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It was very difficult for me to narrow down the winners this week. I really enjoyed all of the entries so much. Thank you for taking the time to give us your words!!

Heather (twilover76)


Word count: 300

The scenery whizzes by, greens and browns blending together as I keep my gaze fixed on the window.

I can't look at you.

Your warm hand rests on my thigh, just above my knee-high boots. They kill my feet, but I love the way you look at me when I wear them to school. How you lick your lips when I walk past you to reach my desk.

Sitting in the back row, no one can see when I grasp your hand and move it under my skirt.

You love chaperoning class trips.

I bite my lip in anticipation at your sharp inhale as you come into contact with the damp fabric of my little cotton panties.

One long finger hooks under the elastic, gliding through the wetness, spreading, pressing.

I’ve had the most elaborate dreams starring those fingers. You talk with your hands in class. Your fingers distract me from learning the facts that you tick off on them.

My teeth press even harder into my bottom lip as your probing finger slides easily inside.

My eyes fall shut as I keep my face angled toward the window.

If I looked at you now, I'd give us away.

I want to see your sea-green eyes. I want to watch your lips part, your tongue snaking out to wet them as you feel what you do to me.

A second finger slips inside, and a strangled whimper escapes me.

Your thumb can’t reach my clit from this angle, but you use the heel of your hand, and it’s perfect.

Pressure and friction combine and combust until I shatter silently around you.

You wipe your fingers
on the underside of my skirt, but I know you want to taste them.

Your sharp jaw ticks in my periphery, and I whisper, “Tonight.”

Second Place

Word Count: 300

He wore a pair of jeans and a green t-shirt, both soaked by the rain. He ran a hand through his hair, spraying droplets of water everywhere.

I instinctively jerked my knee away as water flew in my direction. The movement attracted his attention, his startling green eyes snapping up to mine.

His emerald eyes wandered down my body and a hot blush immediately coated my cheeks. His eyes met mine again and a crooked smile spread across his face.

“Sorry.” He smirked. “Can I…sit with you?”

“Y-yes.” I stuttered.

He grinned and plopped down next to me, sighing contently. He extended his long legs in front of him.

I quickly turned away from him. For a while, we rode in silence. Until I felt it.

His fingers gently brushed down the side of my thigh. I gasped and my eyes snapped towards him. He stared back, his expression completely nonchalant.

Tingles spread across my body and I had to repress a sigh. His fingers brazenly trailed up my thigh and my hand instinctively grabbed his, halting his progress.

His lips turned upwards at the corner. He laughed softly and nodded, pulling back.

The bus slowed to a stop once more and he got up, walking to the door. Before he got off he shot me a wink and another breathtaking smile. “Can’t wait to see you again.”

I had no idea what he meant until I got up to get off at my own stop and a folded piece of paper fell to the ground. I picked it up, my heart pounding in my chest when I saw the row of numbers listed. I had no idea when he’d written them. Below it was a small message:

You’re beautiful. Hope to see you again, Bus-girl.

Third Place


"Where have you been?"

He intends to sound accusatory as he grabs my knee, pulling me across the seat - but all I hear is need, buried deep in his throat.

He's all buttoned up, crisp black on clean white. Hair just cut. Sunglasses on.

Eye contact is delicate and volatile matter here.

"You're always hiding." He slides his hand higher, just under sunshine yellow skirt
cotton, studying me, watching me twist my waterbottle cap in my lap. "Why?"

Acuteness, endowment, and the promise of total destruction radiate from his touch.

"Where do you go, little poet?"

Long, strong, never-calloused fingertips brush my teenage skin while I pour all my wishing into wringing the bottle's neck, while Eric Packer simply does what he loves best -

I don't need to be one of his wonder-geniuses to know -

This is dangerous.

He finds patterns in my breathing, in my thoughts and heartbeats, and claims them his.

I deny it.

But they are.

"Look at me," he says, his regard heavy under sunglasses. "Stop hiding."

Taking his familiar right hand under mine, I bring it under my pristine skirt and press his palm where my pulse is pounding. Giving him what he seeks, the patterns in me that tremble undeniably possessed, I take his glasses and put them on myself.

Now, I'm real.

And his bare eyes are so blue.

I can't marry you, I nearly scream.

Marriage is a contract, and it will find me out, and you won't want me anymore...

"All night sex in the minaret wasn't enough?" I ask instead. "Sunrise in the chapel?
Being my first, right here in this car wasn't enough? Being my only, ever?"

His propensity toward obscene instinct has him above me in the next beat.

Even his stillness is threatening.

Especially this stillness.

"No," he says, staring through lenses, pushing hard between my legs. He lays his right hand on my neck.

