Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meet the Poll: What we read in TLS this week!

Each week we share with you what we are reading and enjoying. The following made the top of our lists last week. Please help us determine which 5 of these will be featured as fics of the week, next week, by choosing FIVE from the poll on the right!

All We Are by SarahYoungEun-rec'd by Mercyrus Tales
Edward is no doubt one cryptic guy. The star volleyball player of Forks High School, he's hot, blunt, and popular, but there's something about him that goes much deeper than that. Then comes new student Bella Swan, shy and naive, who doesn't know what hits her until he takes her heart. It's a numbing, consuming, not-so-typical romance of two teens who want very different things. Rated M</a>

Boy Next Door by Taintedvile-rec'd by Runtauga
Edward Masen is the boy living next door... Bella has various names for Edward these days; but she no longer calls him friend. Depressed, angst filled teens; trying to cope without the love of a friend. Rated M

Country Women Will Survive by Stratocastic1969-rec'd by Mizzez Pattinson
As a homeless drifter in Kentucky, Edward finds work and a home with a widow and her two young daughters. Will he have the strength to stay away from Bella, who's innocence captures his heart? Rated M

How I Became Edward Cullen's Slut or A Love Story by Col.mustard-rec'd by Rose Arcadia
Bella is a nerdy high school junior with low self-esteem. A surprise encounter with Edward Cullen, resident bad boy, starts a sexual relationship between the two. Rated M

Infinite Visibility by TheFicChick-rec'd by Twific Crackmum
"Bella, I'm not perfect." "I've loved perfect before, and he broke me anyway." (A "Twilight"/"Remember Me" crossover.)

Late by Reyes139-rec'd by Misty Hawkins
He's late...again, I murmured under my breath while I watched the clock tick on with another minute wasted on waiting for the man I loved with everything I had. Isabella married the man of her dreams, loves him fiercely, but what happens when he forgets the vows he's said-when work and family become priority and the one you have at home gets tired of you always being late. Rated M

May Be Reckless by Foreverx17-rec'd by Mizzez Pattinson
"Everything changed when I had laid eyes on her. She was, without a doubt, the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. I stopped myself again. This was Charlie's daughter. Charlie, the man who had given me a chance when I felt like I was down on my luck. I would never undermine his trust by trying to get at his daughter. I knew why I wasn't good enough. I knew I had to stay away." Rated M

Part of Me by LuckyIrishTart-rec'd by PAWsPeaches & Everydamnbody lol
Written with WitFit daily prompts Jan/Feb 2013: 90's sex, drugs and rock and roll. E/B, Rated M

Pieces of Me by JustForkIt-rec'd by Evilnat
Bella left the state of Washington to escape the memory of her mother, leaving behind everything and everyone she knew. When tragedy strikes, and she's forced to go back to a life she left behind, will Bella be able to put the pieces back together? Rated M

Shame by BellaDonnaCullen-rec'd by Nic/PAWsPeaches/Rochelle Allison/MoniNP
She destroys him. He hides his disgrace. She manipulates. He dominates. She's driven by power. He's inspired by duty. Their corporate arrangement is motivated by shame. ExB, AH, Rated M.

Square Pegs by Fireflyatnight-rec'd by Bella Ami
Edward Cullen, powerful and brilliant, lacks a real love relationship in his life. He's bi tries to his be content with his regular sex partners until he meets Bella under mysterious circumstances. Security expert Jasper must keep them all safe while trying to ignore his attractions and Emmett just wants everyone. Rated M

Stubborn Love by VampiresHaveBeagles-rec'd by Susan Q/Nic
She'll lie and steal and cheat, and beg you from her knees. She'll make you think she means it this time, tearing a hole in you. But I still love her. I don't really care. A story from iambeagle and VampiresHaveLaws.

Tomorrow by MBella-rec'd by Memphis Lamb/PAWsPeaches
Edward is country music's hottest star...Bella is just a small town girl...somehow their world's collide, and nothing is ever the same again. Rated M

When Will I Know by Deb24601-rec'd by Nic
You don't get over Edward Cullen. Even when he was never really yours. A story about wanting, needing and, eventually, knowing. AH. Inspired by Jan 2012 Witfit prompts. Rated M

While You Were Gone by Jenny0719-rec'd by Remmy
Upon returning to Forks, Edward quickly learns that trying to remove supernatural forces from Bella's life by leaving was in vain. She's undergone a transformation that he couldn't have even imagined. AU Rated M

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