Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The Lemon Drops are birthday flavored this week in honor of one of my favorite people in the fandom and on the planet, Sue!  The betafairy, aka SueBee0619, has worked her magic wand on some of the best stories around, and has merped her way into the hearts of everyone who knows her.  I couldn't get Edward in her bed, so I’m settling for the next best thing- multiple scenarios with Edward in her uh, … head. ;) Love you, Sue, Happy birthday! Now let’s get to unwrapping!

Life Begins at 40 by Louise Lewin
O/S for A Jasper For Me. On the eve of Bella's fortieth birthday, her friends take her to Las Vegas. While there, she meets a young male stripper, Edward Masen, who may be just what she's been missing. Along with his Texan friend, can Edward show Bella life really can begin at forty? Some slash. ExB, ExBxJ, MA. Fiction M - Romance - Bella & Edward - Words: 7,312

Better than Birthday Cake by muggleinlove
Written for Jayeliwood's Sexy Eddie Contest. Edward is a chef that just opened his new restaurant with his life-long best friend, Bella. All Human, includes Chef Edward. Fiction M - Romance/Friendship - Edward & Bella -Words: 2,041

Boys of Summer by Rochelle Allison
Bella's sixteenth birthday is made perfect by a kiss from a beautiful boy, but then she doesn't see him again for three years. Does he even remember her? Surfers and secret kisses! Fiction M - Romance/Drama - Bella & Edward - Words: 6,759

Feel You from the Inside by hottygurl17
It's Bella's 18th birthday & Alice decides they need to celebrate. What happens when the night starts out as playful teenage adolescence & ends up in raw unadulterated lust? It'll be a night to remember, that Bella is sure to never forget. OOC/A Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor -  Bella & Edward - Words: 13,087

When in Venice by Packy 2.0
Edward and Bella have known each other most of their lives and he finally decides it's time for the next step in their relationship. What B believes is just a few days in Venice for her birthday turns out to be E's big shot at forever. Will she accept? Fiction M - Romance - Edward & Bella - Words: 14,176

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