"I'm going to make you my wife," he whispers. "And then I'm going to bottle-fuck

Through the lush daze of cool leather seats and the weight of him like a god, I remember desperately twisting my waterbottle, wishing through aching.

"Slowly," he continues.

He means to warn.

"With my sunglasses on."

But all I hear is yearning.

Honorable Mention

Word count: 300

Deft fingers on creamy, bare skin. He tickles, firm, but soft. Ghosting, they glide up slowly, methodically, under the ruffled fabric of her skirt.

She shifts her hips, opening up to him.

He slowly pushes higher, until he reaches what he seeks.

Humming, she looks ahead to the other cars passing by. They have no idea that the man sitting next to her has his fingers buried inside.

Bella licks her lips, and looks at the striking man sitting beside her. This is too good to be real. Excitement bubbles in her chest as he presses and circles, drawing out her pleasure for his own gain.

He smirks as he whizzes by another car. The top is down and although they cannot see, he knows what he’s doing is wrong, yet feels so right.

Wetness seeps from her core, her panties pushed to the side, also drenched. His fingers are relentless against her flesh as she presses her clenched fist against her parted lips to stifle her screams as she comes undone.

Long, wet fingers leave a trail on her thigh then get pushed between her lips as she sucks them dry. Tangy sweetness on her tongue, she closes her eyes and crosses her legs, pulling her skirt back in place.

His eyes haven’t left the highway. He hasn’t even spoken one word to her. Not since he picked her up and promised his ex-wife he’d bring her home.

“This is my house, Mister Cullen. Same time next week?” she asks, before getting out of the car.

He nods in confirmation. “Have a good night, Isabella.” And watches as the eighteen year old babysitter skips to the front door to her house.

He knows what he did was wrong, but he can’t help himself.

Next week couldn’t come soon enough.


  1. EmmalynnMarie

    You’re standing beneath the streetlamp across the street. I’m cowering beneath the tree, rain-soaked and shivering. She’s got her hands tucked in your pockets, long, thin fingers stroking your hips. I moan with envy and slam my head against the rough bark.

    I can see the mischief in your eyes from here. I can smell the seduction.

    Her knees are quivering; they might as well be composed of gelatin. Her hips are unconsciously tipping towards you, motivated by lust and deception. She doesn’t know what kind of games you play or the sick rules you live by. It’s a trap and her ankles are snared.

    I glance at the time on my phone and sneer. You only have two minutes left. My hands unconsciously trace circles on my sensitive thighs and shivers erupt on the pink flesh. I’m craving you; you’re teasing her. She flips her fiery hair and tilts her face closer.

    “Don’t do it,” I mutter.

    You’re doing it.

    My chest aches and my ovaries practically drop when your lips make contact. There’s no heat in the kiss, but there is shallow desire. Her hands are roaming, and yours are twitching toward her ass. The break cannot come soon enough. You pull away and smirk, all pearly teeth and pretext. She’s entrapped – hook in cheek, line rigged tight.

    You saunter away with no afterthought, eyes fixed on me. I scowl and don’t even attempt to combat the fury on my face. You slip beneath the bowing branches and throw an arm out, bracing yourself against the trunk.

    “I told you so.” The whisper glides from your lips like silk; I shudder.

    “A kiss in under five minutes,” I concede. “I’m impressed.”

    Your lips caress mine; your tongue prods them apart.

    “You lost the bet.”

    “Well,” I leer, “fuck me.”

  2. @mystiquejewled
    Word Count: 300

    “Bella, wait!” Your voice is rough. Your footsteps are slightly muffled by the sound of the roaring rain, but they ring loud and clear in my ears.

    The rain and my tears blur together, barely allowing me to see my own feet as I sprint away from you and all the heartache you bring. My lungs burn and my throat stings as I struggle to choke down loud sobs.

    “Stop!” You catch up to me and grab my arm, pushing me against the brick wall of an unknown building. Your eyes are frustrated and heartbroken. I wonder if the emotions I see are yours or mine.

    The rain’s drenched your clothes, your white t-shirt now transparent. I have to force my eyes towards your face.

    Cupping my face in your guitar-calloused hands, you lick your lips. “I kissed you,” You state firmly, as though I need reminding. “I had to, Bella. I can’t go on pretending like you don’t mean the world to me.”

    I stare up at you miserably, my eyes following the drops of water that cascade down your bronze hair and in to your eyes. “She’s my best friend,” I whisper to you, my voice cracking slightly. “She’s been in love with you since tenth grade.”

    “But I’ve never been in love with her!” You protest roughly, your eyes scanning mine. “It’s you, it’s always been you.”

