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What exactly is a Flash-Fic? It's pretty much a spur of the moment, tiny story, prompted by words, images or silliness. Not sure if you've ever been on twitter when this has happened, but it's pretty awesome when it does. It also happens often in threads, with a combination of people contributing. 

How does it work? Each Friday one admin of TLS posts a picture prompt here to the blog. Using this image, entries are created. Entries must be 100-300 words ONLY. No more, no less. The entries are then judged and we post the winning submissions here, each Friday, to share with all of you.

THIS WEEK'S NEW PROMPT ... and yes I'm going dirtay!

Picture prompt and judge the week of 5/17 - 5/24 is by Jaime Arkins.

You will have until next Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST to submit your entry.

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 word count: 300

We were always outside when the streetlights lit up, prowling the neighborhood in a pack of banana seat bikes and skateboards, popping wheelies behind the mosquito truck, light-headed, silly, laughing as we sped past the cemetery.

Edward and I rested on the hill behind the gas station, letting the others go.

I was glad I’d left my hair loose. Sometimes, if I stood close enough, Edward curled his fingers ‘round the ends. I’d loved him forever and he probably knew it, but nothin' had ever been said or done.

“What’d y’have for dinner?” Edward asked, squinting into the sky like he couldn’t care less. He did though. He liked to live vicariously through my dinnertimes since he never had a proper sit-down himself, his mom working so much.

“Daddy’s outa town,” I answered. “Em said I could do whatever I wanted so long as I don’t blab that his girlfriend is sleeping over in his room.” I cut my eyes over. “Maybe I’ll stay out all night. Smoke cigarettes and have Krispy Kreme for dinner.”

“Nah you won’t,” he said, laughing.

“I will!" I punched him on the arm for emphasis.

He sat up suddenly, holding my hand tight to keep me from hitting him again. My stomach flipped at the way he leaned over me, eyes bright.

“You won’t. You’re so…” he trailed off, swallowing hard.

“What?” I frowned. “Goody-goody? I’m not, I—“

“Pretty,” he said softly. “You’re so pretty.”

“Shutup! That’s a lie, Edward Cullen.” My face was hot.

He shook his head, bemused. “If you say so.”

“Alright then,” I whispered. “Lie to me again.”

Leaning close to my ear, “I love you.”


“Shh,” he said, kissing the corner of my mouth. “Forgot to mention it’s opposite day.”

“So that means—”

“Not a lie.”


Sparrow Notes
 Word Count: 300

I beg you to save me from this. From him.

The man who's trapped me in his underworld nightmare for years.

His dark and cold sharklike eyes watch you. Waiting.

He smiles when you press cold steel to my temple. 

My breath catches, blood freezes, hope dies.

"Why?" I ask you.

The sharp click of the safety deafens me.

"Collateral damage. You know too much."

"You were never going to help me?"

"No." Your voice is black ice. Treacherous.

"Everything was a lie?"


A laugh bubbles up, choking me. "Lie to me again."

"I love you."

You both laugh at the cruel words, and I know I'm going to die. 

I close my eyes to the curled sneer of the man I'll never be free from. To look at him is unbearable.

"I trusted you."

"You shouldn't have."

I see now every whispered word, every secret shared, was a stroke of ink on my death warrant. 

You are my fatal attraction.

"Kill her," he says.

My heart collapses.

Tears fall as memories disintegrate to dust. The heat of your lips against my skin, touches that consumed me as much as your promises. Too much and not enough.

A thousand decibels rip through me.



I wake with you by my side, reaching to trace my finger along the dark line of your jaw, making sure this isn't a dream.

"You said you didn't love me?"

"Bella, I fell in love with you the moment you smiled at me." 

You brush the back of your fingers across my cheek to ease my confusion. "The truth was less dangerous than the lie."

"What was the lie?"

"I was."

You show me your badge.

Detective Edward Cullen.

You tell me it's over. I'm safe. 

You killed him. You broke your cover, for me.


Boom-Boom Jones
Word Count: 300

His wife died. Her husband did the same thing.

Car accident. This big pile-up on the one-oh-one. 

They left them to fend for themselves. 

If only she hadn’t told him to hurry up and get home.

If only he hadn’t fought with her that morning.

Their hearts were open and full but then their hearts were ripped out of their chests and all that was left was a gaping hole and inside that hole a constant ache. 

They were told to try a support group, because alcohol and pills weren’t the answer. His sister made him go. Her therapist strongly suggested it, after her own accident. “Just go once, twice,” is what they said.

It’d taken four meetings for her to say anything. He listened to some of it.

After the fifth it’d rained, asphalt glistening beneath streetlamps. He sat on the curb outside the church, smoking. His pack was almost empty. He ignored the others as they dragged by to go to empty homes. She stopped and bummed a cigarette, and then they went to a bar.

Support Group. 


Their routine for weeks until they quit group. 

