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Like to be teased? Come on in...

If you haven't checked out the TLS Angst Contest entries because you just aren't sure which ones you really want to read and don't have time to read all of them... no worries. I've got a teaser from each entry for you and I'll be posting two a day, everyday until public voting opens on August 14th! This way, you can read all of them or just the ones that grab you! There are SO MANY excellent entries in this one contest that I'd hate for you all to miss out on this, so you can find me here, each day... hooking you up with some angsty teasers!

Let's go:

This life is not what I designed for myself. Had I known what I was in store for, I would have resisted my father, maybe even ran away.
Anything would have been better than this.
"I love you," he pants. Cue the gratuitous breast grope.
In that moment, as he plunges himself roughly in and out of me until he reaches his satisfaction, I am grateful, yet again, that he cannot read my mind.
Having an expanded mind does little to help in these moments when my husband…my mate…claims me. Oftentimes I count his thrusts, knowing that it takes exactly fifty-eight strokes, or two and a half minutes, for him to reach his climax.
"Wives obey your husbands." Those words are absolute. Those words mean my daily destruction.
He is my husband, it had been designed this way—not by me; I would not have chosen him had I been allowed to make my own decisions. If my life were ever my own, I would not have boarded that train to Chicago.

Oriental Limited- Read more here:

There was an ache deep in his chest. He would forget to breathe and the world around him didn't mean a damn thing. There, in the middle of a room, by his mother, by his cousins, laughing with him or there standing at the door of the church every Sunday she would be.
Her long brown curls adorning that beautiful face he thought of for so long and sometimes even dreamt...
It was as if she had no mercy.
No mercy for his poor and foolish soul.
She was cruel and she didn't even know it.
There she was again. She licked the cotton candy off her lips and giggled when she made the mess worse. Her brown eyes seemed to shine even brighter when she laughed and there was the ache again in his chest.
He shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans and stared down at his feet wondering when this hell would finally end for him.
He tried to listen to the laughing children and the music of the carnival instead, but no. It was impossible to close her out of his mind.
"Hey Ed, we're headed down to the lake. Get your shit and let's go!" Mike said and patted his best friend on the back.
"I ain't goin', Mike," Edward muttered and started to light a cigarette.
"You are goin! You're my best friend, Ed. I need you around today. I'm nervous as hell."
"Why?" Edward asked, looking into his best friend's eyes.
They had grown up together. They were practically brothers. Mike's mother had ran off with some foreigner and Mike's father had never shown his face. Esme, Edward's mother, had taken him in without questions when Mike was only eight.
The boys shared rooms, clothes, meals and friends. The only thing not making their brotherhood official was their blood.
Edward would give his life for his brother and he knew Mike would do the same. Mike was two years younger than him, and even though it wasn't much of a difference, he had always felt responsible to protect his younger brother and look out for him.
Lately it had been making sure he didn't drink too much.
"I don't know why you're nervous. It's a day like every other."
Mike nervously scratched at his sweaty red neck and cleared his throat. "Please, Brother? You'll understand soon enough.
The lake was where all the young people came to have fun and drink beer without getting into trouble. Edward had always felt older than his age and hated that all these kids would ruin the peace of the lake. He had been out of school for two years now while Mike was just celebrating his graduation. He felt particularly older amongst Mike's friends.
Mike had always been the charmer while Edward had been the serious mature one. Mike had all the luck with the girls while Edward brooded into his books and studies. Mike was loud and was the cause of the party's laughter while Edward was quiet and reserved.
That's the way it had always been and that's the way it was at the lake.
Edward sat by the water, away from everyone, looking back at her.
She was sweaty from the hot Southern sun and even at that she was beautiful.
She was perfect.
She was a witch. Of this he was sure of.
She was gorgeous in her light yellow dress.
How could she have a hold on him like this? It didn't make any goddamn sense.
She laughed at something he said and it filled Edward with rage. He angrily threw a rock into the water when he noticed how he ran a hand down the soft and pale skin of her back.
"Damn you. Godddamn you, Bella," he muttered to himself.
He angrily stared into the sunset until he felt a large hand pat him on his shoulder.
"It's time," Mike said.
"Time for what?" Edward asked him confused.
Mike took a deep breath and showed Edward what he carried in his pocket.
A ring.
"I'm gonna ask Bella to marry me, Brother."
The ache Edward felt almost destroyed him in that moment.
He couldn't breathe.
He couldn't see from the anger.
It was unfair.
He had never wanted anything more in his life. He gave everything to his brother, his home, his parents, his room, his clothes and he couldn't even have this single thing?
He thought surely Mike would do the same to Bella he did with all the girls he had dated. He would break her heart and leave her. After that Edward would be able to love and lust over a girl that was nothing to his brother. No longer would he feel the deadly guilt for loving the woman that belonged to his brother.
But now...he realized would have to live with it for the rest of his life and knowing it almost killed him.
"Are you sure?" He asked, trying to hide the lump in his throat.
"Very much so, Brother."
"You're very young, Mike. Maybe you should wait..."
Mike laughed and playfully shoved his brother. "I'm eighteen, Brother! It's time. Besides, if you had a woman like Bella, wouldn't you marry her in a blink of an eye?"
Edward looked over at her. She was giggling with her friends and looking at Mike with adoration in her eyes that all about murdered him.
He gulped and turned towards Mike. "Yes. I would."
He would take her with him so far away and love her like she deserved to be loved, but it was impossible. He could never have her.

The Long Black Veil- Read more here:

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