    You brace your arms against the brick on either side of my head, lowering your lips to my cheeks. I shudder as you gently kiss away my tears.

    “Forget about her, forget about everything.” You implore, your dazzling green eyes melting the bones in my knees and my willpower in one foul swoop. “Tonight you’re mine.”

    Your lips fall towards mine with a pull like gravity. I’m yours.

  3. AngelycDevil
    Word Count: 300

    I don't know why I'm here. I shouldn't be here...waiting for him in the pouring rain. He broke my heart and left me in the dust. He's engaged.

    I will be too. Soon.

    I picture Jake's rugged-yet-beautiful face in my head and start walking home. I don't hear anything, but suddenly, I'm pulled backward and shoved against a wall. He towers over me, his bright green eyes clouded with rage.

    “I've been looking everywhere for you.” His words are immersed in venom, his hate for me.

    I look at him square in the eyes. “I'm here. What do you want?”

    He stares at me as the anger in his eyes melts into...desolation. I strain to hear his whisper. “Are you really going to marry him?”

    The nerve of this man...

    I ball my hand into a fist. “Yes.”

    “But why? You don't love him.”

    I scoff. “I don't love him? How exactly did you come that conclusion, Mr. Cullen?” I all but snarl at him.

    “Because you love me.” There's a small smirk at the corner of his lips. It's the last straw for me.

    After everything that's happened, after years of being a part of this one-sided love, he admits it now?

    He's too late.

    I shove at him with everything that I have and run...only to be dragged back and trapped again.

    His face is mere inches from mine, his eyes coal-black. I struggle against him. “You love me. No one else can have you. You. Are. Mine.”

    Before I can reply, he kisses me, his lips soft and yielding compared to his tight grip. I can't escape, so I do what I've dreamed of doing since middle school; I wrap my arms around his neck and fall into him.

  4. Twilightladies
    Word Count: 299

    Your rain-soaked t-shirt clings to you like a second skin. My eyes hungrily roam your body.

    Your muscles twitch beneath my wandering hands. As I move lower I hear your sharp intake of breath.

    I love that with a simple touch, I have this effect on you.

    “What about—“

    “Don’t,” you mutter. “Don’t you dare say her name.”

    Your hands are on the button of my jeans. The rain has soaked them through, but you still manage to push them past my hips.

    “I refuse to think of her when I’m with you.”

    “She wants to work things through.” I gasp as your fingers move deftly beneath my panties.

    “I don’t care,” you growl. “She signed our divorce papers the day she cheated.”

    My weak argument comes to an abrupt end as your fingers find my sensitive flesh.

    “Fuck, baby, you’re so wet.”

    “For you,” I whimper as your thumb finds my clit.

    The rain continues to pound us, but I barely notice.

    I fumble with your belt. “Don’t. I just want to see you fall apart.” Your urgent voice coupled with your expert fingers brings me to the edge within minutes.

    “Edward,” I gasp.

    “You’re mine Bella. You’re going to go back inside and finish things with him.”

    I look back to my house, the lights glowing through the darkness. You grasp my chin and turn my attention back to you. “Don’t look. This is all that matters right now. Right here. Right now.”

    I tighten around your fingers and bite back a moan as my orgasm approaches.

    “Say it. Say you’ll do it.”

    Your thumb presses my clit, and your name falls from my lips. I come hard. Your fingers continue their sweet torture as I descend from my high.

    “Yes. I’ll finish it.”

  5. @everydaybella89
    Words: 286

    The rain came down in sheets, soaking me within moments. My already clingy clothes were now like a second skin, and my hair hung limp in my face. I ignored it, and rushed away from the club, down the back alleys where no one would find me.

    I had to get away. I had fallen in love with a john. The man who owned my body would kill me for this. There was Edward, he owned my heart although he had no idea how damaged I was.

    I stumbled and fell to the wet, disgusting ground. Huddling against the wall I let the freezing rain rush over me.

    I was too stained for Edward. He deserved better than me. I was too far gone to be saved. I wrapped my arms around my knees and buried my face in them. There was hot moisture on my cheeks as tears joined the freezing rain drops.


    I jumped, startled. My would-have-been-savoir was at the mouth of the alley.

    “Go away. I’m no good.” I moaned.

    He pulled me up, wrapping me in the warmth of his coat. I knew I should have fought, but I didn’t want to leave him—not really.

    “It’s going to be okay, Bella. He doesn’t own you. He’s not going to find you. I’ve got you.”

    I nodded. “I’m not good for you.”

    His hands cupped my face, titling it up, forcing me to see the worry, fear, determination, and love swimming in his eyes. “You are everything to me. Nothing is going to change that.”

    I sobbed brokenly, burrowing into the warmth he offered.

