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TLS Fics of the Week 10/22/13-10/28/13

One-Night Stand in Locked-Down London by BlueIsSoul
A disinterested, paranoid girl. A wealthy journalist with only one thing on his mind. Too much alcohol. A serial killer on the loose. Here's the problem with a one-night stand in locked-down London. Rated M

Reviewed by: PlanetBlue

Some of us have experienced that awkward moment when your one-night stand becomes, well, over and you have to decide how to exit the situation.

For Edward, a self-assured, cocky and womanizing Londoner, a hookup that started in a pub turns out to be one that lasts a little longer than anticipated, due to the lockdown of an entire city because of an escaped serial killer. Which, of course, he won’t discover until the fun is over.

His other problem? His choice is a super snarky and paranoid Bella, who fears the serial killer is lurking around every corner. Despite this, he finds himself strangely drawn to her, regardless of what his self-written “rules” tells him he should do.

"Charlie - my dad - tried to take me to the doctor, because he thought it could be a real issue or something. I don't go though. I mean, I'll be labeled, and that's when things become concrete.It's almost like then I'll really have something,you know what I mean?"

"Like a diagnosis?"


"…of paranoia?"

She nods. "Yeah."

I take a sip from my pint. What do you say to someone who's kind of admitted they choose not to go the doctor because they think they might possibly be crazy?


So I say just that.


"Then I fixate... on things,people," she says conversationally, "men mainly."


My psycho-chick-homing-device explodes.


There are alarms blaring and shit.

Get set, Edward. Go.

Run for your life.

I'm still here though.

As insane as she appears to be, our bloke Edward thinks there’s something he likes about her brand of crazy and decides that spending the night with her is a great idea. He soon finds himself in her flat having the hookup of his life.

"Your turn."I raise an eyebrow and she pushes off my shoulders, and all of a sudden pulls off me. I watch as she does a 180 so her back is in front of me, gets down on her elbows and grabs my dick from in front.


I shuffle forward. She holds me in her small fist, bringing me to the entrance of her beautiful pussy and leaves me there, stranded.

She pushes backward and my breath hitches at the exquisite sight before me. "Bella… you're…beautiful." My dicks rests at her wet folds, and then I pause.

Does she want me to take her fast and hard? Or maybe slow and thorough? It's only a second of self doubt, yet it's strange because, hell, I don't suffer self doubt. I never question myself when it comes to this.

Challenging eyes meet mine as she looks back at me, smiling she says, "Well… what are you waiting for?"

"Patience,princess," I murmur, dipping my tip into her. "Good things come to those who wait."

Her face is turned to the side so I can see the way she closes her eyes as I push in a tiny bit and then pull out, teasing, playing, watching. Each time sinking in a little more,her noises becoming more and more ferocious with each time we meet.

She's begging."Edward, please, please…."

Her ass moves backward and moves around, searching for me as I pull away. I let her find me, and place me against her sweet pussy, before pulling back again.

She lets out a frustrated growl.

"Oh bloody hell, Edward," she complains in a whiny voice. "No teasing."

I roll my eyes. This is coming from Queen Tease herself. We are going to play a little. "Ask for it," I demand huskily, running my hand down her spine and squeezing a butt cheek.

"Ah," She whimpers. "I - I want you inside me."

 "Like this?"I dip into her.

"Yes, she whispers throatily. "I… I want more of you."

I slip in some more.

The sexy times are a bonus, as the witty banter between these two getting to the fun part of the evening is what really draws you in. They’re in fight mode from the get go, yet have an unquestionable pull towards each other. As a reader, you’ll love watching them try to navigate between their warring words and lustful bodies.

The sprinkling of British idiosyncrasies,language, and slang really makes you feel like you’re across the pond with them, and BlueIsSoul does a great job of mixing banter, sex, and humor into one enjoyable ride.

And let’s not forget what Edward now has to contend with:

I give it to her soft,hard and too much, until I ache all over because I don't want her to remember me as just any one-night stand guy. I want to be THE one-night stand guy.

And for once in my one-night encounter history, I don't spend any part of the night plotting howto escape the next morning.


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Not a Little Girl by Mylisssa
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