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What exactly is a Flash-Fic? It's pretty much a spur of the moment, tiny story, prompted by words, images or silliness. Not sure if you've ever been on twitter when this has happened, but it's pretty awesome when it does. It also happens often in threads, with a combination of people contributing. 

How does it work? Each Friday one admin of TLS posts a picture prompt here to the blog. Using this image, entries are created by commenting on this post. Submissions must be 100-300 words ONLY. No more, no less. The entries are then judged and we post the winners here, each Friday, to share with all of you.


You will have until next Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST to submit your entry.

Picture prompt and judge this week is Jaime Arkin.

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This feature is open to everyone, so come one, come all!


Word count: 300

“I love you.”

My words are whispered against Edward’s cheek while I trace my thumb along the arch of his eyebrow. His eyelids flutter but don’t open. Skimming my fingers from his temple down to his jaw, I chuckle when he twitches, trying to escape my slumber-threatening caress.

Since he moved over to share my pillow sometime during the night, we’re nose-to-nose as I study him in the early morning light. Against the white sheets, his face is tan, relaxed. Peaceful. I should let him sleep, but…

I press my lips to his. “I love you.”

Still not quite awake, he mumbles my name and rolls away to lie on his back. Determined, I carefully pull the sheet down, and then crawl over him, hovering on all fours, trapping him underneath me.

Dipping my tongue into his navel, my hair falls forward to brush his skin. As I kiss a path up his abs, he grips the hanging strands, pushing them away from my face.

“You’re not gonna let me sleep, are you?” His deep, raspy voice sends a wave of desire pulsing through me. “What are vacations for?”

Raising my eyes to meet his, I smile playfully. “Fucking?”

Laughing, he sits us both upright, wrapping one arm around my bare back to steady me.

“And getting engaged.”

Tears spring to my eyes as he takes my left hand, tenderly fingering the ring he put there last night.

Gentle kisses quickly turn frantic, and when he shifts me off his lap, I know what he wants.

“Roll over, baby.”

Lying on my stomach, I moan as he fills me again and again. Covering me, he thrusts faster, sliding his fingers between mine. Neck arched, I cry out in pleasure.

Against my ear, he finally answers. “I love you, too, Bella.”

300 words

Your lips don’t kiss. They bruise and punish, suck at my skin until I’m covered in lovebites so dark there’s no love in them at all. Your hands are rough, your touch so careless that I wonder if you know what it means to be soft. You insist on being behind me when we have sex, and I tell myself it’s the position you like rather than the anonymity. Your hips thrust so hard I know there will be bruises on the back of my thighs all week. I know that I’ll feel you each time I sit - as if I don’t think about you often enough anyway.

I lay face down in a comforter that smells like another woman as you fuck me, because that’s the only word there is to describe the way you take pleasure from my body as though you’re owed it. Your weight pushes mine down into the mattress, your rhythm never faltering even as we fall. I thought I was past falling for you.

There’s a moment when your hands cover mine that I think, “This is it. This is when you start loving me back,” except all you actually do is admonish me for wrinkling the sheets. And then I remember that you have no love left - that you save it all for your wife and leave me with nothing but hate.

Your cock fills me, but I can’t remember a time I felt so empty.

You pull out roughly once you’ve come, disposing of the condom and shutting yourself in the bathroom. This has always been my cue to leave.

Except this time, I leave a note under your wife’s pillow before I walk out of your house for the last time.

Revenge doesn’t taste as sweet as I’d hoped.

Word count: 300

Face down.

Ass up.

This is my favorite position. You don’t complain.

I love and crave the way your body covers mine—the way you dominate me.

The intimacy of missionary has its merits as well, sure. And you love it when I get on top. But there’s something about this way.

It’s carnal.


I fucking need it.
Your skin slaps against mine, your hips to my ass. Your fingers dig into the fleshiest part of my hips as you plunge your cock into me in a hard but steady rhythm.

You do my most favorite thing. You lay your torso over mine, caging me.

My hands are fisting the sheets as your cock hits that spot inside that makes white spots dance across my vision.

You lace your fingers with mine, dropping hot kisses onto the back of my neck.

You’ve already made me come three times tonight—once with your tongue alone, once with your tongue and fingers working in tandem, and once while I rode your cock on your wife’s precious $5,000 Italian leather sofa.

My walls begin to flutter around you again, and you whisper hotly into my ear, “Don’t you dare come again. It’s my turn now.”

Your grip around my fingers tightens as your hips pound into me relentlessly.

I shatter around you just as you shudder and falter.

Sated, we fall together, your body still covering mine.

I relish your weight on me.

Moments later, you’re up and disposing of the condom. You slap my ass, and I giggle.

“You’d better go, beautiful. She’ll be home any minute.”

I give you my best pout but get dressed anyway. You kiss me passionately at the door, and I have no doubt of your love.

You’re leaving your wife next month.

I just know it.

258 words

What was it about last night?

