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TLS Fics of the Week 2/13 - 2/19/2013: Double Feature this week!!

For the first time in TLS history, we reached a tie for first place on our poll last week, resulting in a double feature among the sexy six winners. We would like to congratulate the winners this week and say a special thank you to Obsmama for working hard to seek out reviewers for us each week.

It's not always easy to find people willing to sit down and spill their guts over a story so that all of us can get the highlights, so we appreciate EACH AND EVERY REVIEWER that has ever taken the time to write a review for a TLS feature. A lot of you might not know this but it's the reviewers that keep this column going each week. Without reviewers, we just have recs, and we all know how important reviews are to readers, not to mention the authors around here, so what are you waiting for? Become a guest reviewer for TLS.

If you are interested in helping TLS with a guest review from time to time, please contact one of the admins: Nicffwhisperer, Obsmama, Jaime Arkin, Edmazing, Sixdlbfive, Kim Swanson or you can email or pm PAWsPeaches at torpeedough@gmail.com.

In Your Room by LayAtHomeMom
After years of bedroom boredom with Missionary Mike, can Bella find the sexual salvation she's seeking in the arms of campus hottie, Edward Cullen? Rated M for Edward's dirty mouth, Bella's inner whore, embarrassing situations and lemons galore. Rated: Fiction M

Reviewed by: LovinRob

 Back in October, 2012 one of my most loyal, and often crazy, reviewers sent me a story thatshe wanted my opinion on. She didn’t believe the story was that great and didn’t expect meto like it. AS IF!!! Needless to say I immediately told her she needed to publish this bad boybecause it was literally one of the funniest stories I had read in a long time. It is unusual for meto consistently roll in laughter chapter after chapter but that is what happens to me and anyoneelse who reads this epic tale of a girl who never knew satisfaction and a boy who knows how toplease.

 The story follows Bella who has been dating Mike for longer than she should have because heis safe and he is kind but he is also… boring! Meet Edward Cullen, highly intelligent, handsomeand oh so ready to take Bella to his room for some wild shenanigans.

 From the very beginning we see the chemistry being these two (excerpt from Chapter 2):

 He starts to walk away, but before he does he turns his head slightly back to me to give me thisdazzling smile and a short wave. Unconsciously, I lick my lips and finally am able to remove myeyes from his retreating form. I look down at the object in my hand. My iPod of course, but as Ilook closer, I notice that Mr. Cullen has made a selection. I start to chew my lip as I read Feelin'Love by Paula Cole on the screen. My inner whore passes out. And I think I just came…

 But really the love story between Edward and Bella is only one piece of what makes this storyso amazing. A big part of the charm is watching Bella go from a girl who is shy, unable toexpress her sexual desires, walking in the shadows of her flamboyant friends, to a strong youngwoman, finding her voice and not afraid to get hers.

 Lay consistently slays me with her humor which often comes from Bella’s very insane ramblings(both inner and spoken aloud). These convos are legendary and ALWAYS require me to set anydrink or food to the side until the chapter is completed especially when it comes to Bella’s logicrelated to her b-hymen and anal theories in general (excerpt from Chapter 16):

 "Like how do I compete with that? Huh? I mean, I'll bet my bottom dollar that she is alwaysdown for 'what, what,' in the butt all the time. Isn't she?" I ask expectantly.

 But before he can answer the question, I feel it necessary to clarify my previousstatement. "There are levels, Edward. Okay? There are levels of anal. Like normal girls who doanal are like 'oh, it's your birthday? Let's do anal.' Or 'oh, you got a promotion? Let's do anal.' "

 Practically snarling now, I continue my rant, "But not girls like her, Edward! No sir. She is therare anal unicorn. She's the kind of girl who on a random Tuesday night you can turn to andsay, 'Hey baby, Law and Order: SVU is on commercial, grab your ankles'."

 I hate that my blazing insecurity gets the best of me. I hate that he can see me so vulnerable.And I hate that I drank so much because if I would have had a few less shots, my boyfriendwouldn't be laughing his ass off at me right now.

 "Bella, baby," He says as he pulls me into his arms, "You have no reason to worry about her."

 He strokes my cheek reassuringly as angry drunken tears fall down my face. "You must think I'mcrazy." I sputter as I suck the snot back up my nostrils.

 Kissing my temple he whispers sweet things in my ear. "You are crazy, Bella. But I think that Ilove the fact that you are certifiably insane. You are hilarious although I think you should talk tosomeone about the amount of time you attribute to your anal theories. But aside from that, youare my best friend." He looks at me longingly before adding, "Which will always be better than butt sex."

 I just love so much about this story including their raucously crazy family and friends: theman-child Emmett, Tyler, aka Chocolate Thunder, besties, Tanya (future sex toy inventor) andRosalie (bombshell with a heart of gold) to the utterly riotous Dr. Feelgood and his sex crazedwife (Carlisle and Esme) to Charlie’s Dexter meets Karl from Slingblade impersonation, this storygrabs you with its amazing storytelling, it’s off the wall humor, friendships that we can onlydream of and tender moments of love and understanding.

 In Your Room is one of those rare gems that remind you how beautiful fan fiction can really be.