They said fuck it and drank at home. 

They did this for months, a year.

He stayed over. Her sheets smelled of him, distracting. 

His sister loathed her. Said, “You’re not moving on.”

Her therapist said, “It’s self destructive.”

They closed the door on the sister and the therapist. 

Numbness stitched up holes that choked.

They had their unspoken rules. Knew what they needed. 

Another year and they still functioned. Still had jobs. Paid their bills, taxes. Ate.

They had rules.

Naked backs touched. “Lie to me again,” she whispered.

“I love you,” he said.

“Now the truth,” she said, phantom heart thumping.

He couldn’t breathe. “I really don’t.”

“Me either.”


Agrutle on twitter/ffn and Gayle Whitlock on FB
 Word count: 298

I had known Edward Cullen since he and I were eight years old. He was my brother Emmett’s best friend, so he was around all the time. It was about that time that I became fascinated with him. I wouldn't call it love, more like hero worship. 

He thought I was the biggest nuisance in the world up until we were in high school. It was there that the hero worship became a teenage crush and consequently lust. We couldn't keep our hands off of each other. I knew we would last forever, go to college together, get great jobs,get married and live happily ever after. 

Sometimes though that isn't the way things go, other forces choose the way things happen. We did go to college together but Edward got a great job after in another state and he told me that the space would be good for us, and he didn't want me to go with him. He said he didn't love me anymore. 

He left and I was heartbroken. I went to work and I came home, and that is all I did. How could he say for so long that he loved me and then just leave after all we had shared? 

Two years passed and I was on my way back to our home town for my brother and his sister’s wedding. I knew I would see him and it scared the hell out of me because I still loved him even after all he’d done and how long it had been.

When I saw him, and the look in his eyes I knew he still loved me and had lied. He reached for me and we fell into each others arms. 

“Lie to me again” I cried. 

“I love you.” he whispered. 


Word Count: 297

Let’s face it. 

If I am a garden, my heart is full of weeds. 

The kind with pretty flowers that you don’t mind so much until there’s no stopping the ravenous consumption. There’s nothing left in my chest but a knotted ball of roots and dirt. My rib cage is held together with vines and when I wake up in the mornings, marigolds bloom out of my eyes. 

Sugar blossom skin that bruises easy as a poppy and tears that taste like candied violets.

You can’t see past the flashy petals. 


“I have to tell you something.”

“What’s that, Sugar Plum?” I lick my lips while she fiddles with the hem of her tank top and pulls it over her head.

“I’m not who you think I am.” She drops it to the floor and I clamp my mouth shut, eyes on her face. “I’m a fake.” Off comes the short sleeve and she peels herself from her long sleeve. “It’s all just a show.” Reaches behind herself, unclasps her bra and dangles it from one finger before it joins the growing pile between us. 

Rose colored nipples and peach flavored skin.

“Bella,” I try but she shakes her head. Drops her skirt and then her lacy slip. Pulls off her leg warmers. Struggles out of her tights. Steps free of her panties. Stands there with her eyes on the mountain of clothing between us. 

“I’m a liar.”

“Honey, if this is lying, I hope you never stop.” I shake my head at her. 

“I’m too broken for you.”

“Lies. Do it again.”

“I can’t love you,” she pleads.


“I’m not worth this.”

“You’re such a liar.” I catch her in my arms before she wilts away. “I love you. And I’m not a liar.”

Musical_Voice on TwitterMusicalVoice on FFN (
Word count: 274

“The date was awful,” she said as she stripped off her shirt. “Total dud. I don’t know why Kevin was under the impression I wanted to hear about rebuilding his engine, but he was seriously deluded.”

Edward watched her take off each heel and her jeans without breaking stride. He lied when he promised himself he wouldn’t let this happen again, that he needed for her to see how much he cared about her. In the end, Bella won out. She always did.

“I couldn’t wait to get to your apartment,” she said, pushing him back onto the bed and roughly taking off his shirt. “You don’t know how much I needed this. Needed you.”

“I always need you,” he said as he firmly held her shoulders and looked into her eyes. “It should’ve been me taking you out tonight.”

“But I came home to you, isn’t that what matters?” she asked, slipping out of his grip and grinning slyly as she deftly removed his belt and jeans. 

Three weeks. Three weeks in a row Bella had gone out with men who meant nothing to her only to show up at Edward’s apartment and spend the night with him. She knew how he felt, but it wasn’t enough for her. This would have to be enough for him until she changed her mind.

“You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” he said as she straddled him, lightly cupping the side of her face as he finally slid into her.

“Lie to me again,” she whispered.

“I love you,” he said sadly.

He knew she didn’t believe him yet, but someday… someday she would.

The Lemonade Stand would like to also thank all of the participants. We thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the entries!

The Lemonade Stand would like to thank all of the participants. We thoroughly enjoyed ALL of the entries!

See you next week!