    I didn’t believe him. It would go wrong, and he would leave.

    Everyone left in the end.

  6. Bravery0898
    Word count: 299

    "You sleep like the dead!" I rub my eyes and see my roommate standing over my bed. "Your phone has been ringing nonstop and that guy is yelling from under your window again. It's 3AM."

    I grab my shoes, and groggily rush down the stairs. I see Edward Cullen, holding his phone to his ear, frowning up at my window, like every other night. I tremble near the wall, realizing that I have no bra on and that it's fucking raining.

    "What do you want?" I hiss.

    "Bella," he grins because he knows I have to see him to get him to leave.


    "A kiss?"

    "For the last time, you aren't getting in my pants." I yawn and stretch my arms.

    "Those pants are nice," he smirks and closes the distance between us. He pins my arms above me. I'm trapped. He teasingly dips the forefinger of his free hand into the waistband of my yoga pants. I shiver. "But I think they're too small for me."

    Normally, I can successfully send him away. Tonight, though, my fatigue has ruined everything. I notice his shirt to cling to his body. As I do, his hand creeps further into my panties. I gasp as he rubs me. I'm sure he can feel my arousal. While I'm distracted by the pleasure, he kisses me.

    Then, he pulls back and pushes my hair out of my face. His eyes are overwhelmingly tender as he brings one of my hands to his erection.

    "Please." I feel his breath against my face, and with little thought other than how much I want him inside me, I answer.


    Hidden behind the trees and against the brick of my building, Edward gets what he's always wanted.

  7. @bebeginja
    Word count: 299

    “Fuck, come on!” I pound my dash as I miss the light.

    Work kicked my ass today, and now I’m racing home late. I need these heels off and my sweats on. I need a glass of wine and my favorite throw blanket. Right after I feed the kids, get them bathed, and do the dishes. Shit, I’m exhausted.

    I’m on autopilot, when I see movement outside. It’s a couple up against a building. In the pouring rain.

    “Thaaat’s unfortunate,” I scoff.

    And then I really see them. He’s leaning into her. They’re soaked but smiling. Kissing. Handsy.

    In a flash I’m envious. Edward and I were them once. Uninhibited. Unabashedly affectionate. Oblivious to anything but each other. I miss the days of our young love.

    A car honks at me when the light changes, and jars me back into the present.

    I arrive home hurried and flustered to find the house quiet, warm. There’s a fire already lit. Edward is seated at the table with our girls. They’ve eaten and he … did he make cookies? Oh god, I could jump him right here and now!

    “Welcome home, babe.” The previous ten hours immediately melts away with his smile and I want to cry in relief. And joy. I’m on the verge of tears when I collapse in his arms.

    He hands me a glass of wine, and with a gentle kiss ushers me toward the bedroom.

    “Let me finish with the girls, then I’ll come take care of you,” he whispers.

    I think back to the couple in the rain. We used to be them. But now we’re this. They won’t be this for at least another fifteen years.

    I hear my girls laugh with their daddy in the other room.

    I wouldn’t trade this for the world.

  8. @GeekChic12FF
    Word count: 300

    Stupid fucking truck.

    It would choose to break down in the middle of a motherfucking monsoon.


    There are only two other cars in the parking lot, the game long since finished.

    I had to stay and help put away the equipment though. 'Ball girl' they call me.

    Yeah. Fifteen sweaty teenage boys asking me to take care of their balls.

    Fucking hilarious.

    Huddled next to the brick wall of the gym, I search my bag for my phone.

    "Hey, you okay? Need a ride?"

    Fuck, that's a sexy voice. I glance up to see who owns it, and holy shit. "Cullen?"

    He runs a hand through his wet hair, and my mouth falls open. I've only ever seen it parted on one side, combed down straight.

    But right now it's this beautiful mess framing his face, some of it flopping onto his forehead with water steadily dripping off the ends.

    His glasses are in his hand, probably too spotted or streaked with water to see through. Piercing green eyes blink back at me, framed by thick, dark lashes.

    The white t-shirt clinging to his body shows off defined muscle--firm pecs, solid abs, that delicious V peeking out of his jeans, hard little nipples.

    His jeans are soaked, showing off thick, muscular thighs, and I lick my lips.


    "When did you get so fucking hot?" I blurt out.

    Subtle, I am not.

    His face twists in confusion. "Huh?"

    "Seriously. Have you always been this hot?"

    He rubs the back of his neck. "Um, I don't know. I've been working out, and-"

    "No shit." I'm still gaping at him.

    Edward glances toward the parking lot and back, still seemingly baffled. "So, uh... ride?"

    I step forward and press my wet body to his. “Oh, yeah. I definitely want a ride."