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TLS Fics of the Week Jan. 1 - 7, 2013

Dancing in the Dark by Jaxon22-rec'd by Nic
"You can't start a fire, you can't start a fire without a spark. This gun's for hire even if we're just dancing in the dark." Immersed in a world of dance, drink, drugs, and women, Edward Cullen is the ultimate bachelor. Until he receives a late night phone call that changes everything. AH E/BRated: Fiction M

Reviewed by: PAWsPeaches

Please note that this review was written before the last update. There are now seven chapters posted.

So... I don’t often review stories but when I do, it’s only because that particular story wrapped its arms around me and wouldn't let me go from the first paragraph.

I tell you no lie when I say that I usually know from the first page of a story whether I’m going to be able to read it or not. Not that all stories which don’t make the cut, aren’t good stories. I just have a certain level of interest that has to be maintained from the very first word of a story all the way through to the end, for me to stick with something.

The stories that I love and have completed reading (I’m a horrific habitual flouncer of all the things, even good stories) have all had one thing in common… they kept my interest. Half of the things that I flounce, I do so because I’ve been entirely fulfilled with the story after the first lemon. If there is nothing left to tie up, that will be crucially important to the relationship, I will happily flounce a story in a heartbeat after the first sexual encounter. Yeah, I’m a perv but you are too, or else you wouldn’t be visiting The Lemonade Stand for your fic recs. Am I right?

So back to the story at hand…Dancing in the Dark only has six chapters so far and we just met Bella in the last update. The strangest thing of all? I didn’t even think about Bella until she waltzed into the story line, six chapters after the beginning. Jaxon22 had me so enthralled with Coda and Shortcake that I could read the entire story without any aspect of romance involved, whatsoever. It’s that good. Reasons why I’m already sold on this story only six chapters in? Let me tell you why:

In the prologue, we are introduced to a hung over, naked bachelor named Edward who is in the bed with two women left over from the party at his loft the night before. Edward is a dancer at a private women’s lounge named Eclipse, where his good friend Emmett is the boss. Just moments into the story a life changing phone call sends our Edward into a frenzy, ultimately causing him rush the two unknown ladies out and send them on their way. Seconds later, Edward is dressed and is out the door as well:

I hurry the girls out of the apartment, ignoring their colourful words and bitch brows. They got what they wanted, so I don't understand their anger. Fucking women. I throw on some clothes; fumble for my keys and wallet, staggering out of the door with a can of Red Bull welded to my hand. I hate the stuff, but I need a pick me up if I'm to deal with whatever the fuck is going on.

We follow Edward through his nights and days after he receives this phone call as he tries to figure out his life and exactly how he will handle this new information. Edward’s sister Alice will be a favorite of yours as she supports and loves her brother through this trying time. The friendship and family bond that they share make this story a beautiful one:

"Hello?" my sister calls from the kitchen.
"Only me," I call back.
"Uncle E'ward, lemme down!"
I ignore James' protests while I walk to my sister. She places a tray of cookies on the side, and I kiss her gently on the cheek.
"Does this belong to you?" I ask, tickling my nephew's side.
She shakes her head and laughs before she takes a proper look at me. "Christ, you look like shit," she says bluntly.
"Shit," James echoes.
I frown at my sister while fighting a smile, pull James up, and put him back on the floor, giving his hair a ruffle for good measure. He rearranges his sweater and takes off out of the room at break neck speed.
The energy kids have is ridiculous.
"Thanks for that. You look great too," I reply sarcastically with a wink and a click of my tongue. I drop down into a chair and pull my beanie off. I drop my forehead to the table and exhale with a groan.
"Have you even been to bed?" Alice asks, not even trying to hide her judgemental tone.
"Not to sleep," I reply.
She groans in disapproval and clangs around the room a little louder, "Coffee?"
"God, no," I reply. "No more coffee."
"Jesus, this must be bad," she mutters, "Juice?"
I keep my head on the table and listen to my sister move about the kitchen. She's such a domestic goddess, and she loves it. It suits her.
"James," she calls through the doorway. "What are you doing?"
"I'm playing cars, Momma."
"Okay, you can come for a cookie in a little while."
A bang that sounds like a toy car being thrown at a wall echoes through the house. "When?"
"One SpongeBob," she clarifies.
I smile. Only my sister would use a cartoon to clarify times to her kids.

Alice supports her brother, Coda as he and Shortcake figure out their arrangement, and we then we meet their parents, Carlisle and Esme, who are just as amazing and supportive as Alice is. Lastly, we meet Bella when she arrives at the end of chapter six. I have to admit, I was so invested in Coda and his life that I had forgotten that a Bella should even be in the mix, so it was a grand surprise when I met her and it heightened the plot as well.

If you still aren’t convinced that Dancing in the Dark is the story for you, I’ll try to give you a little bit more info without spoilers…

Usually, it’s the Bella/Edward romance that I’m after in a story. That soul-wrenching love story that will twist me up and tie me in knots that won’t come undone. With DitD, I didn’t even need a Bella to get emotionally involved with the story line. Edward’s (Coda is his nickname) story in itself is so moving and heartfelt that I remained vested from the moment that he received that phone call. I won’t even mention how much you will without a doubt; adore Shortcake and the bond formed between Coda and Shortcake. By the end of chapter six, we meet Bella, which takes this already interesting story to new heights.

At first glance, Bella seems impatient and a little threatening. When we learn exactly who she is in regards to Coda and Shortcake, we are thrown into a whirlwind of what ifs which could mean many different things for the plot of Dancing in the Dark…which is why those of us that are reading are on our toes just waiting for Jaxon22’s next update.

I wish that I could tell you about the phone call or the events that follow but it would give away everything that made this story so special to me, and I think it will be better if you experience it without knowing what to expect. Please just trust me when I say that when you meet Shortcake in the second chapter (I believe) you will understand exactly why I am hooked. The chapters are short and there are only six of them so there is no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead and read up now so that we can all swoon together on twitter over the next update. Seriously, tweet me @PAWsPeaches. I wanna know what you think about Coda and Shortcake! Go read it now:

Dancing in the Dark is so fast paced and entertaining that you’ll be white knuckling whichever device you read from as you smile, swoon and laugh. I can’t wait to see what @sophiejax has in store for us in the next update. (Follow her on twitter and tell her what you think about Coda and Shortcake as well) I hope to chat with you all soon.



Barefoot in Texas by Planetblue-rec'd by Twific Crackmum
I watch her jumping, prancing, her hands empty but taking pictures. Her feet bare on the hot Texas earth. Everything in my life that was planned to a T just whirled away in a ruffled skirt. Rated: Fiction M

Just a Kiss by Rtgirl-rec'd by FictionFreak95
Because sometimes people arent' what they seem; they're so much better. Sometimes all you need is just a kiss to know. A short-chaptered, witfit prompted fic. college aged ExB Rated: Fiction M

Once Again by Marvar-rec'd by MoniNP
When Bella goes to see the final movie in the Dusk Saga, she runs into someone from her past who just might be able to give her a happy ending - in more ways than one. My birthday present for Cosmogirl7481. Rated M for language and doing it in the projection room. Rated: Fiction M

Just Call Me Bella by OCDMess-rec'd by Six Dlbfive
"To work her way through college, Bella Swan takes a job as a phone sex operator. One night an upset, drunk man calls. When he keeps calling, night after night, she starts to grow attached. Soon she has to decide: is he worth breaking the golden rule?" - fluffy angst and the promise of adult situations. Rated: Fiction M

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