  1. Twitter: @k8ln713
    Word Count: 298

    We barreled through my apartment door, lips melded to each other.

    He was already slipping his hand up under my short dress, unable to keep his hands off my skin.

    I welcomed it.

    From the moment we locked eyes in the darkness of the club, I couldn’t wait for him to roam his hands up my legs and find their way into my panties.

    And it was happening now.

    His large hands slipped under the thin strap of lace against my hip, caressing the heated skin before pulling out and moving to the flesh of my ass.

    He slapped it. Pinched it. Gripped it.

    I moaned. It felt so good.

    We started walking backwards, my back hitting a wall.

    “Bedroom?” he asked harshly.

    I pointed in the right direction, unable to utter a word.

    He lifted me up and I linked my legs around his hips. It felt as if I was flying through the air as he carried me to my bedroom.

    I was dropped onto my bed, his body not staying away from mine for long. My legs opened up for him so he could be cradled within them.

    His shirt was shed and his jeans unzipped. I was still clothed.

    “Ungh!” I whimpered. “Give me more!”

    His hands went underneath my dress again, peeling my wet panties off.

    He licked two fingers and placed them at my entrance, but instead of plunging in, he rubbed my clit frantically.

    “Ohhhhhhh!!!” I moaned.

    “You like that?” he questioned in a gruff voice.

    “Uh huh.”

    “Then you’ll like this.”

    He pulled away from my clit before I could come and slipped his fingers in deeply, reaching a spot I could never.

    “Ahh!” I screamed.

    I came after that. Hard.

    His fingers were amazing… but his cock was otherworldly.

  2. MusicalVoice on
    @Musical_Voice on Twitter
    Word Count: 295
    Submission #2:

    I felt the bile rise in my throat as James positioned himself over top of me. My mom’s words repeated over and over in my head: “The quickest way to get over someone is to get under someone else, sug.”

    I didn’t believe it. Of course I didn’t believe it. Breakup after breakup, my mom whispered it to me as she led a new man back to her room after a long night at the bar. It seemed to work, she was always happy… at least until the next night. But I wasn’t like her.
    I couldn’t be like her.

    But I couldn’t be like him, either. He wanted me to be safe yet left me here to fall to pieces? He couldn’t have it both ways. Since I couldn’t have him... well, nothing mattered.

    “You’re such a pretty thing,” James said, flashing a smile that sent shivers up my spine. It wasn’t wine and roses. It was a cheap screw in Forks’ by-the-hour motel. But I was doing this. I needed to do this.

    “It doesn’t feel like you’re ready,” he said as he moved my underwear to the side and put his fingers in me. It burned in a wholly unpleasant way. “I can fix that.”

    He made quick work of his promise, licking his hand and returning it to my pussy with his cock. He thrusted before I realized it was happening.

    “More,” I said as he rammed me harder. He seemed to like it. I felt like I was being burned alive.

    Tears rolled down my cheeks. My mind wandered. Graduation this morning. The Edward-shaped hole in my heart. My mom.

    He had once promised to turn me after I graduated. I expected rebirth by fire - just not like this.

  3. Twitter name: @incog_ninja
    FFn profile:
    Number of submissions: #1

    It’s that frustrating moment right before you’re wet enough to take him, but you still want him right fucking now, and you just can’t say it out loud. All you can do is lie there helpless, thighs spread wide and thrashing, back arched dangerously, head thrown back and chest heaving.

    But he knows what you need – what you both need. He swipes his fingers over his tongue then slips them down between your thighs, slowly slides them around your clit. He gently pushes them inside your body and twists and pumps them. His thumb presses at the top and just to the side with a sensual grip over that spot that’s throbbing inside and outside and everywhere for you.

    You rotate your hips and buck lightly into his hand because you don’t want to fuck it up. What he’s doing is magic; it’s exactly what you needed and you didn’t even know it. You pray he never takes his hand away and that his maneuver isn’t simple chance – that he knows what he’s doing and that he’ll keep on doing it.

    You’re suddenly gushing, and the silence in the stiflingly hot and quiet attic is broken by your cries for more more fuck yes more now please.

    Then his hands are spreading you wider and his cock is pushing inside, where you’re so fucking hot and wet and wanting. Just minutes before, you were frustratingly unprepared, but this man… he knows how to make you ready.

    He knows how to make you sing and cry and scream. Just a few minutes more of him pushing and pulling, in and out, and you’re muttering nonsense, clawing at his chest and back and shoulders.

    Then you find out that he also knows how to make you come apart.

    1. Phew! You have got to win something for this

  4. Chocaholic123
    Word count: 300
    Submission #1

    “Do you want this?”

    “Yes, I want this”

    You move inside me, your body rough though I sense you’re naturally gentle. The ceiling fan whirring above our heads does nothing to dissipate the stifling heat; it just moves it around until the whole room is suffused by humidity.

