Saturday, November 10, 2012

TLS Staff Fic Pick of the Week! Check out which story Lynn is loving on:

Lynn Pepper's Staff Fic Pick of the Week:

Prism by Anna Faze
A father and daughter, bound by blood and torn apart by secrets. There are a hundred versions of the truth, it all depends which way the light shines. AU.

What can I say, I love me some good old fashioned vampire fics and I love my vampires to have a little more darkness to them too.  So when choosing my staff pic of the week, I had one story in mind; Prism by Anna Faze.

This story is told from both Bella and Charlie’s POVs.  In this alternate universe, Charlie and the wolves work as a team to defeat vampires that threaten their small part of the world.   It begins as Bella and her mother are moving back to Forks to be with Charlie after living their entire lives far removed from the Pacific Northwest.  It becomes clear that they had moved away in order to protect Bella from the Swan curse.  I don’t want to spoil it by giving too much away; it really is a story you have to read to appreciate.  The mystery gets revealed piece by piece.

Eventually we meet Edward and just like canon, the call of Bella’s blood is stronger than any other human’s.  He has to acclimate himself to her presence.  It takes him some time to be able to be around her and then finally to touch her.  Their dynamic is very intense.   While this Edward would do anything to protect Bella, he has an edge that makes him sexier than canon.

“"What?" he says. "What is it that you want to know?"
"Everything," I whisper. "I want to know everything about you, all of your secrets, and I want you to know mine."
"Intimacy," he breathes. "You want intimacy. Such a dangerous thing to want from me."
 “"Why me?"
The smile vanishes in a heartbeat and his eyes begin to darken. I don't think he'll answer, but instead of moving away, he moves closer. He crosses the distance between us, his lean frame loose and easy, at odds with the dark expression on his face. He stops just inches away, and I breathe deeply as he leans in to whisper in my ear, closer than he has been since that day in Port Angeles.
"You're a very unlucky girl, Bella. The gods have finally taken pity on me. They've designed you exactly for me," he whispers, his cool breath like a winter chill on my skin. "Everything about you invites me in. I am bewitched and bewildered." He pulls away slightly, far enough that I can see his eyes, gleaming black, hypnotic and wild. "I know how this ends for you, Bella, and still I cannot stay away."”
Edward knows from Alice one thing, that Bella becomes one of them but she isn’t quite ready to leave her family behind.  She must reconcile her very intense feelings for Edward with her desire not to become a monster and yet still find out what exactly her father is hiding from her.  There is more than one mystery and I cannot wait for it all to start coming together.

Anna really does a fantastic job weaving the tale of Charlie in with Bella’s all the while not giving everything away.  I love how we get to hear in Charlie’s own words just how much he loves his family.  We get to know him on a level we never got from Stephanie Meyer.   It evolves at a pace that leaves you begging for more.  The writing flows like poetry with some fantastic imagery as well.

Please go give this story the love it deserves.  I promise you won’t regret it.

XO Lynn Pepper


  1. Nice pick, Lynney P :)

  2. Great review, thanks! I love vamp fics and I've heard quite a bit about this one around the fandom. Your enthusiastic rec may just push Prism to the top of my TBR list.