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TLS Fics of the Week 8/13/13 - 8/19/13: The Fab Five are up!

Suddenly by LyricalKris
An apathetic actor. A young girl coming into her own. He was always larger than life to her. She was always just a child on the edge of his horizon. For both, love was a silly game other people played, until it wasn't. Rated M

Review by: Maplestyle

LyricalKris could write the phone book and I would read it. A multitalented writer she’s brought us everything from mixed up sperm, to contract marriages. It was no surprise to myself, or my family, when an alert for Suddenly hit my inbox and I squealed and danced a jig.

We are first introduced to Edward, a 36 year old actor, who seems to be pretty jaded about everything. He’s over the paparazzi following him everywhere:

 “Today, his glamorous celebrity life consisted of driving the long way around town so as to avoid any potential paparazzi who might have tailed him to a mediocre restaurant he'd chosen because they had a filthy alley he could easily slip into without being seen.”

Over the women he knows:

 “Edward snorted. "Haven't you read the papers? She's done with me." He rolled his eyes. "That's why I had to sneak in. Couldn't let the paps catch me in my fragile state."

"Oh, but it is a saucy scandal, isn't it?" Garrett laughed. "America's most beautiful couple. The steamy seductress Victoria Wyle and Hollywood's most eligible bachelor. What could be more embarrassing for a leading man like you to lose Victoria to the fresh faced, boy-next-door, Hollywood's most charmingly adorable Riley Biers?"

"Look at me. I'm so ashamed I can't even sit up straight." It was true, in a way. His favorite booth in the restaurant was his favorite because it was tucked into a dark corner. Still, he was slouched up against the farthest corner. It was just a matter of time before someone recognized them.”

And doesn’t seem to care about the trappings of Hollywood that most actor’s long for:

“"You got the Carmen Medina project?" Garrett looked impressed. "Damn. Not going to lie, I'm really jealous. I wanted that part. Are you excited?"

Edward waved his hand. "I'm indifferent."

"Oh, of course you are. Carmen Medina is one of the most brilliant directors out there. She exudes the scent of Oscars."

"You know how I feel about Oscars."

Garrett shook his head. "I do. Of course, I do. A popularity contest. No measure of talent. Blah, blah, blah. And fuck you. I still want one."”

Edward decides that maybe it’s time to get a way for a bit, and goes to visit his brother Emmett and sister-in-law Rosalie.

Bella, herself, is as jaded as Edward. At just 18, she’s had a tough road. Her mother left her with her Aunt Rosalie to be raised and she only sees her a handful of times a year, not that Bella minded much, she needed the consistency and stability her Aunt provided.

Recently dumped at a party by a jerk she thinks her mother’s stance on love is correct:

“"Love is boring, my dear. If you're always free, life is an adventure. Every person you meet can show you something new and exciting."”

Not having dated in high school though she had found herself caught up in the newness of everything and how it made her feel:

“Being caught in the eye of the storm, being the one pursued, had a blinding effect. In her heart of hearts, Bella had known from day one she and Felix had nothing in common. Still, she'd been caught up in the teasing, the touching. She discovered how good being wanted could feel.

She felt pretty, oh so pretty.”

When actuality crashed down on her at that party it left her feeling disillusioned:

“Now, reality had crashed on her once again. The only thing Felix wanted was to get between her legs; he didn't care about her or appreciate her at all except for what her body could offer him.”

From the moment Edward arrives you can tell that he and Bella share a really close relationship:

“As she stepped in the door, Bella saw a blur come flying at her seconds before she found herself being lifted into the air. She screamed, disoriented for a moment. She was being hoisted over someone's shoulder and carried off like a cavewoman. She began to kick.

"Whoa, whoa. Duckling. Calm down!"


Edward gave her ass a playful smack as he set her down. "Who else would it be?"

Both relieved she wasn't being attacked and thrilled as always to see him, Bella flung her arms around his neck, hopping up to wrap her legs around his waist. He laughed, holding her securely. "There's my girl."”

And we also get the sense that not everyone in Bella and Edward’s life finds their relationship to be healthy:

“"Oh, for God's sake."

They both looked up as Rosalie stepped back in the room from wherever she'd been. She put her hands on her hips, shaking her head. "You are not a little girl anymore, Bella. You look ridiculous on his lap like that."

Bella tried to scoot away, but Edward held her tight. "She's my little girl, Rose. Leave her alone. She's fine where she is."

It was true, Bella thought nothing of being this way with Edward. It was how they always were.”

Despite their difference in ages, Edward and Bella have always been great friends. They bond over their shared ideas in being in love:

“"No, I've never been in love." He folded his hands over his stomach. "To be honest, it seems like much more trouble than it's worth. I'm not unhappy alone."

"People do act ridiculous about love, don't they? God, sometimes it's all they can think about. Even Aunt Rose and Emmett."