    The condensation dripping from the ceiling mirrors the sweat falling from your skin. Droplets moisten my parched body, and I can’t tell if they come from you or the room.

    You lick your hand and coat yourself with saliva, to replicate my missing excitement. It makes it easier for me and I’m grateful.

    “Tell me you want this,” you rasp again. I don’t think you’ve done this very often, and you need to assuage your guilt. I reach my hand up and cup your cheek, feeling the beginnings of your beard scratch my palm.

    “I want this.”

    Of course I want this. I want to buy food so that my children don’t starve. I want to save enough money to buy my dying father the medicine he so badly needs.

    I want to survive.

    You incline your head to kiss me, and I let your gentle lips brush against mine. You’ve been over here for a while; I can tell by the threadbare fatigues you tore from your body and left crumpled in the corner of my room. You miss your home, your family, the comfort that a warm body can give.

    I’m always willing to give.

    Afterwards you show me a photograph of your family. I smile and trace my finger across the glossy paper, admiring the golden-haired cherubs smiling their toothy grins.

    My children rarely smile.

    When you leave, there is an extra ten dollars on the table. I snatch it eagerly, hiding it in my underwear. It is enough.

  5. QuinnLark
    Submission #1
    Word count: 286

    He lays me back on the bed, impatient to get inside of me—just like he’d said he was at least fifty times over the phone on the drive over. He’s so impatient, in fact, that he only tugs his Army sweats halfway down his thighs, allowing him just enough room that his hard, long cock springs free.

    “Baby,” he moans in my ear when he climbs over me. “I wish I had the patience to feast on your pussy all night, but I just can’t wait.”

    He reaches his hand down and slides his fingers over my entrance. I’m wet; I can feel my arousal pooling from just being around him again. But, apparently, I’m not wet enough. My body is no longer acclimated to his, and I know he doesn’t want to hurt me when he finally buries his thick cock into my pussy. After all, we haven’t seen each other in fifteen months.

    Deployments suck ass.

    He opens his mouth and puts those same four fingers inside, sucking on them; first, he wants to get a taste of my pussy that he’s missed so much, and then he gathers enough moisture to reduce the friction for his grand entrance. Slipping his hand down to my lower lips, he applies his warm, slippery saliva. My body is a live wire, sizzling with need as the wetness touches my skin. I writhe against him, seeking absolution from this ache he’s started in me.

    “That’s better, baby.” Raw and husky, his voice holds all those months of emotion bottle up inside of him. I’ll happily take it all from him.

    “Welcome back, Jonny,” I whisper with a sexy grin. Then, he sinks into me. Finally home.

  6. @GeekChic12FF
    Word count: 299

    I couldn’t be happier as I feel your lithe body suddenly cover mine in the semi-darkness. “Mmmmm.”

    "Shhh. We have to be quick," you murmur against my neck. "This'll be over before it starts if we're caught."

    You lick what I know to be a hot trail up your large hand, and before I can even think about being quiet or caught, you're inside me.

    I cry out, and again you shush me. "We don't have...much time," you grunt out as your hips move feverishly against my own.

    "I know, I know. God." My fingernails rake down your bare back, over sinewy muscle, and I revel in the hiss that escapes you.

    These frantic rendezvous are rare for us, and we take all we can get from each other in this short window of time we've found between responsibility and obligation.

    "Fuck, baby. So wet. I’ve missed being inside you.”

    “Missed you,” I whimper as my hips buck up against you. I've missed your weight on me. It happens so infrequently—especially over the last several months.

    The sweet tension builds, craving release as you move above me, filling me again and again in the most perfect and familiar way.

    My wail of ecstasy cannot be stifled as I'm thrown into orgasm. Another wail pierces through your groan as you follow me, pulsing deep.

    "I'll get her," you say through puffs of hot breath against my breasts.

    I watch as you slide off me, off the bed and pull your pajama pants back on. I sigh as your delectable ass disappears from view.

    She's woken her sisters as well, and suddenly the bed contains five of us instead of two, sunlight bouncing off small, bronze-haired heads. Giggles replace moans; tickles replace frenzied touches, and still, I couldn’t be happier.

  7. @sparrownotes24
    Word Count: 299

    He has blue eyes. Not the meadow green that pulls me inside out.

    His voice is smooth confidence. Not the rasping quiet that makes me lean closer to hear words spoken just for me.

    The gentle lips on my neck aren't urgent, searching. They don't better each kiss, one after the other, until my knees feel weak.

    His hands are soft, tentative as he undresses me. I ache for ripping fabric and fingers, rough from hard work, biting into my skin, leaving red-rose patterns.

    He pauses. "Is this okay?"

    You never needed to ask.

    He smells like expensive cologne and peppermint. Unreal. Unnatural. Not salty, sun-saturated skin and rain.

    Wrong. It's all fucking wrong.

    My body knows. It’s refusing to react.