We were both in rare form. When have I ever been more engrossed in a television show than you? When have you ever been so... needy feels like the wrong word. Demanding, perhaps. You were demanding of my attention, and when I didn’t give it to you...

When I ignored the way you started to press little kisses to my cheek, when I moved your hand off my thigh, you straddled me right there on the couch. That got my attention. There isn’t anything on television that’s better than your tits in my face, your fingers in my hair, and your ass sliding over my lap.

But baby, I was watching that. My minx. My beautiful brat.

Turnabout is fair play, love.

I know how much you love your sleep. You’re not a morning person. The way you sleep on your belly, your arms grabbing the pillow as if for dear life -- it’s adorable. I could watch you for hours.

But not today.

No. Today I steal your covers. You hate the cold, don’t you? But I’ll warm you up right quick. Just like this, with my hand between your legs. And you’re trying to get away, trying to get back to your blankets and sleep. But then your curses turn to moans and your shivers to sighs. That’s when I slide into you. Deep. Quick. You lift your head. I kiss your neck.

I didn’t really mind missing my show, and we may make a morning person of you yet.

The Lemonade Stand would like to also thank all of the participants. We thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the entries!


  1. Sharon Henderson
    300 words

    I love early morning sex.

    We’re usually frantic, ripping at each other’s clothes. Nipping, biting, sucking hard. Fucking harder.

    But here, just as it’s daylight, it’s so tender. Soft. Slow. His tongue dipping in my mouth in time with his fingers rubbing my pussy.

    He’s teasing. He knows I want his fingers inside. He cups my breast, knowing I want him to play with my nipple. But he won’t. Not yet.

    I try to be patient, to not beg, not rush. But, I can’t quiet my moans. I can’t stop my hips from lifting, seeking more.

    He pulls my panties off slow and sucks my nipple in his mouth. I reach for his cock. He moves back so I can’t touch him, grabbing my hands holding them over my head.

    He slides into me and I clench around him. He moves with long deep strokes. He loves me so good. Fucks me so good. I want to come. I need to come. I’m so fucking close. “Please...harder. Faster. I need...” His tongue shuts me up. I love the way he shuts me up. He slows more. Grinds into me, teasing. I’m right there, right fucking there, when he reaches between us and rubs his finger over my clit. I come so hard my whole body bows and tenses. I’m squeezing his dick and he’s coming with me. It feels like it lasts forever. Like it will never stop.

    I’m limp, relaxed, and so so satisfied. All I think, all I can say is, “your cock is better than coffee.”

    He laughs and grins at me with his sexy smile. He knows how I need coffee. He knows it’s true.

    I love early morning sex.

  2. @Twilightladies1
    Word Count 281

    The moon gives way to the sun, and the rays fill my bedroom. I lay aching and sated in my bed, the covers wrapped lazily around my bare legs.

    The smell of sex surrounds us, but I can’t bring myself to care.

    It’s a good morning.

    All last night was spent wrapped in your arms. Teeth nipping, lips sucking, and our skin slick with sweat as we moved against each other.

    We’ve always fit together perfectly.

    I’ve known it since the day I met you, but it took you a little longer to realize it. We got there eventually.

    I roll onto my back, my gaze meeting yours immediately. I stay silent as you call in sick to work, knowing I’ll need to do the same soon.

    My eyes roam your naked body, and I smirk when your cock twitches.

    Even after last night, you still seem eager for more.

    There’s a twinge deep in my stomach as I wonder if you’ll ever tire of me, like you did with all the others.

    You hang up the phone and stalk towards me. My thoughts disappear as your heated gaze travels my body.

    “I’m all yours for the day,” you purr seductively, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

    I shiver.

    “And just what will you do with me?”

    Your free hand trails down my body, leaving goosebumps in its wake.

    Heat pools in my stomach and I lazily spread my legs wider.

    “So eager, Bella,” you whisper.

    “Yes,” I gasp, as your fingers slip beneath my panties, finding my sensitive flesh.

    Within minutes you bring me to the edge.

    I cling onto this feeling, hoping that for now, I’m enough for you.

  3. @sparklymeg
    Word Count: 295

    The bronze and green dancing in my brain swirl into grey, as I open my eyes and squint against the blinding yellow that beams through the window.

    Images of my dream fade and I groggily fumble around for my tank top, having discarded it in the sticky summer night.

    Head pounding, memory blank.

    I climb out of bed, not quite awake, ready to make a hasty exit from this nameless stranger's embrace.

    I'm startled by a tug to my shoulder and pulled back into bed.
    A calloused hand palms my breast, the contrast of his rough skin on mine sending shivers down my spine.

    Sensations sharpen as a single digit traces the lace edge of my underwear. Flames lick across my skin, my body blazing under his touch as his finger explores my flesh.




    Heightening my awareness, rousing the ache inside me.

    The previous night comes rushing back.

    He arrived drunk and sad because she broke things off.

    We downed shots and cursed her name.

    We got smashed and stumbled into bed.

