Thursday, March 7, 2013

Welcome To TLS Nursery!

Welcome to TLS Nursery! Here we nurture all of the newborn stories (stories published within the last 30 days or so) that we love! Everything in our nursery has been read and approved by a few, or a lot, of the TLS ladies, and we think you will enjoy cuddling up to these babies as well.

As ever, there are some amazing stories to check out this month! Remember to leave these amazing ladies some love, and let them know TLS sent you.


Let Me by iambeagle
A story about two friends, a three-day music festival, and stupid love. EPOV.

Love Like a Hurricane by counselor
Post-Civil war, Edward and Jasper come home after a cattle-drive, greeted by his little sis, 16 year old Bella Marie. She is pressing Edward to let her be courted by the neighbor's son. Bella had always hoped she could marry Edward seeing as she is adopted, brought to their family as an infant by Edward's now deceased father. Edward allows Paul to call. That's when trouble comes.

Two Weeks by BelieveItOrNot
Based on 'One Week' by Barenaked Ladies. It's been one week since she looked at him, threw her arms in the air and said, "You're crazy." Edward is in trouble with his girlfriend and her parents. Will he learn to swallow his pride and overcome his fears? Will helping his sister through troubles of her own help Edward to face his? E/B, A/J This is their Much Ado About Nothing

Fix You by chocaholic123
Two lives. Different worlds. The ripples from this twelve year collision course will last forever. ExB, AH, Rated M for a reason.

Overpass by purelyamuse
"I think all the people I love will eventually leave me. Just disappear." "Maybe . . . I don't know . . . maybe we don't need lots of people. Maybe we just need one. And that's enough." BPOV.

Heart of Stone by coldplaywhore
Edward, in an effort to make use of his ability to read minds, uses his gifts to rid the truly evil people in the world and protect the innocent. Unfortunately, he never expected her to come along and change his life so drastically. Nothing will be the same. AU Vampward. Rated M

The Lyricist by HelloElla
A good song might make you dance, tap your foot and get stuck in your head for days to come. But a great song will change your life. It stops being just a simple catchy tune that will quickly be forgotten and becomes the soundtrack to memories and stories of your past or future. Bella Swan inspired that one song. It's just a shame that she'll never hear it.

Seven-Year Itch by Vancouver-Canuck-Girl
In any marriage there are complications, hiccups, and speed bumps. After seven years together, Edward and Bella are at a roadblock. A complete standstill. On railroad tracks about to be hit by a freight train. Can Edward face his past, reveal all to Bella and find his happily ever after? Or will knowing the truth push her further away?

The Lake House by quietdrabble
Life turned out nothing like expected for Isabella Marie. A trip to Seattle, she can't explain, led her to buy a book she'll never read, a book she could have easily written because she was there sixteen years ago. Memories morph into reality again when Isabella is finally faced with the ghost of her past. Will she find the answers she seeks, or will disappointment lie ahead?

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