    He frowns when his fingers find dry heat, but he makes his own slickness with a tongue that invades rather than consumes.

    There’s no interruption as he pushes inside. Filling me until I'm empty.

    I'm wet. Not for him. For you. My tears fall for you.

    You twirled me under the moon, holding my teenage heart in your hand.

    We swapped tangled I love you’s on the hood of your Mustang beneath a diamond desert night.

    You were my everything.

    So when you fucked up in Vegas and our lucky stars fell from the sky, I did anything to rehang them.

    It was an offer we couldn't refuse, but the money, more than we've ever known, lays forgotten on our table.

    The atmosphere is heavy with regret. I already feel the decay eating at me.

    Your green eyes soften as you whisper love, pulling me hopelessly closer.

    Yet it doesn’t feel the same.

    I gave my body to save you, but it feels like the devil slipped away with my soul, and you did nothing to stop him.

  8. Betty Lovegood (@LovegoodBetty)
    wc: 243

    The room was dark. I could only feel him over me as my eyes adjusted to the city lights entering from the open window. The warm summer breeze enhanced the whiskey-sweat-and-sex-scent surrounding us, and it drove me crazy. It seemed to drive him crazy, too. I felt hot with need for him. I hadn't even given him my name, but he already knew how and where to touch and kiss me to make me whimper breathlessly.

    I'd dreamed of this many times from the moment I laid eyes on him weeks ago. But this wasn't a dream; there was no haze, and definitely no stopping. He was all mine and I was his... for however long he'd let me stay in his bed.

    I thought I couldn't become any more desperate for him, having him shirtless, clad in only his boxers and looking down at me with bedroom eyes, ready to dive in. But I did, when he licked his fingers before repeatedly massaging right where I ached the most. He had a talent I'd never experienced. I was ready to climax after a few seconds. He caught one of my nipples in his mouth when I arched my back, grinding into his fingers, and he sucked just perfectly for me to fall over the edge. I could very clearly feel the electricity between us.

    He didn't withdraw his hand as he kissed down my stomach and promised, “I've only just begun, gorgeous...”

  9. Louise Clark
    Word Count: 270

    “Mmmm, you ready for me again, baby?”

    I would always be ready for him. He was my everything. I moaned and swayed my legs, anxious to have him again.

    My man licked his fingers, and then touched my swollen lips. My hand instinctively met his there. I was unbelievably wet for him, no matter that we’d just had amazing shower sex and had made love all night before that. I didn’t even know what time it was because we’d been in our honeymoon bubble since our arrival at the resort.

    “Oh, fuuuuck….” My husband grunted as he slowly thrust into me. “Shit, baby…”

    “Yeah, give it to me,” I panted, desperate to pull the towel off my breasts and throw my hands into his dark hair.

    Instead, he pulled my legs toward him, thrusting as deep into me as he possibly could. My hands reached out to grab the sheets as I screamed in surprise. I held the sheets in my fists as he pounded into me relentlessly. I loved seeing him like this. The flexing of his exquisite muscles turned me on even more. Neither of us was going to last long if he kept this rhythm up.

    Grabbing the towel, he pulled it off of me with one hand. Again he licked his fingers, but this time they teased my puckered hole. As his middle finger pumped inside me there, I came undone around his cock, my muscles quivering with my orgasm. He came immediately, his cum warming my insides.

    “I love you,” he muttered before falling asleep.

    “And I love you,” I whispered and kissed his temple.

  10. @everydaybella89

    He growls. His eyes are dark and a little twisted. He is big and powerful, and I cannot deny that those fangs scare me a little. My mother always told me to stay away from demons—so, why am I fixing to fuck one?

    He grabs my hips, locks my ankles around his waist, and towers over me. “You smell amazing.” His voice is rough and gravely, like it’s coming from deep inside his chest.

    My heartbeat thunders in response, and the rational part of my mind tells me to be afraid. I can’t bring myself to feel the emotion, however. I know him perhaps better than he knows himself.

    I bring my palm up to caress his cheek. The action is surprisingly sweet amidst the almost violent passion swirling around us. “You won’t hurt me,” I order him. His nostrils flare at the idea of being ordered around by a human. I don’t give him a chance to dwell on it. “You’ve saved me too many times to kill me now.”

    He leers and his black, bottomless eyes make it clear that he wants me in more ways than one. “Are you sure about that, sweetheart?” He growls, and shivers of fear and excitement shoot down my spine.
    In answer I grind my pussy against the hard cock still inside his boxers. “You’re mine,” I declare, making it clear what I think about his teasing.

    He licks three fingers coating them with venom before pushing them inside me with one hard grunt. “Mate.”

  11. @Twilightladies1
    Word Count: 272

    “God, I’ve missed you,” you grunt as my hand palms your cock through your pants.

    “It’s only been two days,” I gasp as your hands reach under my dress.

    “It’s enough.”

    I glance around us. “Here?”

