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What exactly is a Flash-Fic? It's pretty much a spur of the moment, tiny
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does. It also happens often in threads, with a combination of people

How does it work? Each Friday one admin of TLS
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Picture prompt and judge this week is Edmazing.

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 pename: evilnatlink: count: 245

The sheets are soaked from our lovemaking. Our bodies are slippery. Sweaty. WetYou kiss me deeply, slowly, endlessly. Passionately.Your
dog tags drag slowly down my chest, down the valley between my aching
breasts, as you lean back and watch as you take me, deep and slow.
Hard.Muscles flexing. Slick. Your skin is shining in the light coming in from the window.Your
hands roam and I shudder under your touch. The backs of my thighs.
Over my hips. Across my stomach. Kneading my breasts. Teasing my
nipples.I'm loud, and you love it; knowing that it's never been like this with anyone else. Ever.I think I might lose my mind. And then I do.Toe curling euphoria. You follow seconds later and collapse on top of me. Your weight is delicious.Rolling
us to our sides you curl your arms around me, pressing your face into
the crook of my neck. Our bodies so close they’re almost fused
together.I pull back to look you in the eye, if I speak now I
know I will cry, but I want to memorise their colour, their character,
their depth.We stare at each other in silence for minutes. Hours. The words we both want to say, not quite ready to be spoken.Your
voice is strong when you finally speak, as you reach up and caress my
cheek, “I promise you, Bella, when this war is over I’m coming home to


@bebeginja count: 299

It’s hot in here. Cramped. I’ve been waiting patiently, but I’m
anxious to see her. To see what she does. My body buzzes in
anticipation.I hear them now. The door flies open and I see his
hands cupping her ass, her legs wrapped around his waist. She’s wearing
red. Blood red. Fucking brilliant, sweetheart.She’s wild. Her hands are roaming. Up through his hair, down across his back, and up again while he attacks her neck. Yeah, I know what she tastes like, buddy. My mouth salivates at the memory. My cock hardens instantly.He
throws her on the bed, and the action sends a rush of scented air my
way. Damn she wants him, I can smell her arousal. I’m torn between
pride in watching her work, and envy for wanting my turn. Just a little longer. She deserves this. Look at my baby go.I reach down and begin to stroke myself. She’s magnificent when she’s like this. She grasps at the sheets above her head as he kisses up the inside of her leg. Her eyes roll back as she licks her lips.Fuck that. Time’s up.I
step out into the open, still pumping my now throbbing cock. She turns
him, pushes him down so he’s beneath her on the bed. He grunts in
approval, completely oblivious to my presence. She holds his
wrists above his head, looks up at me from under her lashes, then bares
her teeth and goes for his jugular. I hear the ripping of his flesh and
I pump faster. I make my way to stand beside her as she whimpers in
satisfaction, emptying him of life.She finishes her meal. A blood red smile to match her dress.I smile back. Because I know what comes after feeding.


 Name: QuinnLarkFFN: Count: 285

Paris, Sept 1944 Though the sheets are arranged around us, the
concrete floor is still hard and unforgiving beneath me. Bdut my mind
doesn’t care. All I can think of is the way his hand is holding my arms
in place above me, lifting my breasts up against his chest, as he pushes
in and out of me. My silk slip slides against the silk of the
sheets with each thrust of his body into my own. His dog tags brush
against me, leaving goose bumps in their wake where cool metal meets
heated flesh. “Je t’aime,” I whisper in his ear as he releases
my hands. I wrap my arms around his neck and allow him to lift me over
himself as he sits back on his knees. We remain connected the entire
time. The angle is as deep as it wonderful. If I lean back just a bit, I
can feel his hard length brushing against my inner walls, hitting that
perfect spot within me. “Tu es à moi...pour toujours,” he tells
me with his thick American accent as I begin to climax around his cock.
His voice just does things to me. In the past two months that we have
been lovers, he has brought me to the highest heights. Tugging
on the chain of his dog tags, I pull him closer to me. I squeeze around
him with my lower body until a strangled moan escapes from the back of
his throat. I can feel his hot seed spilling inside of me as my name
falls from his lips. “My Bella.” “Oui,” I say. Then, I speak to him in a mixture of our native tongues. “Et, you are mine.”


