Sunday, December 16, 2012

'TIS THE SEASON TO MEET THE POLL! What we're reading in TLS this week:

Each week we share with you what we are reading and enjoying. The following made the top of our lists last week. Please help us determine which 5 of these will be featured as fics of the week, next week, by choosing FIVE from the poll on the right!

Accidental Atonement by IdPattThat-rec'd by Runtagua
Leah Clearwater considers herself a lost soul and happiness a lost cause. Will community service with the new youth pastor show her that even she deserves a second chance?
Rated: Fiction M

All I Want For Christmas by Kyla713-rec'd by Six Dlbfive
Bella's five year old son makes a Christmas wish she'd never expected, and sets her entire world spinning. Written for the Fandom for Preemies compilation. AH.
Rated: Fiction M

Beyond the Breakroom by Discordia81-rec'd by Six Dlbfive
22 year-old Bella Swan works for Edward Cullen, the 39 year-old VP at Providence Medical Center in Portland. After years of fighting the attraction, a tryst in the break room leads to a complicated relationship. Trying not to get caught by the prying eyes of their entire workplace, they're forced to hide their relationship and deal with his ex-wife and his 16 year-old daughter. Rated: Fiction M

Bird Girl by TheQueenWriter-rec'd by Evilnat
The small town girl who doesn't care about his celebrity status. Can Edward change Bella's mind?
Rated: Fiction M

Chalk by Honeybeemeadows-rec'd by Runtagua
Bella needs a new hobby. Will a new pair of ugly shoes, a shirtless guy and a bag full of chalk give her any relief from the boredom? Rated for various tensions, lemons and boys on rocks. I own nothing, not even a crash pad. Rated: Fiction M

Christmas With the Cullens by BlueIsSoul-rec'd by Evilnat
Ever since she can remember, Bella Swan has spent her Christmas with the Cullens. This Christmas its time to sort out those Edward related "complications". But what happens when Edward has a new introduction to make? Rating: Mature Pairing: EB, AH
Rated: Fiction M

Do Over by Tkegl-rec'd by Margey DeHuff Sebastian
Every Christmas Eve, Edward Cullen sits in a bar and regrets the decision he made ten years earlier that tore Bella from him. But when he gets a second chance to right that wrong, it's not quite what he expected. Rated: Fiction M

Here We Are, As In Olden Days by Rinabina-rec'd by Iambeagle
Bella and Edward have been friends forever but ruth be told, it's always been a little more than that. A holiday collection of the history of Bella and Edward - Past, present and future. E/B AU AH Mostly fluff  Rated: Fiction M

Hints of Me by 22blue-rec'd by Allison Z
Continuation of my one shot One Weekend. Bella and Edward have decided that one weekend wasn't enough for them, but certain rules apply. Rated M for multiple lemons and language. AH
Rated: Fiction M

I Run to You by MidnightTrain-rec'd by Runtagua
For five years, Bella Swan and Jasper Whitlock have lived as carefree vagabonds. In an old Mustang, they roam from town to town across the country. But they are broken; and they are running. So what happens when the past catches up to them? All-human. Complete.
Rated: Fiction M

Innocent by Anna0804-rec'd by Jamie M.
Bella's life was a strict routine built to keep her from remembering the one that hurt her. And her life was full of people who were desperate for her to forget. Someone had spread a vicious lie about Bella that sent him away from her 5 years ago for what she thought was forever. What will she do when he returns to her life? Rated: Fiction M

Kinky Christmas Countdown by Lfcpam-rec'd by MoniNP
My very own pervy version of the 12 days of Christmas. Edward wants to give his wife, Bella, a Christmas to remember so he arranges a new kinky Christmas gift every night. Taken from their fantasies, Santaward has a whole sack full of surprises for her. Rated: Fiction M

Memories of Christmas Past by Eternally Addicted-rec'd by Evilnat
Bella and Edward dated in high school.Tragedy occurs forcing her to move away from Forks. Six years later another tragedy brings her back. What happens when on Christmas Eve with the Cullens, she sees Edward for the time since she broke his heart. Rated: Fiction M

Merry Textmas by DH78-rec'd by Six Dlbfive
Bella is forced to tackle the crowds on Black Friday with her best friend, Angela. Can a random text message from a wrong number change the course of her day and her life? Banter galore! AH. VOTER'S CHOICE WINNER for the Naughty & Nice Holiday Contest!
Rated: Fiction M

Mistletoe and You by Harperpitt-rec'd by Evilnat
Two little girls become instant friends, and their single parents are thrown into the game. Will their bruised hearts merge? AH, Christmas shortie. Rated: Fiction M

Seventh and Pine by Iambeagle-rec'd by Vampshavelaws
Eating food, drinking beer, and watching football are acceptable ways to spend your Thanksgiving Day. Wooing your niece's insanely attractive babysitter, however, is not. EPOV
Rated: Fiction M

The Naughty Elf by Twilly-rec'd by Evilnat/Suebee Betafairy
Santa believes there's no such thing as a bad elf. Bella's been fired from nearly every toy shop. How can Santa get her in the right position when everything out of her mouth is so very dirty? Santa, elves, chocolate starfish and phasing reindeer. Rated: Fiction M

The Sure Thing by Maggie's Gutter-rec'd by Sharon Henderson
Edward Cullen has a date with destiny, and Bella Swan needs a ride home. Problem? These two can't stand each other. See what happens as they make the long trek from Dartmouth to Forks, while Edward is in hot pursuit of his Sure Thing. Rated: Fiction M

Twelve Days of Christmas by Twilover76-rec'd by Suebee Betafairy
Bella is running from her past and Edward is deciding his future. The holiday season brings them together. Can two people from different worlds be happy together? AH/M
Rated: Fiction M

Willow by Aftrnoondlight-rec'd by JadoreJAC
First place winner in A Christmas to Remember contest - A quaint small town. A horse named Willow. Two lonely lovers. These are the ingredients of a DIVINE holiday romance.
Rated: Fiction M

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