    Now, in the stark sober light of of day, his green eyes bore into mine and my heart skips a beat as more memories crash through my mind.

    His hands in my hair, on my face, his lips on my shoulder, whispering that he wanted me.

    That he needed me.

    That it had always been me.

    That she was just a distraction.

    Words that I realise now weren't part of my dream.

    My hand on his halts his movement. "Edward..."

    "Please," he rasps, as his hand moves below the fabric, dipping into where I'm dripping for him. "Please, Bella. I've wanted this for so long."

    My lips taste his, long, slow and torturous.

    As if I would ever deny him.

  4. @rubyblue9696

    “Fuck, baby.” His lips breathe against hers. “You feel so fucking good.”

    She whimpers into his mouth, her tongue sliding in gently to touch his own. He has been driving her slowly insane all day. Little touches all through their morning, and now, as they rest tangled together on their bed, his calloused hands continue to do so, languid and unhurried.

    She fucking loves when he is like this.

    She scoots her hip closer, pressing against his cock and he groans. Edwards loves her ass. Loves to press and rub and tease.

    He bites her lower lip and pulls. His fingertips move, sliding up her naked breast, pinching softy at her needy pink nipple.

    She’s ready to beg. “Please…”

    Sinful grin. “What, baby?” He nips her, grinding. “You want this? You want my cock?”


    His other hand moves down her soft abdomen, slipping under the band of her delicate panties, rubbing back and forth. Torturing.

    She gasps, her thighs spreading wide. But he doesn't give her what she wants. Whispering, he demands, “Tell me, Bella.” He pinches her nipple again.

    Glistening eyes, she needs him so bad. “Oh, god, Edward…” her tongue moves against his briefly, and then she declares, helpless, “…I love you. I love your fingers. I love your cock.” She shifts, searching, her center aching, empty, “Please…please…”

    He can resist no more.

    He moves his fingers down, sliding over her sensitive clit. He presses and circles her there, then he moves further down to circle her center, her opening, and he groans so low and primal that Bella breaks out in goose bumps all over. “Mmm, you’re so fucking wet baby…so hot…”

    He leaks and he bites her neck.

    Then, he sucks her.

    He’s going to make her cum all afternoon long.

    He loves her.

  5. @Chocaholic12345
    Word count: 291

    “Just let me touch you.” You breathe in my ear. Your hands feather up my sides, cupping my breasts, the sensation shooting between my thighs like it’s the Fourth of July.

    “We shouldn’t …” I bite my lip as the fingers of your right hand dance on my belly, just dipping inside the elastic of my panties. I can hear people outside the door, the murmuring of voices, the clinking of ice against glass. The party is still going strong. They’ll be looking for you at any minute, the genial host, the family man.

    My father’s best friend.

    “You’re so fucking sweet.” You place little butterfly kisses along my throat, your teeth nipping at my skin. “I need to taste you so bad.”

    Your fingers dip farther still, making my body hum. You linger on the edge, long enough to make my hips roll to encourage you down, needing to feel you right there.

    “Please.” Your lips capture mine and I moan into your mouth. You push down; cool fingers on slick heat, slipping and sliding. My eyes roll back as you play me like a finely tuned instrument. None of the boys at college even come close to your expertise.

    “You don’t have to beg, sweetheart.” Your tongue pushes into my mouth at the same moment you plunge your fingers inside me. My back arches from the bed and I’m lost.

    You drive me insane.

    I can’t remember my name, or your name, or even why I’m here. I only know I never want this feeling to stop, never want to let you go. Fireworks explode behind my closed lids as pleasure whips my body. You silence my scream with your lips.

    And then you do it all over again.

  6. Edmazing
    Word count: 292

    This room is sweltering.

    The triple digit numbers caused the brown out, but your naked skin brought the heat.

    “Ugh, I can’t breathe. I need air,” you whined through a smile. The frayed denim shorts rushed down your legs a second before you tugged and yanked off your shirt.

    “I never got ‘offending garment’ til now,” you tried to laugh as you stretched out on the bed. I paused to take in the sheen on your chest, your ribs and, the curve of your hip. I took in the swell of your breasts while you arched to twist your hair out of the way. I’d always loved to watch the motion, but moments like now? With you nearly naked?

    I understood how keeping you covered was goddam offensive.

    I stripped down to my straining boxer briefs, needing to feel you and get some relief, as my eyes ran over your skin. I started at the Peachy Breeze nail polish I’d put on you after slow, take all afternoon sex and scanned up your legs. Up to where pale pink met heaven at a tiny bow before they flashed to your hooded ones. I twined myself around you on top of the sheets.

    The fan’s blades hung motionless. The curtains stood still without a breeze to dance to, but my fingers swayed. First, tiny shifts back and forth over your elbow while you shifted and sighed before long strides up over your arm. I dipped down your collar bone and your chest rose. Tightened nipples came up as I swept down to capture them. I cupped and squeezed until your steady touch guided me home. I knew it then.

    The air in this room is stifling, but you leave me struggling for breath.