Name: MinaBRProfile: count: 299

The power of the passion simmering between us steals my breath away. At
the feeling of your rough hands caressing my skin, all my reservations
fade. Indulging in the carnal delight of being possessed by you is a
temptation I cannot resist. Breaking my promise to love and honor the
loving husband whose touch I no longer crave, I wantonly lie beneath
you.Your brand of loving isn’t of the gentle kind. Between us there
isn’t an ounce of affection, just the unbearable lust of primal
attraction. The boundaries to which my husband so sweetly adheres, are
nonexistent when I’m with you. Pushing away my inhibitions, you take
your pleasure as you see fit, chuckling at my feeble protests.Masculinity
pours out of you and I’m helpless to prevent the instinctive reaction
it elicits in me. I’m yours to command, willing to fulfill your every
whim. At your hands, I’m a writhing ball of need, forever begging for
the release only you can provide. In your arms, I lose the sense of self
that makes me an individual. I become you, yours—whatever you need,
whatever you demand of me.There is no peace, no contentment to be
had unless you’re inside my body, reaching the hidden depths of my
anatomy. The fit is tight, your pace unrelenting, you proceed without
any consideration as to my comfort or my needs. You are selfish in our
joining, but that only enhances my enjoyment, for I don’t want to be
anyone’s porcelain doll.The aftermath is always the same: you turn
and leave while I’m consumed with guilt and shame. The unspeakable truth
is that I bask in the knowledge that, according to my own standards,
I’m nothing more than your whore.It makes me a hypocrite.It leaves me satisfied.


Name: CullensTwiMistressFFN link: count: 300

“Bella, you mean everything to me.“ His voice was soft as he brushed a piece of hair away from my face.“I know. I'll never forget you.”His eyes were honest, yet pained. “You’re sure about this?”“Yes. Always. I love you, Edward. I’ve never been so sure of anything.”“I love you too.”The room was stunning. We were surrounded by white; softness draped everywhere around us. He had made this perfect for me; for this.As he pushed inside for the first time, I felt complete and finally fully connected to the only man I ever loved.Everything around us disappeared, leaving us nestled in our own little bubble of bliss.Nothing would ever be the same.Because I was forever transformed. All because of him. He showed me with his body, what mere words could never express.And then left at dawn while I was still asleep. I woke up surrounded by fluffy white nothingness. His warmth gone, discarded in the early summer breeze.I would keep him in my heart until I could see him again.We
had met only two months prior, but knowing him - being with him in that
short amount of time - was worth lifetime of waiting for him to come
back to me.Summer holiday romances are fickle. We knew this going in.Life went on around me.I would close my eyes and for a moment, he was there, lips brushing against skin and whispered words making me blush.The end of summer turned into fall, and then winter. The snow covered everything only to melt away into spring.And then, he was back.“You’re here.”“I said I would be.”His face hadn’t changed much. Older, maybe. Still beautiful. “I missed you.”“I’m staying this time. For good.”


 @primarycolors1 300

It was quiet, nothing but the gulls, the crash of waves. All the workers were gone.“I gave them the afternoon off,” Edward explained, opening the car door.Bella blinked. “Why?” Her phone lit with a text and she was instantly diverted.“Put that away and come inside,” he called.What was to become their master bedroom smelled of sawdust and sunshine, brine from the sea breeze and… wine, oysters… roses?She was speechless, even as his arms came around her from behind.“What…”“Happy anniversary baby,” he murmured, kissing her neck sweetly.Despite
the incomplete state of the house, Edward had managed to transform the
upstairs into a wonderland of white… soft billowing sheets instead of
plastic tarps, an ivory down comforter rippled soft across the floor. A
ladder holding a leather tool belt stood guard over the unfinished
stairs.“I thought I’d misplaced that,” Bella frowned down at the bedspread. Her phone buzzed and she moved to answer it.Edward sighed. “Give it to me,” he said abruptly, holding out his hand.“Wait a minute,” she started, “I—““Now.”“But—“His chin lifted slightly. “What was that…?”Something inside her went limp, the stern look in his eyes sending quivers through to her toes. “Oh,” she whispered. “Yes, Sir.”He
powered the phone down, threw it across the room. “Get undressed,
Isabella. I’ve been more than patient.” The corners of his eyes
crinkled, but his gaze held heat, not laughter. Her hands trembled as
she pulled off her shirt, letting the warmth of his eyes soak into her
body.“Which way would you like me, Sir?” she breathed, stepping out of her panties.“Down. Lie down.” A smile curved his mouth as he stripped. “Arms up and don’t move them.”She swallowed, whispering, “It would be my pleasure, Sir.”