    You nod. “Here. Now.”

    Impatiently, you tug your pants and boxers down to your knees as I pull my dress up around my hips. With one swift movement, you push my panties to the side and your fingers find where I’m already needy and aching for you.

    Your fingers and slow but purposeful, and I bite back a whimper as you tease me.

    “We don’t have time for this,” I moan, as your thumb grazes my clit.

    God, do I wish we had time for this.

    I’m a trembling mess when you remove your fingers and I could cry at the loss.

    “You want this?”

    I can’t find the right words to tell you how much I want this, so I nod.

    It’s enough for you.

    With hooded eyes, I watch as you lick your hand before once again palming my clit.

    “Please,” I beg.

    With one swift movement you’re inside me and I cry out in sheer pleasure.

    Our hips work in tandem, but your movements quicken and our rhythm falters.

    “Close,” you murmur.

    I nod. I am too.

    I fall over the edge first, with you following right behind.

    I’m panting. I should be embarrassed, but all I can focus on is the way you’re looking at me.

    I’ve dreamt of this moment for so long—the moment when you stopped looking at me as your best friend, and saw me as something more.

  12. Planetblue
    Word count: 300
    Submission #1

    “Say my name!” He demands, his hands busy pushing my skirt up over my thighs.

    “Don’t order me around, asshole.” My foot comes up to push against his arm, which makes me open up to him further.

    “You know what? I can’t stand you.” The panties he’d been toying with under the table at Rose’s wedding come off and he tosses them across the hotel bed.

    My fingers open the button of his pants, and I gulp, finding him without underwear. “Well it’s a good thing we’ll never see each other again.”

    His mouth comes down quickly on my pussy and I moan. “See that?” He says, so sure of himself, “You’ve been wanting this all night. Now say my name.”

    “You call yourself “best” man? That wasn’t so great. Shut up and try again.” His tongue darts out, and I watch as it takes a furious lick. My thighs threaten to close around his head to keep him there.

    My hands reach to clench his ridiculous hair, but before they can, he’s off me. “The hell?” I glare at his mouth, willing it to get back to work.

    His eyes stare back at me, fiery, possessive. He starts to rise and I panic that he’s leaving.

    He’s not.

    Instead, he takes his hand and swipes it through my wetness, bringing it slowly to his mouth. His tongue darts out and licks his fingers, while his eyes close and a hum escapes his throat. He looks back at me and he knows he’s got me. He begins to lower his hand again, but instead of touching me, I watch him wrap that hand around his cock and start to pump, readying himself to fuck me. Ever so gently, I feel his tip right at my entrance.

    “Oh Edward, oh yeah.”

  13. @bebeginja
    Submission #12
    Word count: 300

    It’s been a long day, but I’ve been looking forward to tonight for a long time. My feet hurt, my hair is coming undone, and I’m anxious.

    “Let’s go upstairs, I can’t wait any longer,” he whispers in my ear. His fingertips whisper a trail from my elbow to my pinky and he interlocks his fingers with mine.

    “But what about –“

    “They’ll be fine. They won’t even notice we’re gone.”

    I give him a frown and narrow my eyes in hesitation.

    “Come on, just real quick. We’ll come back down after.” Crooked smile. Damn him.

    He pulls me along - we’re practically running through the hallway as we leave flashing lights and sounds of blaring bass, laughter, and clinking glass behind. I’m a little tipsy and he thinks it’s funny.

    I’m giggling and my blood is already rushing. I didn’t want our first time to be like this, but I can’t wait either. Besides, screw tradition and expectations. This is a new beginning. A new us.

    When we’re inside I back away tauntingly, unzip the back of my dress, and let it fall to reveal my gift to him that I’ve been wearing the whole night.

    We fall on the bed and it’s madness. My body is exhausted, and the alcohol is throwing off my responses. He pulls me to the edge of the bed and sits up, licks his fingers while holding my gaze. So damn cocky. So fucking sexy. All mine.

    “You ready baby?”

    “Please,” I answer breathlessly.

    He pushes in, then holds me still. “Baby … finally.”

    Open mouths and lips touching. It’s fast but just enough, for now. He collapses on top of me and I run my fingers through his hair.

    “Thank you ... husband.”

    He lifts his head and gives me that glorious smile. “My pleasure, wife.”

  14. Sparklymeg Fanfic (facebook) Word Count: 300

    The room is dark, the TV screen and a single candle providing an eerie, dim light.

    The candle is vanilla; smells like you. I smile as the scent invades my senses, memories flashing through my mind.

    I kick back into the threadbare couch, turning up the volume, remote falling to the floor as I sip my beer, free hand going my fly.

    The sound of muffled grunts and moans fill the room as I reach into my pants and stroke my growing arousal.

    I’m painfully hard, desperate; this is all I have.

    I stroke my cock harder, my thumb brushing over the tip that oozes the clear liquid you used to love. You gasp my name on the screen, and I feel my balls tightening at the sound.