 I am so proud of my girl for swallowing her fear and producing a story that has something for usall, a story that makes us giggle snort while reading it, a story that makes us swoon, a story thatmakes us change our panties with its oh so hot lemons and finally a story that makes us valueone another. Yes, In Your Room is all that and more.

 Congratulations baby!!! I love you and thanks for one helluva fun ride.

The American President by Rushed
As the President of the United States, Edward Cullen finds it difficult to meet women. So his brother secretly employs the services of an escort agency to help fulfill certain presidential needs. OOC AU  Rated: Fiction M

Reviewed by: Astonmartin823

From the first time I read the Prologue of The American President by Rushed I knew
 that this was going to be a captivating story:

 Could I continue to deny him? Could I honestly let him go through life without knowing?

"And where are your mommy and daddy," the stupid mousy blonde asked Heidi, my daughter.

 "Oh, I don't have a daddy," Heidi whispered before looking down at her toes. My heart went out to her. People could be such thoughtless assholes. "Well, I do, somewhere. I've just never met him. He's not, well, I don't know where he is, but um, Mr. President," she smiled up at him and it broke my heart. "Come meet my mom." Before I knew it she'd grabbed his hand and made to walk in my direction.

 "This is my mom. Her name's Isabella Swan. Everyone calls her Bella."

He reached out his hand obliviously. I couldn't help but lift my hand and put it in his. And it was at that moment, as our hands touched that he realized.

 "Belle?" He whispered, looking at me in surprise. He turned his attention to the little girl standing between us. The blood seemed to leave his face as his eyes met mine, searching for answers.

 Edward Cullen, youngest President elected, was a lonely widower who craved affection but couldn’treally date in the position he held.

 Bella Swan is asked by her best friend and boss to “take special care of the needs” of a high profileclient for Alice’s escort agency, little did she know that one night would set off a series of meetingsthat would change her for the rest of her life.

 Rushed writes a passion filled story that starts out as “satisfying a need” but develops into 8 years of alove denied due to unforeseen circumstances and choices that had to be made for the greater good.

 From the first meeting you can read the attraction between Edward and Bella. Not just physically butmentally too. Playful banter and serious sexual tension grows with every encounter:

 What's that?" He asked, gesturing to what I was holding in my hand.

 "Oh this?" I replied as I held my hand up letting the string of eight condoms fall as I held onto the top one. His eyes widened and I could see the wicked gleam in his eyes as I dropped the condoms onto the coffee table and sat on the sofa at his waist.

 "You planning on using all of those tonight are you?"

 I laughed at his optimism. "Hell no, but I'm pretty sure we can make a dent in them don't you think?"

 Edward sat up, pulling me closer into him so he now had one arm wrapped around my waist. The other hand was playing with my hair that was hanging lose around my shoulders.

"I've never told you how beautiful I think you are have I?" His eyes were dark, studying my face as if trying to commit it to memory.

 What do you say to that?

"You are. You're beautiful Belle."

 "Thank you." The atmosphere was no longer playful, but heavy with the reality of the way we probably both felt. And always the realization that whatever we had was severely limited. To what, I don't think either of us was entirely sure. But certainly limited to the confines of private space, where no one could know about us lest we be found out and Edward lose…everything.

 Edward ran his fingers across my cheek and then up through my hair before cradling my head and bringing my mouth to his for a brief kiss. His green eyes looked intense as they studied my face. It felt like he wanted to say something but he held back, bringing his mouth back to mine and capturing it in a searing kiss that made my toes literally curl. Our physical attraction was beyond anything I had ever experienced. And as I felt Edward harden and his hips move forward seeking me out I wondered how I was ever going to go home and live without him until the next time we could be together.

 This was no longer sex. It was so much more, but I daren't go so far as to say we were makinglove. Whatever it was we were connecting on a much higher level than ever before. Embracingwhat it was that had gone unspoken between us. Showing each other what we felt but couldn't say.

 The way she writes not only tells a story that witty but so sexually charged and deep you can feel itwith every word of every chapter read.

 You literally can’t wait for more. Not to mention the beautiful little secret that had to be kept safeuntil the time was right adds to the intrigue that is The American President.

Breaking News by WriteOnTime
Two network news anchors. One desk. In a race to get the story, love might become the headline - if they don't kill each other first. AU/AH Canon Couples, smart people, particle physics, and tap dancing.  Rated:  Fiction M

Heart of Stone by Coldplaywhore
Edward, in an effort to make use of his ability to read minds, uses his gifts to rid the truly evil people in the world and protect the innocent. Unfortunately, he never expected her to come along and change his life so drastically. Nothing will be the same. AU Vampward. Rated M

Lose The One You Love by Discordia81 and Kherisma
San Francisco lawyer, Bella Swan, struggles to cope with the loss of her long-term boyfriend, Riley. Lonely and grief-stricken, she loses herself in a string of one-night stands, convinced she'll never find love again. Museum curator, Edward Cullen, may be the man to change Bella's mind. Could he be her second chance for love?  Rated: Fiction M

Grasping Darkness, Hungry Light by KiyaRaven
I'd lived in the darkness for so long, I was afraid the light would blind me. But she was there. By my side. And she taught me how to live again. *Sequel to Grasping Darkness.* Rated: Fiction M

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