The Lemonade Stand would like to also thank all of the participants. We thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the entries.


  1. @bkhchica
    Words: 300

    His mouth curled in a shy grin; my breath hitched. He was beautiful. His hands flailed to hide himself from me, and I could feel my cheeks heating at his darkened eyes.

    A feral desire to possess him grasped me. I stalked closer to him.

    “J...Jasper? I...I’ve n...never done this before.”

    The way he ducked his head in bashful innocence made me harder. His beautiful boyish smile and sex hair had made me squirm in my seat from the moment I saw him.

    “Shhh,” I whispered, my finger against his pouty lips. “Edward... I could never hurt you.” Lips tilting up, he smiled trustingly into my eyes.

    I couldn’t hold back.

    I crashed my lips to his, stealing his breath into my lungs. His fingers curled into my shoulders and I knew that I’d have bruises there.

    He fumbled with his hands, trying to touch me everywhere. I sighed when his right hand stroked where I needed him most. I caressed every inch of skin I could reach before leading him to the bed.

    He lay down and pulled me up his body, kissing me before rolling over. His eyes darkened when he looked over his shoulder, “I want more.”

    I grabbed the oil before entering him. When he whimpered, I stopped, but I’d mistaken his cry. He pushed back and I was fully ensconced inside. Gripping his hips, I pushed in and out, loving the way he felt.

    The pressure built and I reached around to stroke him again, needing to pleasure him as much as I needed to be inside him. He jerked beneath me and coated my hand. His entire body clenched, sending me soaring as emptied myself inside him.

    Disengaging from him, I curled him into my arms, “I love you, Edward.”

  2. @everydaybella89
    Words: 199

    “Come back to bed.” I moaned, kicking away the sheet to show as much skin as possible. I got little enough time with him as it was. I was not going to waste it by not having him in bed. This long distance thing sucked.

    Although, since he was across the room, I got a good chance to study him. God knew he wasn’t bad to look at. Long, toned legs led to thick thighs—the product of all the running and skating he did. His torso showed off a rock hard six pack and thick bands of muscle across his chest. All the effort he put into condition training was definitely worth it. The sharp planes of his face, the high cheekbones, and deep set green eyes just made it that much better. His thin smiling lips made my insides feel all gooey.

    “You’re ready for more already?” he said, teasing.

    I shrugged, as it did good things to my chest. “As long you’re here.”

    I giggled as he dove back into the bed, peppering my face and neck with kisses.

    “Damn it.” I groaned as the kisses went lower. “Why doesn’t Seattle have a pro hockey team?”

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  4. @k8ln713
    Word Count: 299

    I woke up feeling disoriented.

    What the fuck happened last night? God, I think I drank too much.

    I rolled over, bumping into something hard and warm.

    What the…?

    Okay… a fucking hot man is in my bed… naked.

    I let out a scream because of the shock and it shocked the guy awake.

    I pulled the comforter up to cover the girls.

    “I’m guessing you don’t remember much?” he groaned sleepily.

    I just shook my head.

    “I’ll reintroduce myself… I’m Edward.” He thrust is hand out for me to shake.

    “Bella,” I squeaked.

    “Nice to meet you… again,” he chuckled.

    “Um… mind filling me in on what went on last night?”

    Edward told me he was the bartender at the bar I went to last night with Alice and Rose. He cut me off after seeing how much I had consumed and even offered me a ride home.

    Of course I then tackled him and we fucked in my bed, leading up to this morning me not remembering a damn thing.

    There was a hard knock on my door and it made Edward fall off my bed to the floor. I got a good look at him naked…

    There are no words.

    But then the door opened and Rose walked in.

    Edward shot to his feet and covered his cock with his hands, blushing madly.

    “Oops! I’ll come back later. Oh, and I expect details, Isabella Swan!”

    She winked at Edward.

    “Okay… that was awkward. I don’t think I’ll be able to serve her drinks again with her knowing what I look like naked.”

    “What’s worse is that she won’t let me live this down. I don’t get drunk and have sex with random guys.”

    “Guess we’ll just suffer together,” Edward said.

    “Guess so.”

    And suffer we did.