Edward chuffed. "Oh, I know what you mean. When they get in those moods where they stare into each other's eyes. Are they still doing that?"”

He’s protective of her when others try to get her to be who she isn’t:

“Rosalie touched her hair, running her fingers through the dark strands. "You have such pretty features, Bella. Look at this beautiful hair. It would take so little effort for you to look amazing."

"God, Rose. Stop it. Just stop."

Bella's head snapped up, and she looked across the table. Edward wasn't looking at her but glaring at his sister-in-law.

Rose glared right back. "What's your problem?"

"You know, people like you are the reason women have so many self-image problems. There's nothing wrong with how Bella dresses. Leave her alone." His eyes flicked from Rosalie to Bella and back.”

But when Edward takes Bella out to get her mind off her break up suddenly, feelings are starting to change; lines are starting to become blurred:

“She might have reached up to touch the stubble along his chin, as if to assure herself he was real. She wasn't sure this whole moment actually existed. Maybe it didn't. She'd seen every one of his movies, of course. Something like this had happened in at least three of his movies. She could have been dreaming the whole thing, like the way his fingers moved through her hair, finding the bobby pins Alice had put in for her. His eyes were on her as she touched him.

The scratchy hair at his chin felt real enough under her fingertips though.

He chuckled and cupped the side of her face. His thumb stroked her cheek, and Bella couldn't name the feeling that coursed through her then. It was the same familiarity she was used to but something else.

He probably hadn't put her to bed since she was four, and this was nothing like that.”

And when pictures of their night out are published we discover one more person who would be against any sort of union these two might have:

 “"Yeah, oh fuck." Emmett shoved him. "What the hell is wrong with you? You sick bastard. She's a kid."

"What are you talking about?" Edward shoved his brother right back, getting more pissed. "What the hell is wrong with you? You think I asked for this shot to be taken? You know-"

"You think I give a fuck about people taking your picture?" Emmett was up in his face, intimidating as hell with his size. "What, were you just waiting for Bella to turn eighteen so you could get a piece?"”

Edward tells his brother that it isn’t the way it looks but Emmett isn’t done, and something he says has Edward reconsidering his thoughts and feelings:

“"Nothing. Happened. I'm really at a loss to explain why you would think something would happen. You know I love Bella. I'd do anything to protect her. What makes you think I would do this?"

"Because I've never seen you look at anyone the way you're looking at her." He grabbed the newspaper back and pointed to his photograph on the front page. "Look at you, Edward. Look at your face and tell me what I'm supposed to think. Blase Edward Cullen. You're never smiling in those pictures with other women. You look bored. Always. Rose and I joke about it all the time. But here? Holding her like you are... just look at your face."

“He was more distracted by his brother's words, wondering if there was really something so different about the way he looked at Bella and if so, why that was.”

Suddenly every action, every spoken word and innocent touch takes on a whole new meaning for Edward and he does the only thing he can think to do … run:

“"If you're not going to tell me what's bugging you, there's only one way I have left to make you smile again."

"Don't-" he began, but she had already lunged.

As someone who'd known him for all her life, Bella was privy to information she knew the most the interviewers in Hollywood would die for. She knew how to make Edward smile on demand. It was something she'd discovered when she was still tiny, and she would climb him like a jungle gym like she did her uncle Emmett.

Edward was ticklish. In the extreme.

So Bella attacked without mercy, forcing him to smile and giggle and writhe. He squirmed, but Bella was relentless. He fell backward, trying to scramble away from her. She was over him in a heartbeat. "Bella," he gasped. "Bella, stop." He was breathless. "Bella!" He grabbed her wrists, holding them tight in both his hands.

Bella had no idea what happened. One minute they were both laughing - Edward because she was tickling him, and Bella reveling in his chortling. The second he grabbed her wrists time stood still. Their laughter faded to nothing, and Bella was suddenly very aware of her position.

She was on top of him. Chest to chest as they were, she could feel his fast heartbeat. His face was flushed. Hers was too. Heat radiated off their skin.

Bella's head spun, every thought scattering like birds taking flight. Her mind was blank. Her throat was tight.

Edward sat up, taking her with him. He released her wrists, and her hands fell limply down in her lap. She was still looking at him, and he had not broken their stare. They were still so close. No closer than usual, so why it felt different, Bella was at a loss to explain. Her heart raced.

"Bella," Edward whispered. She opened her mouth to respond but found she had no words. His breath stuttered, and he raised his hand, brushing his fingertips down her cheek. Her skin felt hot, like fire but without the pain, where he touched her.

He swallowed hard.

And stood so suddenly she gasped.

"I, um..." He ran his hand through his hair. "I'm going home. Tonight."”

I, personally, love a well written older Edward/younger Bella story and this one promises to be great! The relationship between Edward and Bella is flirty, fun and innocent … so far, and I can’t wait to see the ride that LyricalKris takes us on by the time all is said and done.

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