    Up, twist, down.

    Beer is abandoned on the floor, the remains of the bottle soaking the carpet.

    My breathing is heavy as I listen to the sounds of our excitement. On screen you moan my name as I wet my hand and plunge my fingers deep inside of you, rough, hard; until you’re screeching; coming hard around my fingers; and then, without warning, here, on my grubby couch in this dingy apartment; I’m coming, hot spurts spilling on to my stomach, your name a whisper on my lips.


    Relief is short-lived; and then nausea rolls through my stomach. I watch as you giggle and roll me over, straddling me. You spot the camera, and I smile at the memory.

    “Dammit Edward, you and that camera!”

    Your voice is light, teasing; you’re not really mad at me. The sound of your voice stirs a familiar ache in my chest.

    “Come on baby, you love watching us.”

    You did love it.

    I’m glad I kept it.

    This is all I have now.

  15. @ericastwilight
    Word Count: 300

    Her dark hair is spilling across his sheets, her thighs spread for his hips. A perfect fit, tight, warm, and his.

    She is beautiful as her head tips toward the skylight. Soft, pink lips part with a breathless whimper of his name, and not of the man that tried to take her from him.

    “Who makes you hot like this?” he growl, attempting to ignore the way her body moves beneath his. It is futile. She is too warm, too sweet to resist for long.

    “You.” Another breathless reply.

    Desperation, love, and raw need claws at him. He didn’t give her another moment. He knew she’d be ready for him as always. Her next breath was a gasp as he slams inside her. The following was a long moan. Her chest heaves as she pants, trying to keep up with his relentless pace.

    He props himself up on one arm. He needs to see her when she gives so fully to his demand, to his love. Her sweat-dampened and flushed skin is hot under his tongue. The tip of her breast grows harder at the threat of his teeth.

    She’s screaming now, her hand moving over the curve of her breast, fingers circling her navel. He’s aware of her questing hand’s destination, but her body’s response is under his control. Before she reached where their bodies connect, he licks his fingers and reaches for her first.

    Her soft mouth, swollen from his kisses falls open, an invitation for more. He accepts and captures her next moan and the following cry as she trembled around him. Thighs slipped over his calves and along his hips, deepening the angle. His hand and his cock work in tandem to bring her, them over the edge.

    One, two, three, and she screams for him.

  16. @primarycolors1
    word count: 300

    She’d stopped chewing, mouth hanging open, salt from the popcorn burning her tongue.

    “Are we…umm.” She was finding it hard to finish a sentence, or even a complete thought, her mind so consumed with the frantic couple on the movie screen. “Is this the right…”

    Edward frowned. “I’d thought so,” he whispered, shifting in his seat. “But I… wow.”

    Running late, they’d ducked into theater 10, giggling, spilling snacks on the multicolored carpet, assuming the gritty black and white scene was a trailer for some foreign film. French, maybe. Only they couldn’t be sure. There hadn’t been any words.

    The man had the woman pressed up against a window now, pounding into her from behind. Breath frosted across the glass as she panted, fingers splayed, moans mingling with the wet sounds of sex.

    Bella bit her lip hard. Every muscle in her body was strung tight, her heart racing.

    On the screen, another man was watching the couple from the doorway, slowly unbuckling his belt.

    “Fuck,” Edward said in a strangled voice. He pressed Bella's hand to the front of his jeans, groaning when she rubbed lightly. “Come here.”


    “Theater’s empty,” he said hoarsely, throwing the armrest out of the way, dragging her onto his lap. He draped her legs on the outside of his and pulled her back against his chest, one hand pushing inside her panties, the other already under her bra, pinching, pulling. “Watch,” he murmured into her ear, breath hot against her cheek.

    The couple had finally made it to the bed, unsurprised when the second man crawled up beside them. Both men were on their knees, one fucking her pussy, the other fucking her mouth.

    Edward bit her neck when she came all over his fingers.

    “You liked that, didn’t you? Naughty girl.”

  17. Name: capricapra
    Submission #1
    Words: 296
    The shower pounds down on my skin. The searing heat distracts me from the shame of my sins. Lust. Envy. Wrath. Gluttony. Greed. Sloth. Pride. I’ve experienced them all, thanks to Edward.

    I covet and crave him constantly. He is always on my mind and my heart.

    When I step out and wrap myself in a towel, I startle, for he is in front of me. He strides towards me and sweeps me up in his arms.

    “I need you, baby.”

    He throws me on the bed and before I can blink, he is naked and on top of me, cradled in between my legs. He rubs his thumb over my lips and I suck it with gusto, indicating my intent to do the same to his cock later. His hand drifts over my torso, still half-encased in fluffy, black Egyptian cotton, over my breast, down my taut abdomen and over my bare pussy lips.

    I am dripping wet. And not from the shower.