  5. Name: randomfish
    Word Count: 296

    I woke up alone in my bed and I heard soft noises coming from outside. I rolled off and lazily walked over to the window, not bothering to throw on clothes and smiling once my eyes saw two figures. I watched the two of them as they scrambled around the backyard, hanging up the last of the streamers wherever they could reach. I chuckled softly as I remembered at how adamant my lovely wife, Bella, was on decorating the area and just how excited she was when I eventually agreed. Somewhere in the middle of their talk, Bella had finally caught on to my presence and smirked, knowing that I was naked behind the window. Her tongue quickly swiped across her bottom lip and I flashed her favorite smirk, remembering what had happened only hours before.
    Bella certainly had surprised me when I came home late from work and found her on our bed in that sexy lingerie she knew drove me crazy. It didn’t take long for me to completely undress and attack her, kissing her lips hungrily and removing her underwear painfully slow, smiling as she squirmed with impatience. After excessive teasing, only the sounds of our gasps and moans filled the air, and then the cries of my wife as she found her release…
    My focus went back to the two as I saw Bella talking to the other figure and then pointing at me, most likely letting her know of my presence as well. I covered myself with my hands on reflex, even though my lower half was probably hidden behind the window. The petite figure turned around, looked up, and waved furiously to me with a huge grin on her face, her eyes sparkling with happiness. My eyes.
    “Happy Birthday, Daddy!”

  6. prettymagicmaybe
    Word Count: 299

    I watch as she crashes into her bedroom, kicking the door closed and throwing her bag on the bed. She rushes to the window, pulling the blinds up further in a desperate attempt to see up to my floor. When she spots me standing in my window frame, shirtless and smirking, a wide grin spreads across her face. She waves at me with only the tips of her fingers and then she’s gone.

    I groan with frustration. I wasn’t in the mood for games today.

    Defeated and annoyed, I press my forehead against the cool glass of the window and slam my fist into the wall beside me. It’s only when I step backwards, reaching to close the curtains that I spot her again. Naked. Well, nearly. She’s wearing a pair of white knee-high socks and a black headband that remind me that she’s still in high school. Just. She’d graduate in 2 months.

    Her bare skin is fair and smooth and her hand ghost over her hips and across her nipples and down toward that neat little patch of hair just above her pussy.

    I tug my pants down and wrap my hand around my cock, tugging gently as I watch her other hand play with the plump of her lip. She looks nervous, and yet so seductive.

    She sits back on her bed and bends her knees, opening herself to me and hopefully no one else. Even from here I can see how wet she is as she trails her fingertips through her folds.

    I’m stroking my cock with pace now, each pump squeezing tighter against my overly sensitive flesh.

    Her chest is flushed pink with what I hope is excitement, and when a finger dips inside her parted flesh she shudders.

    I come far too quickly.

  7. Name: MinaBR


    Word Count: 265

    He is taunting me again, mockingly withholding the sight of what I crave the most. The furnace of my libido burns brighter and his wicked grin lets me know that he is well aware of my reaction. However, he isn't as immune to me as he pretends to be, for my eager eyes are enthralled by his pebbled nipples. Noticing the direction of my gaze, he opens his mouth in what I can only assume is a moan of desire.

    I’d give anything to fall to my knees and taste him, but the distance between us is much bigger than the seven feet that separate our windows—I am a queer, loud and clear while he is still firmly in the closet. But none of that matters in these stolen moments of absolute enrapture, for here there is only the two of us and our unspoken need to fuck each other.

    Standing there, completely naked, pumping his gorgeous cock into his fist, he is the image of perfection. Mimicking his actions, I feverishly struggle to capture an ounce of the bliss I’d feel had I been inside his body, doing to him all the devious things running through my mind. It’s only when I see his other hand disappearing from my view, reaching for the place I long to penetrate that orgasm overtakes me.

    When consciousness returns to me, he is already gone—my only companion, the agonized feeling of loss of someone who doesn't truly belong to me. But it won’t stop me from coming back to him—the same window, the same time, another day.

  8. @GeekChic12FF
    Word count: 300 (I've used caps where I would normally use italics.)




    Shaking off the fog of sleep, I sit up and try to determine what woke me.



    When I reach my window, my hands covering my junk, a smile stretches across my face at the sight down below.

    I wave you up, and you begin climbing the latticework on the side of the house, landing deftly onto the overhang that extends over the wrap-around porch and under my window.

    You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

    I’m pretty sure I fell in love with you the first time I saw you dance in a performance at school. I haven’t said the words yet, but they’re always there. Right on the tip of my tongue.

    After realizing I’m still naked, having gotten lost in watching you move, I scramble toward my dresser to pull on some boxer-briefs.

