My phone buzzed in my pocket, signalling a new text. I pulled it out, frowning at the unknown number. My eyes widened as I read the text.

You're not invisible.

I see you.

And I think you're beautiful.

*swoon* So, someone obviously “sees” Bella, and wants her to know she is more than her own self-perception, but the question is: who could this be? At this point, Bella has no idea—and neither do the readers—and it’s this element of mystery that really heat up in the copy room—in more ways than one—after Bella expresses to Rose exactly how she’d like her next “encounter” with the opposite sex to play out…

Angrily, I turned to Rose. "I don't need a boyfriend to get laid," I hissed at her.

Her eyebrows shot up. "Are we talking self-love or are you planning on using an escort service, Bella?"

I leaned forward, glaring at her and keeping my voice low. "Maybe that's what I want, Rose. Sex with no strings. Maybe sex with a stranger." I leaned back in my chair, enjoying the surprised look on her face. "Yeah," I mused. "Hot, fast, hard sex with a stranger. Somewhere dark. No names. No strings. Just …" I lowered my voice further. "Hot. Dirty. Fucking."

Oh, really, Bella? Well, let’s see what we—or should I say our mystery texter—can do about that…

…the room suddenly went black.

For a second I stood there, confused. The copier was still working, how could the lights go off? A noise right behind me startled me but before I could move a pair of hands gripped my waist.

I gasped as the hands pulled me backward and I felt the hard planes of a well-defined chest pressed against my back. Warm breath drifted across my cheek as a low, rough voice whispered in my ear.

"Is this what you wanted?"

"What?" I whispered, a shudder running through me. "Who are you? What … what do you want?"

The voice chuckled, a deep, rumbling noise. "No names, remember? You said a stranger …"

A small whimper escaped my throat. Someone had heard my flippant words to Rose.

Warm lips grazed up my neck. "You know what I want. I know what you want. Tell me, Isabella," the voice demanded softly. "Is the room dark enough?"

"D… dark enough?"

A warm, wet tongue traced my earlobe. Another deep chuckle sounded in my ear as I shivered and I felt the hands on my waist tighten.

"Dark enough for me to fuck you?"

*fans self* “And so it begins... M for a reason...” as Edward’s Eternal says. It looks like Bella’s fantasy could become reality…if that is what she does indeed desire. So, if you want to experience for yourself how this romantically sexy story unfolds, and if you dare to live vicariously through Bella, and have your, I mean Bella’s, sexual fantasy fulfilled, I suggest you turn up the air conditioning before you begin reading, because things are getting downright fucking steamy in the darkness of the Copy Room!

The Princess And The Playboy by Kymbersmith90
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* banner courtesy of Frozen Soldier

Me and Mom Fall in Love With Edward by Counselor
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Crash Zone by JiffyKate
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*banner courtesy of Jaime Arkins
Tension by Ta Paixao
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  1. Wow - that review made me want to read the story Mid-Night Cougar - and I wrote it!
    Thank you my friend - your words honour me!
    Edward's Eternal

  2. They make me want to read it too! Thanks for adding to my TBR list!