    When his long fingers finally make contact with the moisture my body has made in response to his touch, we both groan. I arch my back as he probes, exploring my slit, my clit, my holes.

    Suddenly he whips his hand away and I mourn the loss.

    “Patience, baby.” He brings his hand to his mouth and licks his slippery fingers. “Abso-fucking-lutely delicious.”

    “Edward!” I whine. “Please ...”

    “Tell me what you want. Tell me, Bella.”

    “Your cock, please. Inside my pussy. Inside my mouth. Everywhere.”


    “Yes! Please!”

    “I’ll bear that in mind.”

    He grins wickedly and licks his fingers again. It’s so deliciously dirty.

    He takes his cock in his hand and finally buries himself within my kitty, connecting us as one.

    It is the only time I feel whole.

  18. @MariahajilE
    Word Count: 271

    Edward kept Bella’s thighs from tightening around his head, but he refused to show her any mercy. He wanted her to remember what it was like to have his mouth on her, his fingers in her.

    As her body began to calm, Edward raised his head and let his eyes roam her body. Over her stomach, between her breasts, up to her face… It was his favorite map in the world. It was a map of Bella.

    “Oh, my God…” she panted.

    It was music to Edward’s ears. And heart.

    He couldn't resist taking another lick of her pussy, to have another taste of what he did to her, which caused her body to jolt.

    “Edw- Jesus Christ. Wait.”

    He climbed up and hovered over her body.

    “What? I just wanted seconds. And now I want thirds,” he smirked as he licked his hand and ran it between her legs, teasingly applying pressure with his middle finger.

    He showed no shame as he brought his hand to his mouth and licked, relishing in the taste there and humming his approval.

    Bella’s chest rose and fell, as Edward did everything pure and sinful to her body.

    But before she could savor that feeling, Edward’s cock pushed into her, giving her even more to drown in. It was heaven and explosive, and she couldn't get enough.

    Edward placed his hands on either side of her head.

    “Open your eyes, baby,” he whispered, and when she did, she couldn't help but stare into his.

    He pulled out and in, rocked and swiveled his hips, driving her crazy.

    “I’ll never get my fill of you…”

  19. Honeybee
    Word count: 300

    She was hot as a meteor.

    He was cold as an iceberg.

    Baby, pay attention, because this is only just the tip.


    She took him because he was too drunk to talk.

    He took her because he knew she was a demon.

    The kid never showed. Never trust kids with chemicals. Instead, she came running around a dark corner into the alleyway and nearly took him to his knees when they impacted. A hiss of steam between them.

    An arctic blue boy with a snow devil heart.

    A red hot girl with a live coal beneath her tongue.

    She was a demon and he wanted her to devour his soul. Wanted to burn.

    “It’ll feel good,” she told him. Lips branding his skin, fingers scorching scars into his flesh.

    She was hot, but dry as a desert and he had no patience to go searching out an oasis. Half of the time they were hallucinations. He spit into his palm and licked his fingers. Coated dry skin with a substitution for arousal. Ground himself into her with damp fingers to her clit.

    The moment they touched, he started to melt.

    She started to come down from her fever.

    The primordial polar ice cap and the ever-burning sun.

    Destruction only works one way.


    The kid was leaning against the wall, bored and high. The demon had fled as quickly as she had appeared, ten degrees cooler, and he could still smell her on his fingers.

    “Hey man, where the fuck you been?”

    He shrugged. Thought about her and tried not to feel like an ice sculpture in the middle of a wasteland. He’d barely made it out alive, the ice gone thin enough to see through.

    “Nowhere I can ever go again.”

  20. cosmogirl7481


    Word Count 257

    Fuck, you're dripping, baby." His voice was a harsh rasp just above me. "See? I told you that you wanted it. I told you I could make you want it."
    "Fuck you," I spat, just as he pushed two thick fingers inside me, spreading them, then curling them up against the spot that always made me whimper.
    Every single time.
    "I am fucking you," he said, "First with my fingers and then...then, you know what I'm gonna do?"
    I wanted to give him silence, but the whimper that escaped me told him clearly that I couldn't. It didn't matter that we'd been fighting. It didn't matter who was right or wrong. They were only words. They were nothing compared to the way he made me feel.
    He slid his fingers out, pulling them up to his mouth and licking. And everything about him was filthy. His words, his tongue.
    But me even more.
    Me, most of all.
    Because I wanted to watch, wanted to see him tasting me, sucking me off of his skin. But it didn't last.
    "I'm gonna fuck you with my cock," he said, his fingers slipping easily inside me again. "I'm not even gonna lick your sweet pussy because you're so fucking ready for me. It's all over your thighs, sweet girl. But I'm not gonna do it until you tell me."
    "Say it."
    "Oh, god. Just...please."
    "Say the fucking words."
    "You're right, goddamn it," I cried, and he immediately covered me with the weight of his body. "You're always fucking right."