    Before I can get them all the way up though, you're smoothly crawling through my window.

    Your gasp makes me chuckle. We haven’t quite gone far enough yet for you to have seen my bare ass.

    Not that I haven’t wanted to.

    "S-sorry," you stutter. "I just wanted to bring you your lucky hat for the big game tomorrow. You left it in my car."

    Your face is flushed in embarrassment. You couldn’t be cuter if you tried.

    "You're coming tomorrow, right?"

    "I haven't been able to find anyone to cover my shift. I-"

    Interrupting you with a kiss, I pull you in close, and you release a sexy moan into my mouth as my hands grip your hips and squeeze. I know I’m not playing fair, but I NEED you at that game. YOU'RE my lucky charm now. Not some dirty, old hat.

    You look dazed; your fingertips lightly touch your plump bottom lip.

    "I'll call in sick."

  9. Name: CullensTwiMistress
    FF link:
    Word count: 300

    Her apartment is across the alley from mine.


    She smirks and rolls her eyes, waving at me through her window as she sips her coffee.

    I nod, acknowledging her and can’t help but chuckle when she sticks out her tongue.

    We’ve known each other for a while now. As neighbors.

    Oh, and I’m a bit of a voyeur and she’s a tad exhibitionist.

    I think we’ve exchanged fewer words than we have orgasms, but we can’t stop.

    Leaning my head against the glass, smiling, I watch as she puts down her coffee mug and removes her T-shirt.

    The subtle flush of her cheeks as she throws the shirt on the floor is enough to make me hard without even getting a full view of her tits.

    Even after seeing her completely naked and exposed more times than I can count, there’s a certain vulnerability in the way she glances back at me. That’s what gets me. Every time. Since the very first time.

    I let my pants and boxers fall to the floor and watch as she bites her lip; something else that serves to entice as I stroke myself.

    Once she’s completely naked and exposed to me, she sits on her kitchen table and spreads her legs. She’s glistening and ready; fingers deep and wet.

    I stroke myself, imagining the slick feel and sweet smell of her sex as I pound into her.

    My eyes don’t leave her body as we both find the release we sought.

    She sits up, picking up her mug, and crosses her still bare legs as she resumes drinking her coffee.

    Her eyes meet mine, happy and sated as I stand there naked and blissful, staring at the girl across the alley.

    She smirks. I grin.


    I’ll knock on her door tomorrow.

  10. @primarycolors1
    word count: 300

    She pulls the popcorn out of the microwave and smirks over her shoulder. “I’m not wearing panties.”

    “Shut up.”

    “Go ahead and check,” she says, leveling her devastating gaze at me. Her hair floats like a cloud, the sunset behind glowing red, framing her beautiful face in the square kitchen window.

    Fuck, I love her.

    “Maybe I will,” I shoot back.

    “Kids!” she yells, not moving her eyes, daring me. “Popcorn’s ready!”

    She bends down, kisses two little noses. “Go on and start the movie, okay? Auntie Bella needs to talk to Mr. Edward for a minute.”


    “Hurry… come here…”

    “Fuck, baby…” I gasp as she pulls up slow, slams down fast. “That’s it... ride me, beautiful.”

    “We don’t have long…”

    Bella likes to fuck hard until we’re both sopping wet, then she pulls away so she can lick herself off my dick.

    “Damn, I’ll never get tired of seeing that.”

    She looks up, half lidded, lazy. Her tongue swirls and I’m dizzy.

    “Let me taste you,” I whisper, pulling her mouth to mine. “And get back on my dick so I can make you come.”

    “So close…” she whines, throwing her head back. Her thighs tremble. “We need to hurry.”

    I rub her clit, suck her nipple into my mouth, salty, sweet, I bite and she clenches, sobs, her eyes squeeze shut. “Ohohoh, Edward, oh fuck…”

    Heat punches low in my belly as she pinches her own nipples, that vision sending me over the fucking edge.

    “Auntie!!!” A little voice shrieks. “I’m telling!”

    I can’t believe how fast she scrambles off me, throws on my t-shirt.

    “You little sneak!”

    “I’m telling Mommy you put your mouth on Mr. Edward’s peepee!”

    I watch from the window, laughing.

    He makes it all the way to the front yard before she catches him.

  11. @bebeginja
    Word count: 298


    I can feel her hands on me. “Belllaahh,” I say groggily, rolling over. Her bed is soft, warm, and marinated in her scent.

    “Edward get up.”

    “Mmmm bab-“ THWACK!

    What the FUCK?! I sit up, immediately stunned out of my sleepy haze by whatever just pounded the side of my head. Squinting into the sunlit room, I see Bella holding a pillow in front of her naked body. She’s gorgeous and frazzled.

    “Edward. Get. Up. They’re. Coming!”

    “Wha-? Who?”

    “They know you’re here. They know you spent the night. Now get up, get dressed, and get OUT!”

    I’m staring at her nipples as she frantically pulls a t-shirt over her head. We hear a car honk and her eyes go wide. I step to the window, still naked, and peek outside.

    “Oh shit,” I laugh and flash my junk, waving both of my hands in a little dance. My smile disappears as Emmett gets out of his Jeep and stomps toward the house, cussing and mumbling under his breath. “Oh … shit.” Jasper sits in the passenger seat looking amused.

    “See you soon babe!” Bella swats me away after a quick peck to the lips, and I head for the back door. I run around the side of the house, dressing along the way, and surprise Jaz when I jump into the back seat. Emmett hears my door slam and storms back to the car. He gets in and glares at me from the driver’s seat.

    “You’re not supposed to see her for another … 4 hours!” he says, pointing to the clock on the dash.

    “Sorry man, couldn’t help myself.” I’m not sorry.

    “Whatever dude, let’s go. Dad will have MY ass if you’re late to your own wedding.”

    I look up. Four hours until she’s mine forever.

  12. Boom-Boom Jones
    Word Count: 300

    “Dude, what about her? She’s hot.”

    “Em, no. C’mon,” I said and swirled the ice in my glass. This place was packed with cleavage and fake tans and too-white teeth. I told him I didn’t want to come.

    Since my break-up with Vic Emmett’s hounded me relentlessly to get laid. Best friends since high school, I’ve never known him to grasp the concept of taking a break from women. Not celibacy, are you kidding? Just a couple months.

    He elbowed me. “I’m tellin’ ya, man, just look. Nine o’clock, the one next to the blonde.”

    “Not interested.” I lifted my hand to get the bartender’s attention. Em said the bar was low key. He lied. I swear the ratio of girls to guys was like 50:1. Maybe not that extreme, but—

    “Oh, shit.” He laughed.

    “What?” I looked at Em and followed his gaze. “Oh, shit.”



    “Bella fucking Swan, man.”

    “The bridesmaid from Jake’s wedding.”

    He chuckled then tipped his beer to his mouth. “Some night,” he said.

    It was one night. She’d snuck out before I could get her number. Emmett and I flew back to Chicago that afternoon.

    Her eyes widened when she spotted us. The blonde followed her over to our place at the bar and somehow my mouth went desert dry.

    We bought rounds of shots – too many to count.

    We laughed about the wedding.

    I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

    I didn’t ask why she disappeared.

    The next thing I knew we were back at my place and she was under me. Over me. Up against my wall.

    Morning came and Bella was gone. No kiss goodbye – nothing. But I went to the window and waited, smiling – she’d be back. See, I took her wallet.

    No way I’d let her go again.

  13. Name: Bravery0898
    Word count: 231

    I made a mistake.

    I realized that when my stomach fluttered as he walked to the bathroom, holding his clothes from yesterday and whistling because he just got laid.

    I knew I made a mistake because I thought I could scratch the itch. That maybe I'd be over him by getting under him, and maybe he would leave me alone if I gave in.

    Now that I knew what it felt like to have him inside of me...

    Well, fuck.

    The door to the bathroom opened and he walked out, naked and bashful, contrary to the confidence from earlier when he moved in me.


    "There are no towels in there," he grinned.

    So cute.


    "They're in the linen closet behind you."

    He looked back quickly. "Right, thanks."

    Things would be awkward. I ruined everything.

    He frowned.

    "Is everything okay, Bella?"

    "Last night was a mistake."

    Hurt flashed across his features. He narrowed his eyes, scanning my face for the truth.

    His left cheek lifted up. He saw right through me.



    "Would it make a difference if I said I thoroughly enjoyed myself?"


    "How about if I told you..." He swallowed.

    "Told me what?"

    "That I love you?"


    "I do."

    "But...We're best friends."

    He grinned. "Exactly." He moved closer. "I love you."

    My eyes watered. "Thank God."

    "Join me? In the shower?"

    I giggled. "Of course."